XANA’s Rooster Fighter NFT: A Multifaceted Launch on Top NFT Platforms

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1. Launching on the Multiple Top NFT Platforms

XANA is set to launch its Rooster Fighter NFT on several leading INO (Initial NFT Offering) platforms globally. This strategic move will garner significant attention in the NFT market, tapping into a vast community of collectors and enthusiasts.

2. XANA Offers NFTs with Another Utility

Beyond being visually striking PFPs (Profile Pictures) for social media, Rooster Fighter NFTs in the XANA Metaverse and NFTDUEL game will offer unprecedented utility. These NFTs can transform into 3D avatars or pets within the XANA Metaverse and serve as DUEL cards in NFTDUEL, enhancing gameplay with unique attributes and special abilities. This dual utility enhances their value, further backed by XANA’s commitment to fund Play to Earn tournaments from secondary commissions.

3. Community Incentives

XANA is collaborating with 3-5 NFT platforms, possibly expanding further. The Rooster Fighter PFP NFTs will be launched on these platforms alongside XANALIA, either simultaneously or in phases. Prioritizing its community, XANA has reserved 3,000 Rooster Fighter NFTs exclusively for early access and favorable pricing for its members, reflecting the community’s integral role in the project.

4. NFT Metrics

The planned distribution and pricing for Rooster Fighter NFTs are as follows:

  • Total NFTs Issued: 5,000
  • XANALIA Sales Limit: 3,000 NFTs
  • Partner Platforms Sales Limit: 2,000 NFTs

Whitelisting Details:

  • 1st Winner Group: 2,000 NFTs at 0.08 ETH, available immediately post-launch
  • 2nd Winner Group: 2,000 NFTs at 0.09 ETH, available 12 hours post-launch
  • Public Sale: Remaining NFTs at 0.10 ETH, 1-week selling period
  • Partner Platforms: 2,000 NFT drop


  • Winner Announcement: 1st week of April 2022
  • XANALIA Launch: Mid-April 2022
  • Partner Platforms Launch: Mid-April – May 2022

Note: Currently, only 5,000 of the total 10,000 NFTs will be circulated, with potential future releases dependent on community interest and market success.

5. OpenSea Listing

The Rooster Fighter NFT collection will also debut on OpenSea to ensure broad market exposure and liquidity. This simultaneous launch on the world’s largest NFT Marketplace and XANALIA marks a significant milestone for Rooster Fighter NFTs.

Stay tuned for more updates and prepare for the excitement of being part of this innovative launch in the NFT space!

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Table of contents