Reborn As A XANA Master

Use Auto Mana Recharge and Status All Boost for all party members.

Due to my own level up, the effect has increased considerably.

Then use your newly acquired party defense skills

It halves the damage you take for a certain amount of time.

Also uses Perfect Defense on himself.

“We don’t have time to explain the newly acquired skills, so please use your own judgment when necessary.”

The reason we ran out of time was because I kept asking Amakaze questions, but…

「Yes, master」


“Yes, Papa”

Open the double doors to the boss room.

“Kaede and Loyalty, take your position freely. Mami will always go behind me!”

“Leave it to me”


“Yes, Papa”

The four enter the boss room.

“Ah, Yotaro-san. I can pass through this door, so I’ll report back on the situation outside.”

Amakaze called out just before the door automatically closed.

“I understand”

– Bang, gacha.

I hear an automatic locking sound.

The room becomes dim, and BGM that creates a sense of dread begins to flow.

There was an altar in the center of the room, which was about 30 meters square, and the center of it began to shine.

Kaede and Loyal Prince run up to the altar.

Probably to put it in their range.

Kaede uses stealth at the same time as the shape of the boss emerges vaguely.

Tadaomi-kun stopped at a distance of about ten meters from the boss and put his hand on the scabbard.

Did you get a skill that allows you to attack from that distance?

— Dodon!

Along with the sound effect, the final boss completely appeared.

It was about ten meters high, and had eight snake heads extending from its body.

No matter how you look at it, this is an eight-headed serpent.

“Don’t go, Tsubamegaeshi!”

He pulled out his sword, swung it diagonally from the top, and immediately flipped the blade to cut it up.

A V-shaped slashing wave flies precisely to one of the eight heads.



One head of the eight-headed serpent is cut off and falls to the ground.

Seriously, I dropped one head with one blow!

“Amazing, loyal retainer!”

“Your Majesty, this guy is surprisingly fragile.”

“Fuuton Kamaitachi!”

Kaede wraps around to the right of the eight-headed serpent and releases a kunai…it looked like it.

However, the kunai remained in Kaede’s hands, and only the afterimage flew away.



An afterimage of a kunai pierced one of the eight-headed serpent’s necks.

Although not cut off, the snake’s neck closed its eyes and hung from its base where it connected to its torso.

There are only six snake heads left.

“Kaede, nice!”

Don’t they both have great offensive power!

Even without Misaki…

For a moment, such a thought crossed my mind, but I immediately stopped thinking about it.

— Boo, Boo, Boo, Boo.

The four corners below the altar suddenly glowed pale and something appeared.

It was a one-eyed giant about five meters tall.

Cyclops, a one-eyed giant monster, is a staple in fantasy genres.

Cyclops raised the club in his right hand.

Chushin-kun retreats at a brisk pace, but Kaede sets up her kunai and prepares for the next attack.

But the Cyclops didn’t drop his club, and his eyes glowed white.

At that moment, Kaede’s stealth was canceled and her figure was exposed.

“Run away Kaede!”

The cyclops at two o’clock swung its club down at Kaede.

Kaede quickly dodged the blow by jumping to the right.

However, another cyclops behind the eight-headed serpent had already rushed in.

I made a golf swing with a club as if to counter the maple’s landing.


Kaede was hit directly by a club as big as her own body.

Kaede’s body flew like a golf ball.


It crashed into the wooden door of the entrance.


Kaede, who was slammed into the door, is about to stand up.

When I check my status, I have 60% of my HP left.

Both stamina and mana are at 90%.

40% of one hit is a lot of damage, but it’s okay.

If I hadn’t used party defense, I would have taken 80% of the double.

This is dangerous if it interrupts the party defense.

“Mami, heal!”


The Cyclops, who was in front of me on the right side, who first aimed at Kaede, rushed towards me.

In addition, the cyclops on the far right side, who made a golf swing at the maple, rushed in from behind.

The two cyclops on the left side are chasing Chushin-kun, but they are dodging with speed.


With Mami’s healing, Kaede’s HP is completely restored.

“I’m sorry, let your guard down.”

Kaede stands up and prepares her kunai.


I used my skill on the first cyclops that came towards me.

Cyclops stops and staggers.

“Fuuton Kamaitachi!”

Immediately after that, Kaede attacks with a skill.

Penetrates Cyclops’ chest and halves HP.

However, the fascination is canceled and it comes towards me again.

“Yaba– Illusion.”

This time I use the illusion of range skill, because another cyclops was approaching right behind me.

As intended, the two were dazzled.

The two of them, with no enemies or allies, started swinging their clubs around as they moved around.


One shot hit me, but the damage was zero due to perfect defense.

It was within my expectations so no problem.


I charmed the cyclops with half HP and stopped it from moving.

“Fuuton Kamaitachi!”

When Kaede gave it a blow there, its HP became zero and it turned into dust.


In addition, stop the movement of the other one.

As I leveled up, I had a 90% chance of activating against monsters with no resistance.

Alright, it’s a single target skill, but you can use it!

“Fuuton Kamaitachi!”

Then Kaede uses her skill, and Cyclops’ HP is halved.


At the moment when Kaede’s attack dissolves the charm, Mami puts her to sleep with quick wits.

This also worked perfectly, and Cyclops knelt down and closed his eyes.

“Good, Mami, that’s nice.”

“Yes Papa, I did it!”

But Kaede didn’t attack…

“I’m running out of mana, wait until I have enough”

Kaede was running out of mana due to continuous use of skills.

I still have about half my stamina.

“Okay. Don’t attack this guy, let him sleep for a while.”

「Yes, master」


Enchant one of the Cyclops chasing Loyalty.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

A 10% margin of error…

“Damn it,—fascination!”

I don’t have enough mana, but I activate the skill again.

This time it was successfully activated, and one Cyclops stopped attacking and staggered.

“Your Majesty, I can’t stand it.”

Tadaomi was chased by two bodies and was running away at a fast pace without even attacking.

Looking at the status, it was consuming about half of the stamina.


I left the cyclops that had stopped moving due to the charm, dodged the approaching cyclops with a brisk walk, took a 10-meter gap, and activated the skill.

I cut Cyclops’ HP by about 60%.

Tsubame Gaeshi has a larger motion when the skill is activated than Kaede’s Wind Style Kamaitachi, but it seems to have higher attack power.

Tadaomi-kun moves several times at a fast pace to keep the distance.


The Cyclops who received the second Swallow Return slash loses its HP and turns to dust.

Furthermore, Tadaomi-kun sets his sights on the cyclops who is staggering with his charm skill.

However, at that time, the boss eight-headed serpent shone red.

“Be careful! Something’s coming!”

A glowing red zone appeared on the ground.

If you look closely, the eight-headed serpent’s radius of ten meters is not red.

What is this… is it dangerous to be 10 meters away from the boss…?

That’s right, this is a ranged attack!

“Escape to the center!”

Since it spread to the wall, I had no choice but to escape to the area in the center that wasn’t red.


A bright red pillar of fire stood in the red zone on the ground.




Everyone other than Loyal retainers can’t make it in time and suffers fire damage.

Me, Mami, and Kaede lost about 20% HP.

The mesmerized Cyclops also lost half of its HP.

The Cyclops’ charm was released by that attack and it headed towards us.

“Perfect Defense――”

Tadaomi-kun won’t make it in time, Kaede’s mana isn’t there yet… I have no choice but to accept it.

Go forward and take club damage yourself.


Activating Perfect Defense does no damage.

Cyclops raises his club again.

Its offensive power is high, but its preparatory action is slow, and there is plenty of time to apply the skill again.

“Perfect Defense――”

This consumes a lot of mana, but it can’t be helped.

Tadaomi-kun, who approaches the boss, is targeted by Snake Head, but turns around with Shunpo and takes distance.

“–Swallow return”

Chushin-kun attacks Cyclops from behind.

OK, you did it!

The fourth and final Cyclops’ HP drops to zero and disappears into dust.

At that moment, the ground turns red again.

This time it’s a sector with a central angle of about 100 degrees.


Kaede and Chuomi-kun run in the direction of 9 o’clock, and Sen-chan with me and Mami on board runs in the direction of 3 o’clock.


A pillar of fire rises from the reddened ground.


Mami and I don’t make it in time and take 20% damage.

Boo, boo, boo.

From the three heads of the Eight-Forked Orochi, flames like flame radiation shot out.

It’s an attack like a dragon’s fire breath.

It was aimed at Loyaomi-kun, who escaped the ranged attack.

Tadaomi-kun dodged the first flamethrower by a hair’s breadth.

However, since the second shot was emitted to the destination, it received a direct hit.

In addition, the third shot hit the place where I moved in Shunpo.

Tadaomi-kun lost 20% of his HP.


The fourth serpent head attacks the loyal retainer.

Tadaomi-kun evacuated to the wall at a brisk pace.

Apparently, the range is about 10 meters.

Chushin-kun was in the line of fire, but the flames didn’t reach the wall.

That means… if you don’t get within ten meters, that flamethrower breath isn’t scary.

However, the area attack reaches the wall, and it is better to stay near the Yamato Orochi to avoid it.

I see, so it means that he has both long-range and near-field attacks.

However, the defensive power is not that much, and the HP is reduced by 20% due to the two snakeheads.

If I drop the remaining 6 snakeheads, the damage will be 80%.

That means that the HP of the main body is only 20%.

“Okay, let’s prioritize cutting off the head first. Can Kaede go?”

“I can go twice with the amount of mana I have.

“The boss may also be able to break stealth, so be careful.”


“Tadaomi-kun, you should recover your stamina a little.”

“It’s within range! Everyone, come close to Mami!”

The floor outside the eight-headed serpent in a radius of ten meters turns red.

I didn’t quite understand Mami’s intentions, but if I approached the eight-headed serpent to avoid it, a breath attack would come.

Everyone dashes beside Mami.

“Let’s go – magic defense formation!”

A crystal-like spherical barrier was formed around Mami, and everyone was wrapped in it.


A pillar of fire stood around, but the pillar of fire that rose from the bottom of the sphere flowed in all directions along the surface of the sphere.

It seems that I was able to prevent it completely, and no one takes damage.

“Nice Mami! Is this the only magic that can be protected?”

“Yes papa, if it’s magic, it’s all covered.”

“Okay, if another ranged attack comes, go to Mami, Kaede only when her stealth is disabled.”

“Yes, master”


“Mami, how long will this barrier last?”

“As long as the mana lasts, Papa.”

“Okay. Be careful not to run out of mana.”


“Tadaomi-kun will rest by Mami’s side until his stamina recovers, and my boost skill should have tripled his recovery speed.”

“Your intention! Mami-dono, I’m begging you for a while.”

Chushin-kun sat cross-legged beside Mami.


“Let’s go Kaede, I don’t know if it will work, but I will charm you”

“Understood, Master! Go, Stealth.”

Kaede activates stealth and dashes toward Yamato Orochi.


A sweet sound effect played, and the eyes of the snakeheads swam.

Did it work–!

“Wind Style Kamaitachi”


The eye of one of the snakeheads flashed before the maple weasel could reach.

Kaede’s stealth is canceled and her figure is revealed.

The charm effect seems to have disappeared in just a few seconds.



An afterimage of a kunai pierces one of the eight-headed serpent’s necks and hangs down from its body.

— Boo.

— Boo.

— Boo.

One after another, the breath of the snakeheads was fired at Kaede.

With the first blow, Kaede’s body was bathed in flames, but after that, she dodged it like a fluttering, fluttering leaf.

About 10% HP is lost, but the fire doesn’t spread to Kaede’s body.

— Boo.

By the time the fourth breath came, Kaede was already out of range.

“Kaede-chan, the range is coming!”

The moment Mami said that, the floor turned red in a fan shape.

Maybe Mami can predict?

Kaede dashes towards Mami.


A pillar of fire rises from the reddened floor.

“-Magic defense formation!”

Not in time, everyone takes about 5% damage.

“Sorry, I’m late…”

It can’t be helped because it’s the result of waiting until Kaede enters the magic defense formation.

“It’s okay, it’s no big deal.”

“Kaede, let’s go again.”

“Yes Master, I’ll be right back next time.”

“Mami, try using Sleep.”

“Yes, Papa”

I have less than 30% of my mana remaining, and since my mana recharge recovery can’t keep up, I want to save some.



The eyes of the snakeheads are closing.

The problem is duration.

“Good job, Go Kaede!”

“Wind Style Kamaitachi”

The afterimage of the kunai flies to one of the snake necks.


A dormant snakehead drooped from its torso.

Kaede immediately dashes towards us.

Kaede’s mana is already running out.


After all, there is only a boss, so the effect seems to be short.

The snake heads wake up one after another, and one eye glows to reveal the figure of Kaede.

— Boo.

— Boo.

The two snakeheads released their breaths, but Kaede was already out of range.

“Okay, good!”

There are now four snakeheads left.

If you follow this pattern, you’ll be fine.

The range should come next.

— Boo, Boo, Boo, Boo.

A bluish-white light suddenly appeared in the four corners under the altar.

“Damn, it’s a cyclops! — Mami, sleep.”

“Yes papa, sleep!”


Use Sleep and Charm on the Cyclops that just regenerated.

The cyclops at both ends of the Eight-Forked Orochi stopped moving.

Just before the cyclops behind me started to move, the floor turned red in a fan shape.

“I can do ranged attacks.”

Kaede is back with Mami.

“-Magic defense formation!”


A pillar of fire rises, but no one takes damage.

Cyclops are also out of that range.

The cyclops behind the eight-headed serpent will charge.

“Your Majesty, I will take over the direction of eleven o’clock.”

“Please, loyal retainer”

“Papa, Mami will put you to sleep at 2 o’clock.”

“Understood, Kaede concentrates on recovering mana.”

「Yes, master」

《Second Research Building of Oblo Development Company》

Team 1, led by Captain Oven, climbed the stairs and arrived in front of the office door on the second floor.

There is an elevator and stairs to the third floor.

Press the unlock button on the panel next to the door, which can only be confirmed with AR goggles.

— Jeep.

『Oven-tan, how are you? Only two security AIs on the first floor have been disposed of. There were only two meeting rooms, and there was no such thing as a fake Eve terminal.』

Riamun’s voice reached the headset.

“Understood, Captain Liamun.

“Understood, let’s take the elevator to the third floor.”


“Yes, see you later”


— Jeep.

“Mako-san, please open the door.

“I understand”

“Understood Monet”

“Then open it, three, two, one.”

Mako vigorously pulls the door.

Commander Oven bends down and rushes in, hiding on a nearby desk.

Monet stands behind them and holds a gun.

–pin! “Pin!” “Pin!”

–pin! “Pin!”


Shots hit Monet one after another, and he retreats into the corridor in a hurry.

“Monet was in danger, Monet got a headshot, Monet thought he was going to get hit by AR glasses.”

Monet’s collision judgment stopped the AR glasses function for three minutes, and he could not recognize the enemy.

–pin! “Pin!” “Pin!”

Commander Oven, who hid behind the desk, was shot every time he moved and couldn’t move.

“How many were there?”

Mako asks.

“There were about five Monet… but I feel like Monet is like a player.”


“He was wearing AR glasses, camouflage clothing, and had a rifle of some kind, the kind you might see in a XANA FPS game world.”

“I see… Maybe you’re letting the player play the game and protect you… I thought it was a good idea.”

“I’m sure it’s Monet. I got a headshot, so Monet is pretty good at shooting.”

“This is a little troublesome.”

“Ah, and Monet, who had several computers on his desk, could be a terminal.”

“Oh, is that so… I have to suppress this.”

《The top floor of the second research building of Oblo Development Company》

“Chief, the first floor has been taken over. Five players are defending the second floor. An intruder is heading for the third floor.”

“Who are the players on the third and fourth floors?”

“Two players entered the 3rd floor, and no one on the 4th floor. I sent all the AI ​​guards to the 4th floor, but there are only 3.”

“Damn! I’m going to get in the way here and there, and let Oblo fall before Clone Eve is defeated. I’ll enter directly.”

“Eh, but there’s a danger that you won’t be able to log out!”

“If you drop it, there’s no problem. Conversely, if it’s dropped, it’ll just return to normal. Either way, you’ll be able to log out.”

“Oh… sure”

“I will use the white penguin that I assembled.”

“Yes, sir. Then we will send the Chief Buster program to Ovro’s base.”

Ajiro logged into Clone Eve with his third-generation AI goggles.

“thumbs up”

“yes i just sent it”

《Oblo Underground Fifth Floor》

There are monsters attacking red penguins in the 5th floor of Oburo.

Under Tenkaze’s orders, Jirai’s AIs also face and shoot red penguins.

Suddenly, a white penguin twice the size of the red penguin group appeared.

– Sudon!

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Achille)

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