XANA Metaverse NFT Corporate Collaboration® T-Shirts: A Real and Virtual Fashion Fusion

The XANA Metaverse introduces a novel concept in fashion, merging the real world and the metaverse through the NFT Corporate Collaboration® T-Shirt, available at AEON stores nationwide.

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Real-World T-Shirt Launch

  • Collaborators: NOBORDER.z FZE, AEON Retail Co., and ZELS.
  • Availability: The T-shirts are available at approximately 350 AEON stores across Japan.
  • Online Sale: Aeon Style Online (AEON Retail).
  • Designs: 25 patterns from 17 companies, including iconic Japanese brands.
  • Pricing: 1,380 yen (1,518 yen incl. tax).
  • Sizes: XS to 2XL (Men’s size, unisex).
  • Note: Availability and variety may differ across stores.

NFT Corporate Collaboration® T-Shirt Launch

  • Launch Date: February 4, 2023, at 21:00 JST.
  • Sales Platform: XANALIA NFT Marketplace (XANALIA).
  • Designs: 16 patterns from 10 companies.
  • Limited Edition: Each pattern limited to 200 pieces (total 3,200).
  • Price: $5 (paid in XETA cryptocurrency, additional blockchain gas fee applies).

NFT T-Shirt Features

  • Customers purchasing the NFT version can outfit their avatars in XANA’s metaverse, enjoying a unique blend of real and virtual fashion.
  • The NFT T-shirts capture the essence of traditional Japanese companies and their iconic products.

Experience Fashion in Two Worlds

With the NFT Corporate Collaboration® T-Shirts, you can now express your style both in the real world and the XANA Metaverse. Don’t miss this opportunity to collect limited-edition designs from top Japanese brands, available in both physical and digital formats. Join us in this unique fashion journey where the boundaries between reality and the virtual world blur. Get your NFT T-Shirt today and redefine your digital identity in the XANA Metaverse!

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Table of contents