XANA: Genesis Rebirth NFTs

1000 NFTs will be issued and airdropped for free as “reincarnation rights” to update the look of XANA: Genesis. NFTs will be distributed on the XANAChain and tradable on XANALIA.

Rebirth Details

You’ll be able to choose from the following reincarnation options (As of this announcement)

<Rebirth Types>

1: Clothing only

Randomly change your current Genesis outfit to a new one

2: Shuffle all

All the parts, including clothes, are randomized to renew the look completely.

3: Partial change

Randomly change or erase one part of the outfit.

4: No change

<Rebirth method>

A: Change only metadata (no need to Burn)
B: BURN the current NFT, and the user Mints the new NFT

<Eligible for distribution>

The top Genesis holders will receive 1/3 (rounded down to the nearest whole number) of their holdings NFTs. The maximum amount is 1000 NFT in total.

A snapshot will be taken and distributed on a specific date during the next XANA Growth campaign.

Current calculations estimate that those who have at least 5 Genesis will be able to obtain them.

Since the number of Genesis will likely increase or decrease by the time of the snapshot, it is almost certain that those with 6 or more Genesis will be eligible for distribution. Those with 5 Genesis have a high chance of being eligible for distribution.

In addition, top five MVP Genesis Trainer winners for November and December will each receive one additional NFT as a prize.

Locked NFTs will be included in the calculation, but NFTs listed in the Marketplace will not.

Scheduled Distribution: Late December

Scheduled Reincarnation Application: Mid-January

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