The Best Way for Game Creators to Earn in Metaverse

Welcome to XANA Metaverse, which is made on the original XANA Chain network, an Ethereum sidechain custom-built for the Metaverse. The XANA Metaverse and its infrastructure are compatible with all the popular wallets, bridged with major blockchains, and adopted by mainstream institutions and global brands.

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Mass Adoption of Metaverse in Gaming

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing entertainment sectors today. With the steady development of virtual reality technology and the advent of cloud gaming, the industry market value will reach $314 billion by 2026. 

The immense technological growth in the gaming industry has led it to the forefront of metaverse discourse. Currently, open-world multiplayer games as a social platform are closest to the general concept of the Metaverse, examples of such games include: Roblox, Minecraft, and many RPGs. 

The ability to add textures to the virtual world map for the purpose of creating games and non-gaming events like concerts and hangouts have been at the center of recent metaverse conversations. XANA’s metaverse provides a virtual world that already has all the necessary infrastructure, and features needed to create a huge variety of games and social events all on the same Metaverse. 

The Problems Game Creators Face

Game creation is highly process-driven and requires heavy planning, documentation, designing with programming. Even after the creation process is complete, debugging and marketing are required to achieve the final goals. Many people, especially smaller developers, prefer to use agile development techniques that are less about process and documentation and more about just building things.  Not to mention the immense amount of resources, and time it would take someone to make an entire game from the ground up.

XANA is on a mission to support the next generation of game creators and innovators in the blockchain-based gaming space. Whether you’re in the early stages of design and planning or something in between, XANA will help you set up your game. It will provide the solution to take your project to the final level with marketing support.

What XANA can Do For Game Creators?

XANA is designed to provide a highly interconnected ecosystem where players can easily create the top games while helping to grow their user base and test features before anyone else. 

XANA will offer:

  • World Builder
  • Avatar & Wearable Builder
  • Game Builder

Now, the game creators can pick up any logic mentioned above available in XANA to cut off most parts of the game creation process. Incubated projects can take advantage of various solutions, potentially including the NFT marketplace, NFT minting,  a GameFi items launchpad, and revenue sharing. 

Game creators can smoothly set the subscription fee as a method to monetize the games they create on XANA.  Additionally, game devs can sell  their in-game assets on XANALIA, which is the XANA Metaverse’s NFT marketplace  

XANA’s own NFT marketplace, XANALIA, is an end-to-end solution to make the game creation process much easier. Users can upload their items to convert them into NFTs, and then easily export them into the Metaverse or any game made on top of the Metaverse as an in-game asset. XANALIA is also made on the XANA network and is interoperable, which allows it to accept sales for NFTs in the form of many different cryptocurrencies, such as $BNB, $ETH, and $MATIC

Future Updates

In future cases, when a game is built to a really advanced level, and if the game creators need to introduce in-game tokens, then XANA will support this feature in some new updates. Moreover, XANA is planning to have some play-to-earn support for the incubated games in the ecosystem to incentivize users who will play the games. 

XANA is willing to create an ecosystem circle where users spend and earn while playing.  XANA truly believes that incentive is important for blockchain games. It will act as a catalyst and boost the rate at which XANA gathers the users’ attention. 

Welcome to the Future With XANA!

Collaborate with XANA to develop your own game. It will accelerate the onboarding process and unlock new revenue streams for you and your players.

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Table of contents