Gate.io Acquires XANA: Land to Bolster Web3 Metaverse Presence with XANA

Gate.io, a leading player in the global exchange market, has made a significant move into the Web3 Metaverse by acquiring XANA: Land. This strategic acquisition aligns with Gate.io’s commitment to exploring the vast potential of the Web 3.0 metaverse alongside XANA.

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Gate.io’s Expansion into the Web3 Metaverse

A Major Global Exchange

  • Trading Volume and User Base: Gate.io boasts a remarkable daily trading volume of more than $12 billion, with a user base of 10 million globally.
  • Venturing into the Web 3.0 Metaverse: This acquisition marks Gate.io’s readiness to delve into the unlimited possibilities offered by the Web 3.0 metaverse in collaboration with XANA.

XETA Token Listing on Gate.io

Expanding Global Accessibility

  • $XETA Listing: XANA’s primary native token, $XETA, is now available on the Gate.io exchange, extending its reach to millions of users worldwide.
  • Trading XETA: Users interested in trading XETA can do so through the following link: Trade XETA on Gate.io

Gate.io’s Partnership with XANA in the NFT Sphere

Strengthening NFT Collaboration

  • NFT Partner with XANA: Gate.io has established itself as an NFT partner with XANA, further integrating its services within the NFT ecosystem.
  • Trading NFTs on Gate.io: For those looking to trade NFTs, Gate.io provides a platform accessible through the link: Trade NFT on Gate.io

Join Gate.io in the Expanding Web3 Metaverse with XANA

Embrace the evolving world of the Web3 Metaverse with Gate.io and XANA. Take advantage of trading opportunities with $XETA and explore the dynamic NFT market. Be part of this groundbreaking expansion and explore the endless possibilities in the digital realm.

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Table of contents