XANA x Ikehaya’s CryptoNinja World Building Challenge in the Metaverse

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How to Participate in the Challenge

Step-by-Step Submission Process

  1. World Creation: Build your world using the XANA Builder.
  2. Publishing the World: Make your world live on XANA.
  3. Video Submission on Twitter: Post a video of gameplay in your world. Include the world’s name published in XANA and add the creation video in a Twitter thread.
  4. Discord Link Submission: Share your video link on XANA Discord Channel.

Application Guidelines

Rules & Evaluation Criteria

  • Multiple Submissions: Creators can submit several worlds, judged individually.
  • Ownership Transfer: Winning worlds will be transferred to IKEHAYA. Creators will retain name credit.
  • Judging Process: User votes, XANA, and IKEHAYA evaluations will determine winners.
  • Announcement of Results: Winners will be declared later.

Rewards for Winners

Prizes for Top Creators

  • Top 3 Creators: Receive XANA LAND NFT.
  • 16 Creators: Awarded $200 in XETA Tokens.
  • 16 Creators: Get $160 worth of CryptoNinja NFTDUEL full pack, equivalent to 40 NFT Cards.

Challenge Duration

Timeframe for Submissions

  • End Date: The challenge runs until March 6th.

Tools for World Building

Downloads & Manuals

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Table of contents