XANA’s Metaverse Welcomes “HUMAN MADE,” Backed by Lee Seung Gi

XANA’s Foray into the K-pop Universe

XANA is making significant strides in the K-pop industry, marking a new era of digital engagement. This development is part of a series highlighting the K-pop legends joining XANA’s innovative journey.

XANA: A New Hub for K-pop Metaverse Content

XANA, pioneering the integration of metaverse and K-pop culture, is the first to offer LAND for K-pop themed Metaverse content. This includes NFTs, events, concerts, fan communities, and more, catering to the billions of K-pop fans worldwide.

Explore the K-pop Galaxy in XANA’s Metaverse

Lee Seung-gi Instagram https://instagram.com/leeseunggi.official

“HUMAN MADE” – The New Star of XANA Metaverse

Today marks a thrilling announcement: “HUMAN MADE,” founded by the renowned Korean celebrity Lee Seung Gi, has joined the prestigious list of XANA Metaverse residents. Known as the “Emperor” for both his iconic drama role and his standout presence in entertainment, Lee Seung Gi’s journey in the metaverse is set to be as impactful as his career.

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