Exciting Announcement: Rooster Fighterz Alpha Test Launch

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Rooster Fighterz: A New Era in Web3Gaming

Mark your calendars! The official public alpha test of “Rooster Fighterz,” leveraging the “Rooster Fighter” NFT, is set to commence, bringing a new dimension to Web3Gaming.

Alpha Test Unveiled: Key Details

  • Test Schedule:

  • Begins on Tuesday, October 10 at 12:00 UTC. The test duration is expected to be around one month, though the exact end date is yet to be announced.
  • Participation:

  • Limited to wallets that have already applied, as applications are now closed.
  • Testing Platform:

    The alpha test will be conducted on the main net.

  • XANAStone Allocation:

  • Each participating wallet receives 30,000 XANAStone. Note that these will be burned post-testing, and transfers or trading of XANAStone will be disabled during the test period.
  • Gas Fee Requirements:

  • Participants will need to pay gas fees for race entry, voting, and reward claims, with XETA being the required currency on the main net. Post-testing, spent XETA will be airdropped back to the participants’ wallets.
  • Feedback and Improvement:

  • Encountered any glitches or have suggestions? Please contribute using the “Defects and Suggestions for Improvement Entry Sheet.”【Defects and Suggestions for Improvement Entry Sheet】
    Defects and Suggestions for Improvement Entry Sheet

Stay Tuned: Upcoming Links and Rewards

  • Test Environment and Procedure Manual:

  • URLs are currently under construction.
  • Rewards:

  • Details are forthcoming.
  • Join the Rooster Fighterz

Join us in this exciting phase of Rooster Fighterz and help shape the future of this innovative game!

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Table of contents