Hiroko Koshino’s Shift to Digital Collectibles Is Inevitable

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Hiroko Koshino’s Shift to Digital Collectibles Is Inevitable

Hiroko Koshino, a renowned fashion designer, is venturing into the digital realm. In collaboration with NOBORDER.z FZE, her collection “Hirokokoshino Another One” will soon be available as wearable NFTs for avatars in the XANA Metaverse. This innovative step forward will see Koshino’s original 3D fashion items transform into digital assets on XANALIA, XANA’s NFT Marketplace.

About the Collaborators

Character Business Research Institute Co., Ltd., along with Hiroko Koshino Co., Ltd., and NOBORDER.z FZE, are leading this initiative. Hiroko Koshino, known for her versatile fashion and art contributions, brings over six decades of experience to this project. The Character Business Research Institute, focusing on humor, creativity, and technology, is set to enhance the character and IP business through this partnership.

XANA Coming With A Powerful Metaverse

XANA, a leading NFT-based Metaverse platform developed by NOBORDER.z, is set to house this unique fashion collaboration. The platform is known for hosting various activities and collaborations, including those related to the Tokyo Olympics, Milan Fashion Week, and famous characters like ULTRAMAN and Astro Boy.

Hiroko Koshino’s Collection in the Metaverse

The “Hirokokoshino Another One” collection is scheduled for release in April 2022, featuring 10 wearable looks for Spring/Summer and 30 exclusive items. These will be available for reservation and, post-May 2022, will launch alongside physical products in stores. The collection aims to blend fashion and digital art, offering unique Metaverse-ready pieces twice a year, with special items in the archives.

Bridging Fashion and Digital Art

Hiroko Koshino’s venture into digital fashion represents a significant shift in the fashion industry’s approach to digital collectibles. By merging fashion, lifestyle, and art, Koshino continues her global creative journey, now extending into the virtual realm of the XANA Metaverse.

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Table of contents