Reborn As A XANA Master

– Sudon!

Gugya – gugya -.

The center of the wall of trolls that held the front line collapsed with a cannon-like sound.

The white penguin shot a cannon at the red penguin from behind.

Several trolls disappear with a single shot.

Other monsters are also turning to dust one after another along with the Deathrattle.

– Sudon!

The front line that was facing the red penguins is getting pushed more and more.

“Kyouka, it seems better to hit that white one first.”

Tempu gave instructions to Jirai’s AI secretary.

“Yes. Master, I’m going from the sky.”

Rock Bird, a giant bird monster in the rear guard, takes off.

Jump over the front line and head for the white penguin.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

However, they are shot down by the red penguins before they reach the white penguins, and they turn into dust one after another.

“Eve, can’t you detach Heaven’s World yet?”

“I’m sorry, Clone Eve’s security has penetrated even deeper, and it’s taking up most of our resources to deal with it. There was only one more step left, but I can’t proceed. Stop Clone Eve even if it’s just for five minutes. If possible, I would like to finish it as soon as possible…”

“I see… I have to do something about it.”

I tried many times to attack white penguins with Rock Bird, but 30 or so bodies turned to dust.

Attacking the white penguins from above ends in vain.

Pushed more and more, the number of monsters facing each other decreases.

The front row of red penguins was 20 meters away from the final boss room on the 5th basement level.

“Shit, no… Kyouka, Izumi, buy me as much time as you can. I’m going to the boss room.”

“Yes Master, I will do my best.”

Kyouka answered.

“Yes master, would you like to send out a golem? Right now, I can put it behind the red penguin.”

The red penguins are ignoring the branches and rooms along the way, taking the shortest route to the boss room on the 5th floor.

As a result, monsters placed in unconquered rooms are left alone.

“So you can flank the red penguin from behind?”

“Yes. That’s for sure.”

“Okay. Do it, it might buy you some time.”

「Yes, master」

《Oblo Underground Fifth Floor Boss Room》

In the boss room, four cyclops appeared again.

— Again, it’s troublesome if these guys spring up…

Will this appear periodically until the boss is defeated?

So, is it better to let it sleep without defeating it?


Of the four, the one that came from the rear at eleven o’clock was defeated by Chushin-kun with Tsubamegaeshi.


Mami puts sleep on the one that came from the two o’clock direction and puts it to sleep.

“Mami, charmed people return to their sanity quickly, so please sleep at that time.”

“Yes, Papa”

“Tadaomi-kun prioritizes stamina recovery—”


The remaining two cyclops are within range attack of the eight-headed serpent.

If it goes well, it seems likely that it will scrape it with a ranged attack.

If you’re not within ten meters, your breath won’t reach you.

I want to recover my stamina and mana right now, and drop the serpentine head at once.

However, it would be nice if Yamato Orochi didn’t have other attack methods…


Mami immediately put the Cyclops to sleep, whose charm had worn off.

After all, the effect time of charm is short.

“Good Taro-san”


Suddenly, Tenkau appeared with a voice and was surprised.

“I’m sorry I surprised you.”

I see, you said you could pass through the door.

“No, no, it’s okay.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t take it anymore.”

The face of Amakaze who said that looked very frustrated.

“Does that mean the red penguin will come to this room?”

“Yes. There’s also a white penguin. It’s probably a special bug buster controlled by Ajiro. At this rate, it will last for more than ten minutes.”

“Ten minutes… not enough to defeat the boss.”

“Let’s give up already”

“-Eh, that’s right! Then the children…?”

“I can’t put Mr. Yoitaro in danger. I will think of another way for the children.”

“Is there another way…”

“No. However, even if the existence and location of Heaven’s World are identified, we can’t invade or destroy it immediately. We can afford to work out other methods.”

“But giving up here…why don’t you stick around until the last minute?”


“–Mami, Kaede, Loyal retainer-kun, pass by the wall and go around the other side of the eight-forked serpent.”

“Yes, Papa”

“Understood, Master.”


“Understood, Master.”

Even though it’s behind, the eight-headed serpent naturally changes its direction, so it’s still the front.

This is to attack the eight-headed serpent from a distance, as there is no telling when the Cyclops will return to sanity.

“Yoitaro-san, if the red penguins come, please run away here.”

When I looked, there was a staircase leading to the basement on the floor nearby.


“It was the children’s playroom. The entrance to Heaven’s World was also here.”

“there were?”

“It’s closed now, so no one can enter, unless it’s destroyed.”

“Is this… safe?”

“The doorway can be freely set on the floor of this room.

“Master, an area attack is coming! Magic defense formation――!”

Confirm that everyone is within the range of Mami’s magic defense formation, and put up a magic defense formation.

The floor turned red in a fan shape.

It seems that he chose a ranged attack that doesn’t hit Cyclops, so he doesn’t needlessly sacrifice his henchmen.


A pillar of fire rose.

Amakaze was outside Mami’s magic defense circle, but he didn’t take any damage.

Is it because he’s the current manager of Oblo?

“Can Kaede go?”

“I can do it just once.”

Kaede still has enough mana to use her Wind Style Kamaitachi.

“How is your loyalty?”

“Your Majesty, I can only go once.”

“Okay, Mami sleeps the two snakeheads on the left, and Chuomi-kun, kill one of them.”

“Yes, Papa”


“I will enchant the two snakeheads on the right, Kaede, kill one of them.”


“Okay, go!”

Mami aims at the two snake heads on the left of the eight-headed serpent.

“Sleep, sleep—”

After activating the skill in succession, the two snakeheads closed their eyes.

“Fascination, fascination—”

Both had their effects activated, and the two serpent heads on the right lost their sanity and their eyes went blank.

Chushin-kun and Kaede dash left and right.

At that time, Cyclops, who was sleeping on the other side, woke up.

“No good, run away Kaede――!”

Cyclops woke up and turned around to face Kaede.

Kaede came to a sudden stop and slid to a halt on the floor.


One of the snakeheads, whose charm was broken, shot a flame blast at Kaede.

“Kya, there!”

Kaede was bathed in flames all over her body.

“Kaede, rhino—”


The Cyclops’ club is swung down at Kaede who has stood still.


Luckily I caught the maple that flew towards me.


Mami immediately put the cyclops that rushed into it to sleep.

After confirming that, Chuomi-kun uses Shunpo to capture Snake Head within range.



Chushin-kun cut off the sleeping snake head with a slash.

“Okay, you two are nice! You can go.”

The remaining serpent heads became three bodies.

“Kaede, are you okay?”

Kaede, who was held by me, looked up at my face and grinned.

“Akimahe~n, master.”

He let out a weak, sweet voice.

“You… at a time like this.”

However, Kaede received more than 40% damage from the counter-attack of the breath and the club.

“Mami, help Kaede recover.”

“Yes. Heal!”

“Ookini, Mamicchi”

— Bang Bang Bang Bang.

There was a sound of something hitting the entrance door.


If you look closely, you can see that there are several through holes.

“It’s red penguins! Let’s run away!”

The wind pointed to the underground entrance.

– Sudon!


With the sound of gunfire, a large hole opened in the door, the door on the right was blown away, and Jirai’s two AIs were also blown into the boss room.

The impact wakes up the cyclops that was sleeping on the side of the door.

About twenty red penguins marched through the entrance of the blown door.

“Master, I’m sorry. It was the limit.”

Jirai’s AI secretary, Izumi, staggered to her feet.

“I know. You’ve done a good job so far.”

Tempu speaks words of appreciation.

Kyouka crashed into the wall in the 9 o’clock direction and fell down.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

The Cyclops charged at the red penguins, but was reduced to dust by a fusillade of fire.

In addition, ten red penguins and a large white penguin entered.

“Ajiro! Are you white hacker Ajiro?”

The wind yelled at the white penguin.

“Is that so…Amakaze? The genius AI developer Kouichi Amakaze?”

“Yes. Tempu. You win. Oblo’s control is yours. But it doesn’t matter to the players. Don’t attack.”

“This guy is hilarious! He won against that genius Tenpu. My reward rate has skyrocketed!”

“I’m glad to hear that. Do what you want, I won’t stand in your way.”

“I’m grateful for that. Then let’s make everyone disappear.”

“What! What’s the use of doing that…”

“What are you going to do? Are you an idiot? There’s no way you’ll miss someone who knows too much. At least you’ll have to become a cripple.”

“Do you want to become a murderer?”

“I’m the murderer? It’s decided that you’ll carry everything on your back! To the world, you’re the mastermind.”

“I… I don’t mind.”

“Wow, what a hero.”

I switch to party chat so that it can only be communicated within the party.

“Everyone, please try to recover. If you get the last blow, you’ve defeated the boss. Wait for your chance

“Papa, range attack is coming, magic defense formation――”

At the same time as Mami’s voice, the floor turned red.


A pillar of fire rose ten meters outside the center of the Eight-Forked Orochi.

Members in the defense circle will not take damage.

The red penguins take forty to sixty percent damage.

The damage they received before coming here will probably be included, but these guys seem to have weak defensive power.

The white penguin’s HP has also decreased by about 20%.

The Bakubuster Penguin is certainly not invincible.

“Damn it, useless damage! Enough talk, start eliminating bugs!”

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

The red penguins started shooting.

Turns the Cyclops into dust, and then targets the eight-headed serpent.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

One of the snake necks of the eight-headed serpent fell.

There were only two snakeheads left, and the boss’s HP remained at 40%.

Gagya gya-!

Suddenly, the Eight-Forked Orochi who let out a roar stood up and began to move.

Did this guy move!?

Moreover, it moves quickly for its size.

While rushing at the red penguins, breath was blown out from the remaining two snake necks.



The two red penguins in the front row took damage and disappeared into dust.

– Sudon!

Ajiro, a white penguin, fired a cannon.

One of the snake necks was blown away from the root.

『Kaede, loyal retainer, if all the snakeheads fall, the main body’s HP should drop to 20%. Aim there.』

When I told them in party chat, the two nodded.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

“Ah, I hit it.”

The stray bullet that the red penguin fired at the eight-headed serpent hit Kaede.

When I checked Kaede’s data damage rate, it exceeded 30%.

“Kaede, don’t overdo it. Pay attention to the damage rate, I don’t want to lose you too.”

“Understood, Master.”

“Papa, a ranged attack is coming!”

The floor turned red, but only in a fan-shaped range aimed at the red penguins.


In addition, the last snake neck spits breath.


More than ten red penguins disappeared.

Only five red penguins remained.

– Sudon!

Ajiro, a white penguin, fired a cannon and blew away the last snakehead.


When the Eight-Forked Orochi’s HP drops by 10%, if we take the final blow, we win.

Kaede and Chushin-kun attack.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

The red penguins also attack Yamata Orochi.

“Wind style Kamaitachi――”

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.


– Pampakapan!

The fanfare of Oblo capture resounded.

“Congratulations! The player has conquered the underground labyrinth of Oburo.”

– Pampakapan!

“With this, the administrator will be from Mr. Jirai…”

《Second Research Building of Oblo Development Company》

The second team, led by Mr. Liamun, arrived on the third floor by elevator.

Hide on either side of the elevator door and wait for it to open.

— Ping, Ping Ping!

“Wow, you got Shimeji—!”

When the door was about half open, a digital bullet flew at me.


Mushroom counterattacks.

“Mash Ambushed”

Ping, Ping Ping!


“I wish this gun had a firing sound, it doesn’t feel like it was shot.”

Mr. Liamun, who fought back with only his hand, seemed to be dissatisfied with the lack of shooting sound.

“Since the AR gun is still in the testing stage, it can’t be helped, Shimeji.”

“Ah! The mash that’s closing”

The elevator door was about to close automatically, so Mr. Mushroom pushed the button to open it.

“I can’t leave like this… can I become a shield again?”

“Ah, Captain, you’re being shot anyway, so this time I’ll be your shield, Shimeji.”

Mr. Trishimeji stopped Riamun from getting out of the elevator.

“Yes, please, Trishime-tan. I’ll pick up the bones, so don’t worry.”

“Captain, that’s not Shimeji.”

“Oh, I see! Shimeji didn’t have any bones.”


“…then go Shimeji, three, two, one!”

They pretended not to have heard.

Mr. Torishimeji jumped out of the elevator.







Liamun-san and Mushroom-san let out a roar.

Two enemies who appeared to be players in camouflage uniforms disappeared.

“We are invincible!”

“Well, the opponent will die if they hit the body with two shots, so this is definitely an advantageous mash.”


Mr. Trishimeji silently dropped his shoulders.

“What’s wrong, Trisime-tan?”

“Shimeji was shot…”

“Just wait three minutes, right? No bones.”

Liamun seems to want to stick to bones.

“…I’m sorry, Shimeji.”

Mr. Torishimeji hung his head, looking apologetic.


Liamun didn’t understand the situation.

“Mash who hit the AR goggles?”

Mushroom-san guessed from Torishimeji-san’s depression.

“Shimeji that hit me…”

“Ahhhhhh, Torishime-tan, you’re dead.”

If the AR goggles hit judgment, you can’t use the AR goggles and AR guns here forever.

“When the AR goggles’ collision detection comes out, the link with the app is cut off, so Shimeji can’t act as a bullet shield.”

In other words, the enemy can no longer be seen and is out of combat strength.

“Well, that’s why Mash. Unlucky Mash.”

Mushroom-san taps Trishimeji-san’s shoulder to comfort him.

“Let’s just report it to headquarters.”

Mr. Liamun said in a gentle voice.

“…I’m sorry, Shimeji.”

— Jeep.

『Here you go to Squad 2, Headquarters. It’s Liam. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor. Engage with an enemy that seems to be a player in the hall. Trishime-tan is dead—please.』

— Jeep.

『This is Headquarters, Benga. Umm, Mr. Torishimeji died, was the AR glass shot? “Is it out of combat strength?” 』

— Jeep.

“I say yes. Bone, no. I’ll pick up the shimeji”

— Jeep.

『Eh, bones? what? 』

— Jeep.

『Umm, then, I’ll have Ludo-san go for reinforcements. Mr. Riyou just brought me a new weapon, so I’ll deliver it while I’m at it.』

— Jeep.

“What, a new weapon! “That one with a cool shooting sound?” “Exciting, exciting”

— Jeep.

“No, I don’t know the sound, but it seems to be powerful.”

— Jeep.

『Is that so? fun! “Come on!” 』

— Jeep.

『This is Team 1, Oven, requesting support. Enter the office on the second floor. There are five enemies and you can’t move. 』

— Jeep.

『This is Headquarters, Benga. Then I’ll have the new weapons over there as well… Jackie-san and Riyou-san go to help out.』

— Jeep.

『This is Squad 1, Oven. Understood, please. 』

《The top floor of the second research building of the Oblo development company a little earlier》

“Chief, we are in the tenth rank, but six new players have joined.

Ajiro’s subordinate reported.

“I’m about to rush into the boss room. I’ll leave the defense here to you.”

Ajiro is wearing Eve goggles to control the white penguin, so he has no idea what is going on in the second research building.


(Author: Jiraiya/ Edit: Orb)

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