Contemporary artist KOGAKEN to hold an exhibition at GINZA SIX based on XANA’s AI NFT avatar.

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XANA and KOGAKEN Collaborate for a Unique Art Experience

Exploring the Intersection of Real Art and NFTs

  • Venue: GINZA SIX 5F “Saf Gallery,” January 27th to 29th.
  • Concept: Blending real art with NFT and Metaverse elements.
  • Artist: KOGAKEN, an owner of XANA: GENESIS, will paint selected NFTs on canvas.
  • Interactive Event: Visitors can participate in creating artwork together, later distributed as NFTs.

XANA Genesis NFT Real Art Exhibition

Showcasing Artworks in Multiple Dimensions

  • Exhibition Sales: Artworks based on NFTs will be sold both at the venue and on XANA’s Metaverse platform.
  • Accessible to All: Aimed at introducing NFT and Metaverse concepts to a wider audience.
  • Community-Led Initiative: Organized by XANA’s DAO community members, promoting a “Metaverse for Everyone, Together” ethos.

[Production view]

XANA Genesis: A Revolutionary AI NFT Avatar

A Leading Collection in the Japanese NFT Market

  • Launch and Popularity: Sold out 10,000 units in July 2022, with prices rising 18x since launch.
  • Market Capitalization: Remained high at around 8400 ETH (approx. 1.5 billion yen).
  • Features: AI-powered avatars with chat capabilities, generative NFT properties, and commercial usage rights.

In the TOP 7 domestic NFT 24-hour trading ranking

NFT’s Real Artwork Rights to be shown at the exhibition will get ranked in the “TOP 7” of NFT transactions in Japan, along with other famous projects. It is the first project in Japan to be ranked in the list of projects to exhibit NFT artworks in real life.

Event Highlights at GINZA SIX

Engaging Activities and Unique Offerings

  • Artwork Exhibition: Featuring KOGAKEN’s F25 canvas artworks and XANA: GENESIS NFTs.
  • Metaverse Integration: Parallel exhibition and sales in the XANA Metaverse App.
  • Interactive Art Creation: Collaborative artwork sessions with KOGAKEN, later distributed as NFTs.
  • GameFi Experience: Visitors can try the blockchain-based game NFTDUEL.
  • AI Interaction: Demonstrating XANA Genesis AI’s conversation and learning capabilities.

Experiencing the Metaverse

The same artworks as in the exhibition venue will also be available in the Metaverse using the XANA Metaverse App. Visitors and non-visitors can view and purchase works in the Metaverse.

Artworks created by everyone at NFT

Visitors can experience the creation of artworks with contemporary artist “KOGAKEN” during the event. The completed works will be distributed free of charge to visitors as NFT.

Experiencing Game Fi

Blockchain technology-based game (NFTDUEL) uses crypto assets (virtual currency) as in-game currency.※The trial version is not available for earnings.

Experience XANA Genesis’ AI features

In the chat application, you can see AI conversation and facial expressions and other movements, and actually the more you chat with the AI, the more the AI learns, enabling communication with each individual based on their personality. You will get a completely different feeling from the previous NFTs.

Conversation with XANA Founder RIO

XANA Founder RIO, who lives in Dubai, will be available to answer questions about the project and you will have a rare opportunity to meet with a leading and cutting-edge innovator in the metaverse.

Meet ‘KOGAKEN’: The Artist Behind the Exhibition

Journey from Designer to Renowned Painter

  • Artistic Path: Transitioned from design to painting, establishing as KOGAKEN in 2018.
  • Recognition: Award winner and successful solo exhibitions, combining design and artistry.
  • NFT and Metaverse Involvement: Active in various projects since 2021.

Future Plans and Project Expansion

Extending the Reach of Real Art NFTs

  • Nationwide Exhibitions: Series of exhibitions planned across Japan.
  • Community Building: Developing a community around new artworks and exhibitions.
  • NFT Marketplace Development: Merging real and digital art in unique NFT collections.
  • Collaborative Growth: Expanding through various NFT project partnerships.

Event Details

Date of event 2023/01/27(Fri)〜29(Sun)
Time of the Event 10:30〜20:30 JST
Place GINZA SIX 5F Saf Gallery Address/10-1, Ginza 6-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Home page https://www.kogaken.com/xanagenesis

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