Rooster Fighterz” Alpha Test: An Exciting Opportunity for Web3 Gaming Enthusiasts

“Rooster Fighterz,” a pioneering Web3 game utilizing “Rooster Fighter” NFTs, is set for its much-anticipated official public alpha launch. Here are the key details and how you can be a part of this groundbreaking testing phase.

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Alpha Test Details

  • Test Schedule: Slated for early October (specific date to be announced soon).
  • Participation: Exclusive to wallets that apply.
  • Incentives: Airdropped “XANAStone” for use in the test to participating wallets.
  • Main Net Operation: The test will be conducted on the main net.
  • XANAStone Usage: Required for entering Roosters in Races and for Voting. Additionally, a gas fee in XETA is necessary for on-chain transactions.
  • Race Entry Requirements: Must have the “Rooster Fighter” NFT locked.
  • Post-Test Airdrop: XETA spent on gas will be airdropped back to participants’ wallets.
  • XANAStone Burn: All XANAStone will be burned after the alpha test.
  • Feedback Submission: If defects or improvement suggestions are detected, please use the provided entry sheet.

Application Process

Feedback and Suggestions

Rewards for Participants

  • Currently Under Consideration: Stay tuned for updates on rewards for participants.

CTA: Be Part of the “Rooster Fighterz” Alpha Test

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the exciting “Rooster Fighterz” alpha test. Apply now to experience this unique Web3 game, provide valuable feedback, and help shape its future. Remember, the deadline for applications is October 1st. Get ready to dive into the world of “Rooster Fighterz” and contribute to the evolution of Web3 gaming!

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Table of contents