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A few weeks later.

Yayoi has been officially asked to create a dress-up item for XANA, and has spent days unable to log in for a while.

When I told my family and vocational school that I had found a job, they were very happy.

For the time being, until I graduate from vocational school, I decided to continue selling the items I made at XANA’s official dress-up item shop.

It is said that whether or not XANA can have its own store will depend on future efforts.

I continued to work in my room today, looking through many cosplay magazines and animal photo collections.

“Ugh…! I have some time until the delivery date, but I want to finish it quickly and start working on the next one, so I have to do my best…”

The reason why I work hard even though I have dark circles under my eyes is in an email sent to my smartphone a few days ago.

The sender was from Caravaggio’s Teto, and the contents were a notice that the date to start the event again at XANA was decided, and a request to collaborate with Ravi again.

The Caravaggio revival event became a hot topic on SNS, and even became a net news.

At the event, Teto apparently reveals that Caravaggio’s creator is disabled.

The Internet may be rough, and words of prejudice and discrimination may come out.

Yet they find the courage to take the big step.

“I don’t want to lose either.”

Caravaggio’s work gives power to the viewer.

I want to overcome any difficulties with my own talent and effort.

“It’s difficult to impress everyone, but it’s great to overwhelm the prejudice and discrimination of some people with a work that can’t be imagined, right?”

With a grin, Yayoi continues to create dress-up items that make people happy for her new ambitions.


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