Limited Whitelist Applications are Now Open for the Popular XANA Metaverse LAND NFT Release!

XANA Metaverse is excited to announce the sale of one of its most pivotal NFTs, 「XANA LAND」. We are now accepting applications for a limited Whitelisting opportunity!

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XANA LAND: A Hub for Global Development

XANA LAND offers a unique space within the Metaverse where renowned IPs and users worldwide can create and develop their content. It has become a focal point for global companies and celebrities, with notable figures like Mr. Kim Jae-jun, Mr. Risungi, and Mr. Noritake Kinashi (Tonneru) already acquiring land in the XANA Metaverse. In anticipation of this land release, we are also planning to unveil more partnership announcements.

XANA’s Record-Setting NFT Releases

XANA has previously issued sought-after NFTs such as ULTRAMAN, Astro Boy, and XANA Genesis, achieving rapid sell-outs through global partnerships. Notably, XANA Genesis ranks third in market capitalization among Japan’s NFT markets, with its value continuously rising. The upcoming release, in partnership with a well-known company, is expected to be just as popular, making whitelist acquisition a strategic move for potential buyers.

The Transition to the Metaverse Economy

As we increasingly perform economic activities in the real world, these activities will gradually transition to the metaverse. This shift presents an opportunity to be an early adopter in the burgeoning metaverse market, expected to see substantial growth and offer promising prospects.

Video Resources for More Information

To learn more about XANA LAND, watch the following videos:

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Overview of XANA Land Sale

Key Details

  • Total Issues: Approximately 75,000 NFTs
  • Initial Release: Estimated 5,000 NFTs
  • Sale Date: Early October (scheduled)
  • Rarity Levels: Common, Rare, Super Rare
  • Sizes Available: 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4
  • Rarity for Whitelist Purchase: Common, Rare

Pricing (in USD)

  • Common 1×1: $200
  • Common 2×2: $840
  • Common 3×3: $1,980
  • Common 4×4: $3,840
  • Rare 1×1: $600
  • Rare 2×2: $2,520
  • Rare 3×3: $5,940
  • Rare 4×4: $11,520

Note: Actual sales will be in ETH, with values approximately equivalent to the listed USD prices.

Apply for the XANA LAND Whitelist

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Table of contents