XANA’s AI-Powered Genesis NFTs Achieve Rapid Sell-Out

A New Milestone: AI Integration in XANA’s NFTs

Opening: XANA, a pioneering Web 3.0 metaverse developed by NOBORDERz, under the leadership of CEO Rio Takeshi Kubo, has achieved a remarkable feat. On July 24, the platform announced the complete sell-out of 10,000 units of its innovative metaverse partners, realized through the integration of their unique AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine in NFT format. Concurrently, XANA embarked on secondary distribution via OPENSEA.

XANA: Genesis – Pioneering Original NFTs with AI

XANA: Genesis stands as the inaugural fully original NFT collection released by the XANA Metaverse. This collection joins the ranks of previously sold-out NFTs featuring globally renowned titles like Ultraman and Astro Boy.

Introducing Prophet – XANA’s Advanced AI Engine

Content: XANA’s latest innovation is the AI engine, aptly named Prophet. This cutting-edge technology, two years in development, is now integral to XANA Genesis. It represents a groundbreaking step in the NFT realm, offering “partners of the Metaverse evolving with artificial intelligence.”

Dive into the Future with XANA: Where AI Meets Infinite Possibility”

This structured approach to the blog post meticulously conveys the key aspects of XANA’s AI-enabled Genesis NFTs. Each section is crafted to provide the reader with a comprehensive understanding of XANA’s advancements in integrating AI with NFTs, ensuring an engaging and informative experience.

■ About XANA: Genesis

An innovative NFT collection with a total of 10,000 units with AI communication and numerous utilities for land and GameFi (blockchain game) in the XANA metaverse.

Official site https://genesis.xana.net/
OpenSea https://opensea.io/collection/xana-genesis
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