J-JUN” Kim Jae-Joong Joins the XANA Metaverse with LAND Acquisition

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XANA’s Expansion into the Global Music Scene

XANA is advancing into the global music arena, beginning with the dynamic world of K-pop. This series aims to showcase the K-pop legends who are now part of XANA’s journey.

XANA Pioneers K-pop Themed Metaverse LAND

Content: With K-pop’s global dominance and billions of fans, XANA stands at the forefront as the first metaverse to offer specialized LAND. This LAND is dedicated to K-pop related events, concerts, and fan communities, enhancing the K-pop experience.

Step into the K-pop Universe with XANA’s Unique Metaverse LAND

Kim Jae-joong Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jj_1986_jj/

Celebrating Kim Jae-Joong’s Milestone in XANA Metaverse

Content: We are excited to announce that Korean superstar Kim Jae-Joong, popularly known as “J-JUN,” has acquired LAND in the XANA metaverse. As a legendary idol, acclaimed in both Korea and Japan, Jae-joong’s addition brings a new level of fame to the XANA Metaverse.

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Table of contents