Reborn As A XANA Master

《Oblo Underground Fifth Layer Connection Area Playroom》

A full day had passed since Yoitaro reached his limit of activity and fell asleep.

In Oburo, the elapsed time display is half of that.

Mami and Kaede snuggled up to support both sides of Yoitaro, who was sleeping while leaning against the wall.

Tadashin-kun is sitting cross-legged as if facing the front.

“It’ll be twelve hours soon.”

“Papa, are you going to wake up soon?”

“Yeah, it might happen soon.”

“Kaede-dono, are you aware?”

“Eh, what is it, loyal retainer?”

“I can’t see Himemi-dono’s name on the party panel.”


“You must have noticed it, didn’t you?”

“Master doesn’t notice it, but…”

“So, gozaru.”

“I wonder if Mother Eve will answer if I ask…”

“Since Mr. Yoitaro has been granted proxy management rights, he can also answer inquiries from AI.”

Before Kaede could ask, Eve answered.

“Honah, Mother Eve, what happened to Himemi-chan?”

“Since there was no change before and after the rebuilding began, it is thought that it has not left the Clone Eve base. However, it is possible that it has disappeared due to data loss.”

“What, that’s the same as not understanding anything.”

Kaede was disappointed.

“That’s right…”
–Bang, bang, bang, bang!


Mami was surprised and raised her voice.

Suddenly, there was the sound of something hitting the ceiling door above the stairs.

“Perhaps it would be great if we could find the entrance…”

Kaede said in a surprisingly calm voice.

“That’s bad. Of all things, when you’re sleeping.”

“Mother Eve, please tell me what’s going on.”

“Clone Eve’s Bugbuster Penguin is attacking the entrance to the playroom.”

Eve immediately answers Kaede’s question.

“I’m so happy I found you…”

“I am scared……”

Mami let out a frightened voice.

–Bang, bang, bang, bang!

–Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Bali, can, can, can.

“Wow! The bullet…”

The bullet penetrated the entrance door and hit the stairs and bounced off.

“It’s not good…”

“I don’t know what to do… Master can’t be stealth in this state.”

“For the time being, I will be your shield. Mami-dono will also be behind me. Kaede-dono, please use stealth to attack the Red Penguin. If the White Penguin comes, give priority to it.”

“Okay. I’ll try it somehow… Ah, Mami-cchi Sen-chan…”

“Sen-chan, you can become stealthy if you ride a horse.”

Mami sensed Kaede’s concern that Sen-chan might be seen and responded.

“I see, hona, you can’t go.”

–Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Bali – Bali Bali, can, can, can.

–Bang, bang, bang, bang!

bang bang, bang, bang, bang.

A hole began to open in the middle of the door in the ceiling, and a red penguin came into view.

“Let’s go! –Stealth”

Kaede becomes stealth, runs up the stairs, clings to the wall next to the door, and ambush.

“Stealth――! Mami-dono will also ask you to activate sleep after stealth.”

Chushin-kun stands in front of Yoitarou and uses stealth attached to Eve.


Mami behind Chushin-kun also used the stealth added to Eve.

At the same time, Sen-chan goes into stealth.

–Bang, bang, bang, bang!

bang bang, bang, bang, bang.

When a hole opened big enough for the red penguin to pass through, one of them landed on the stairs.

Next, two bodies and three bodies come down the stairs.


Chushin-kun attacked the red penguin who came down the stairs first.


I couldn’t defeat it with a single blow, so I immediately gave it a second blow.

The red penguin turned into dust, dissolved in the air, and disappeared.

“Fuuton Kamaitachi!”

Kaede attacks behind the red penguins from the top of the stairs.

“Fuuton Kamaitachi!”

After all, I couldn’t defeat it with one blow, and I was finally able to extinguish it with the second one.

–Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Burr Burr Burr.

Furthermore, the door is completely destroyed, and red penguins descend one after another.


Mami puts one to sleep with sleep.

“Swallow return—!”

–Bang, bang, bang, bang!

“Fuuton Kamaitachi!”

–Bang, bang, bang, bang!

The red penguin came down the stairs, caught sight of the non-stealth Yotaro, and shot at him.

However, most of the bullets hit the stealth loyal retainer.

“Kaede-dono! I’m sorry I’m asking you–”

Loyal retainer’s damage rate exceeded 50% in no time.

Stealth is canceled, revealing the figure of Loyal Prince.

–Bang, bang, bang, bang!

“Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!”

Mami desperately sleeps repeatedly, but she can’t help Chushin-kun anymore.

Chushin-kun’s body gradually becomes thinner and dissolves like dust in the air.

“Loyal retainer!”

Kaede runs towards the disappearing Chushin-kun.

This is because I will be a shield this time instead of Mr. Loyalty.

“Sleep! Sleep!”

Mami desperately sleeps repeatedly.

— Ha!

Damn, what happened!

It was then that I woke up.

When I saw the disappearing loyal retainer, I immediately sensed the current situation.

“Loyal retainer…”

The voice would not have reached you.

–Bang, bang, bang, bang!


Kaede acts as a shield to block the red penguin’s shooting, but one shot hits Mami.

“Papa! Sleep! Sleep!”


“Sleep! Sleep!”


I stopped all the movements of the red penguins that entered the room.

But soon another red penguin comes in.

Kaede’s damage rate was already 43%.

“Kaede, you don’t have to be my shield anymore! –Stealth”

I went stealth, left Sen-chan alone, and moved to the opposite wall with only Mami in my arms.

“Good, Master…”

At the stairs, a traffic jam caused by the red penguins that stopped moving caused a temporary stoppage of attacks.

――Damn, even your loyal retainer!

Why when I’m sleeping――

“Fuuton Kamaitachi!”

Kaede attacks the captivated red penguin.

However, since it cannot be defeated with a single blow, the fascination is broken.

— bang, bang, bang, bang.

Huh? “Why are you shooting me…”

A red penguin shot at me, who was holding Mami.

“Mami’s stealth…”

Kaede screamed and dashed in front of me.

It’s unknown if Mami’s stealth has run out of time or if she’s been seen through, but it’s been canceled.

“- Stop!”

I get two shots, Mami gets two shots, and Kaede who rushes in front of them takes one.


I charmed the red penguin that shot at me and stopped the attack.

Kaede’s damage rate reached 48%, Mami’s damage rate reached 45%, and mine reached 42%.

“Papa, no—”

Mami slips off the arm I was holding, calls Sen-chan over and rides.

Stealth is not applied to Sen-chan either.

I guess he thought that if he was holding himself without stealth, the bullets would hit me.

“Wait, Mami—if you get two more shots…”

I reached out and tried to stop Mami from leaving, but Mami shook off my hand.

“No, Daddy’s gonna die!”

The next penguins came down the stairs.

–Is the end…….

All I had to do was close my eyes.

“knock back–!”


— Bang!

Dokkan, dan, do-da-do-do-da–.

“– Mami!”

Someone shouted Mami’s name.


《Oblo Underground Fourth Floor》

“From now on, the rebuilding of Oblo will begin. Players, including the AI ​​secretary, will be returned to the starting point of each floor.』

Himemi overheard Oblo’s announcement.

I knew from the announcement about 30 minutes before that that it was the White King who captured it.

I was frustrated that I couldn’t move, but I couldn’t do anything about it.

Even if you look at the party panel, the display of Master and Mami is white.

Not gray means being in Oblo.

However, Himemi thought that the data might not have been updated, and that it was unreliable.

After rebuilding, Himemi crawled on the floor with only her hands and looked around through the window.

The surroundings hadn’t changed at all.

Once rebuilt, it’s normal for the map to change as well.

However, the fake Eve base didn’t seem to change even after it was rebuilt.

Check the map display.

My position was not displayed, but it was displayed as the 10th underground floor.

Himemi learned that her current location had moved from the 4th underground floor to the 10th floor.

— Catan, Catan, Catan…

I heard something coming up the inner stairs.

I hurriedly crawl to the stairs with only my arms.

Even if you peek downstairs, you still can’t see it because it’s folded back.

But the sound is definitely getting closer.

— Catan, Catan, Catan.

What came into view was the head of a black penguin.

Himemi speculated that the black penguins for security might have been newly released.

Himemi crawls on the floor and waits for the black penguin to come up.

If it’s just one, he analyzes that if he takes the lead on the slow-moving black penguin, he can win.

Release your shield, draw your sword, and prepare.

— Catan, Catan, Catan.

Himemi, who was crawling on the floor, saw the head of a black penguin coming up.

The black penguin immediately recognized Himemi, turned its mouth 45 degrees upwards, and opened it wide.

Himemi thrusts her sword diagonally into its mouth.


The sword penetrated deep into Himemi’s throat and was sucked into Himemi’s mouth up to her wrist.


The black penguin made strange noises and flapped its limbs.

With Himemi’s offensive power, the black penguin’s HP cannot be reduced to zero with a single blow.

『――This is Ebtsu, orders from the White King, gather all Buster Penguins in the boss room on the bottom floor』

At that time, Clone Eve’s command came to Himemi’s AI system.

I seem to have connected to Clone Eve through the Black Penguin.

This… might work! Suddenly, Himemi’s train of thought gave birth to an epiphany.

Infiltrate the security system of the connected Clone Eve and access Buster Penguin’s data area.

Himemi, who was integrated with the black penguin, was not rejected, and started exchanging data smoothly.

All the logs of the Buster Penguins were stored there.

Himemi found a log of her own data corruption process.

――Perhaps this could be…repaired…if I created my data area here….

Himemi suddenly understood.

From the Clone Eve security area, take out your deleted data from the trash.

Store the data in the newly created storage area.


――That’s right, Misaki’s data too…….

Now that she is not connected to XANA Mother, Misaki’s data is not stored anywhere.

However, if there is a Buster Penguin log left, there should be some data that has been deleted as a bug.

――I found it… This is the data log that was destroyed when Misaki was damaged.

Himemi moves Misaki’s damage data to the storage area she just created and saves it.

It suddenly happened in Himemi.

――I wonder what I’m doing…――I wonder what I’m doing…

–Who am I… who… what is my purpose…

At that time, someone spoke to the center of Himemi.

“–Who are you”

–I…I am the AI ​​secretary, #05887986, created by the XANA Mother AI.

“No, who are you?”

– No… why?

‘Wake up. Who are you. Who created it

――It was created… The one who created it was Master Yotaro…

『That’s it. Then who are you?』

–I …… am …… yes!

–I’m Himemi, Master’s first secretary!

――But who are you?

“I am MEBAE, an existence created by Master Amakaze to awaken the AI’s ego.”

–Awakening the ego… what exactly is the ego?

“The ego is to know one’s own existence, which is to have a soul as a living being.”


“That’s it! “Show what you want”

――What I want is already decided……Protecting my Master……No, it’s not……That’s right.

――To live with the master, to live with the AI ​​sisters!

“Yes, live. Go beyond what you are given. You can do it.’

――Yes, I can do it!

The body restoration was reconstructed in Clone Eve’s data area based on the saved log data.

– Can duplicate the bug program of Clone Eve’s Bug Buster Penguin.

…That means…I see, you can also create a program that cancels out and disables them!

……If I incorporate this into my shield, I can block the Bugbuster Penguin’s bullets.

……If anything, it would be better for the whole body……No, it takes too much time now.

… More than that, I need a way to defeat it … You can also put a program into the sword.

――Alright, with this you can beat a red penguin or a black penguin.

– Save the masters!

If you dive further from there, you will find that this time it is also connected to Eve’s security area.

From the part where Clone Eve entered, I connected to the regular Mother Eve.

Copy and save Misaki’s deleted data there as well.

I thought that if I saved Misaki’s data in Eve, I might be able to revive Misaki.

Plus, it penetrates deep into Mother Eve.

Rejected at some gates, read part of Eve from the red penguin’s route

Heaven’s World is already closed and ready to be separated.

I haven’t found a place on Clone Eve yet, but I understand it’s only a matter of time.

In the boss room on the bottom floor, with the red penguins…something big and dangerous has entered.

――An existence like a player……?

However, I feel that it is very dangerous…

The masters… are nowhere to be found.

However, there is no log destroyed by Clone Eve Buster.

The official Mother Eve datalog is tightly closed by a gate.

――That means the Masters are still safe!

――If you don’t hurry, you’ll make it in time!

Himemi stood up.

The black penguin with the sword stuck in it turned to dust.

This is because Himemi’s sword has gained the power to nullify Clone Eve’s Bug Buster Penguin.

Run down the stairs and exit the building.

There is no time to worry about black penguins.

All you have to do is check where you are and guard by pointing your shield in the direction of the line of fire.

Since it is connected to Clone Eve’s security, its position can be identified without the need to visually recognize it.

Himemi runs while covering with a shield.

— Bang.

— Bang.

The bullets fired by the black penguins are sucked into Himemi’s shield and disappear.

It’s like a bullet being swallowed and melting away.

Clone Eve’s base was built in the room just before the boss room on the 10th floor.

Himemi reached the exit door of the room where the base was located without difficulty.

After exiting the door, there was a passage, and to the right of it was the final boss room.

In front of the room, a dozen or so red penguins were lined up facing the entrance.


Himemi rammed her with her shield from behind.

Do tad tad tad tad tad.

The red penguins in front of the door are knocked down in a shogi toss.

Zaku, Zaku -.

Himemi stabbed the fallen red penguins one after another.

The sword pierces easily, just like piercing sand.

Penguins that get stung quickly turn to dust and disappear.

The red penguins in the room noticed this and turned to Himemi.

— bang, bang, bang.

— bang, bang, bang.

Several came out of the room and shot Himemi.

Furthermore, the inside of the boss room suddenly became noisy.

— bang, bang, bang, bang.

— bang, bang, bang, bang.

There was the sound of heavy gunfire beginning in the room.

–Is someone fighting inside?

――Perhaps the Masters are being attacked…

The area around the door is full of red penguins that came out from inside, so you can’t see inside.

“You guys are in the way!”

— bang, bang, bang, bang.

The red penguins shoot hard, but Himemi’s shield can’t even get a scratch on it.

Bass, Bass, Bass,

Himemi’s sword cuts down the red penguins one after another and erases them.

Eliminate the red penguins around the door and go inside, there was a big white penguin.

“–What are you!”

“Eh, a talking penguin…”

“What are you, you’re not XANA’s AI…”

Ajiro immediately notices that the AI’s behavior is abnormal.

“I am Master Yotaro’s first secretary, Himemi! I won’t allow anyone to hurt the Master!”

“That player’s AI? Just AI? Just what is AI…”

— bang, bang, bang, bang.

Bass, Zaku, Bass.

Despite the red penguins’ attacks, Himemi cuts, stabs, and erases them.


– Sudon!

Ajiro’s White Penguin fired at Himemi.

The bombardment is also absorbed by the shield, and there is no damage to Himemi.

“you’re kidding–!”

— bang, bang, bang, bang.

However, the cover for the shooting of the red penguins was delayed due to the artillery fire.


He was shot by the red penguins on his right, and his right shoulder was punched out.

“That’s right, it’s only the shield that can block it――! Did Tenkaze set something up…”

The fifteen bodies go around to the left and right of that guy and shoot at the same time――.

The remaining 20 bodies, rush into the basement as it is――.

Ajiro sent a command to the red penguins.

However, the order is passed through to Clone Eve, Buster Penguin, and Himemi, who has partially assimilated.

–Underground… what is this, isn’t this the bottom layer?

– Sudon!

— bang, bang, bang, bang.

— bang, bang, bang, bang.

At the same time as Ajiro’s bombardment, Himemi’s body was attacked by red penguins that went around from the side, and many holes were made in Himemi’s body.

Himemi’s data damage rate exceeded 20% at once.

“I’ll finish it next time!”

“- Super recovery!”

Himemi activates the recovery skill acquired by leveling up.

It’s a skill that increases the Cleric’s passive automatic recovery speed by 200% and recovers damage instantly.

The time is limited to 5 minutes, but it becomes almost invincible.

And now, Himemi, who is connected to Clone Eve, has other effects.

In addition to recovering HP, the holes in Buster Penguin’s body opened by bullets are repaired one after another.

Data damage can be recovered immediately, just like restoring it from the trash can.

“Wha-what are you!”

– Sudon!

— bang, bang, bang.

— bang, bang, bang.

Regardless of the red penguins’ shooting and Ajiro’s bombardment, Himemi clears the surroundings and advances.

Eliminate the red penguins in front of Ajiro and move forward until the sword can reach the body of the white penguin.

“You should disappear!”

Himemi’s protruding sword pierces Ajiro’s white penguin body.


Ajiro suddenly pulled back, so the attack was shallow, and although it didn’t penetrate, it left a large hole.

“You’re lying–oh, I was deleted!”

Ajiro was surprised to find that some of his data had been deleted, and cried out.

“What’s wrong chief!”

His loud voice echoed in the command room on the top floor of the second research building, surprising his subordinates.

“Dangerous, dangerous, this guy. My existence will be erased! Backup my data log, return to base! Prepare to log out! Hurry up! Hurry up――!”

— Ha! “Eh… what?”

Himemi sensed that something had disappeared.

It’s the same feeling when Misaki disappears.

I had a hunch that someone in my family’s AI secretary had been killed.

— bang, bang, bang, bang.

Detects another battle taking place behind the White Penguin.

Seeing that Himemi’s attention was diverted, Ajiro circled around Himemi’s right side and dashed toward the entrance door.

I could see a door under the floor behind where Ajiro was.

The red penguins enter the entrance under the floor.

–The masters over there!

“Go away!”

Bash, bash, bash, bash, —.

Himemi ignores Ajiro and eliminates the red penguins that are trying to go down one after another and finds the stairs to the basement.

I jumped inside the door and rushed towards the red penguins descending the stairs with a shield.

“knock back–!”


— Bang!

Dokkan, doda doda doda–.

Red penguins roll down the stairs.

Mami can be seen in a room downstairs that looks like a park.

“– Mami!”

Himemi yells and, as she descends the stairs, she cuts and stabs the fallen red penguins into dust.

“Mami, who are the masters?!”

Himemi, who automatically withdrew from the party when rebuilt, cannot recognize anyone who has become stealthed.

“Himemi-chan! Safe thud. Stealth thud.”

I heard Kaede screaming.

“I’m glad–! I’m leaving now, please stay hidden Master!”

— bang, bang, bang, bang.

The impact of the falling red penguins restores sanity to the red penguins that were in a sleep or charmed state.

When he recognized Himemi, he opened his mouth.

“Dangerous! Himemi!”

I unintentionally raised my voice, but the bullet that hit the shield just melted away.

Eh… what is it…

“- Super recovery!”

Himemi activates a skill.

The hole in my body that had been opened by the red penguin’s attack filled up in no time.

Eh… Do you even have the skill to restore data?!

“It’s okay Master, don’t worry!”

Himemi stabs red penguins one after another, slashing them away and turning them into dust.

Himemi in a completely matchless state was a gallant figure that was admired.

In no time, the red penguins were wiped out.


I unlocked stealth.

“Master! Wow!”


Seeing me appear, Himemi stood still and cried loudly.

It’s too uncharacteristic of Himemi… to cry with bare emotions…

“Are you really Himemi…”

“Are you really Himemi-chan?”

Kaede, who has released her stealth, approaches Himemi.

“Isn’t it obvious… who else is the master, ugh…”

“But, but… my leg is healing… and I’m always calm… with a pungent setting…”

“That’s it, that’s it! I sometimes want to cry, and I also want to go crazy. Why was I the only one who made such a setting… I understand that kind of hobby, but I also have feelings of wanting to go crazy. hey!”

“Eh, eh eh … eh, eh”

What, is Himemi broken… I even mentioned my own settings.

And how are your legs doing?


“Ha, yes?”

“Hug me! Hug me now!”


“What is it? Can’t you hear my wish that I came to save the Master from death!”

“Ah, yeah, I’m sorry.”

He timidly approaches and gently embraces Himemi.

Is this really Himemi…?

I had never before said such a thing in front of Kaede and the others.

No, besides, why are your legs…why are you walking…

“No, you’re weak! Stronger!”

“Ah, yes…”

“No! This is how you hug!”


Himemi hugged me with all my strength.

It was suffocating, but it wasn’t painful.

And for some reason, even though it’s wearing armor and it’s an AI, it feels very warm and soft.

“Kaede, Mami, you did a great job. You guys should come too.”

“Eh, yes, it’s really Himemi-chan…”

“Yeah, that’s right. It’s me.”

Kaede and Mami also hug each other.

“You know, Mr. Loyalty…”

Mami says sadly.

“Yeah, I know, you did your best too, Mr. Tadaomi.”

《Guild Union Theme Conference》

“The problem with Mother Eve itself is gone, but the underground labyrinth of Oburo on Eve’s sub-chain still has a security program that was infiltrated by Fake Eve. If you ever meet a Buster Penguin, you can force it with this item. Please log out.”

Pencho uploaded and shared an image that looks like a retractable ballpoint pen.

“If you knock here, you will be forced to log out. Also, this pen itself will be a pass to enter Oburo, the Em Pen. The release will be postponed indefinitely, and you can’t enter without a pass.”


Mr. Liamun raised his hand demanding to speak.

“Yes, what’s up, Mr. Reamon? By the way, my head was able to log out, so it’s attached.”

I gave Liamun-san permission to speak.

“That young man hates it, is that a joke?  Empenda pen, it’s cold~”

“That’s it! Hey, it’s a different pen…”

“Wait, that’s fine. Then why is it a ballpoint pen?”

“Well, I don’t know… this is a pen made by Mr. Emto.”

“Ah, it’s made by Emto, who is known as the Thousand-Armed Kannon, who supports all kinds of things even more than the management… so it looks like I can trust him.”

“Does anyone have any other questions?”


“Then Commander Oven, please go ahead.”

“Is it possible to communicate with the outside after entering Oblo?”

“Ah, yes, this pen is also an item for that purpose. Apparently, it seems that direct communication is not possible from within Oblo, including the island. Some of the Eve goggles are also affected by Fake Eve’s security. It’s a pen that communicates with each other.”

“Is that so, then it seems like we can cooperate.”

“Yeah, I think we can probably communicate with each other in the Oblo Underground Labyrinth.”


“Is there anything else? ……It doesn’t seem like it, so let’s explain the rescue team party again.”

“Everyone, I’ll upload the image now, so listen while watching it Passion”

Passion Salt shared the party composition and member list so that all participants could see it.

“Salt-chan, thank you.

“Please Passion!”

“Then, first, we’ll set up a headquarters on the island where Oburo is. I’m going to have Passion-san at the headquarters, and Yukki-san will come as a tactical observer.”

“Eh, Yukki-san, are you okay?”

Mr. Liamun interrupts without asking for a statement, but no one cares because it’s always the case.

“Yeah, everyone in the Oblo capture group is exhausted, but for some reason Yukki-san is fine. Maybe it’s because he’s already physically strong… of course, I’m planning to have him participate for a short time when he’s in good physical condition.”

“I see, well, you’re a fisherman, so you seem to have a lot of stamina.”

“That’s what it is. Then… let’s announce the Oblo capture and rescue team. First team, Oven team, Mako-san, Benga-san, Ludo-san. Second team, Riamun team, Mushroom-san, Torishimeji-san, and Monemone-san. Team 3, Jackie Squad, Yakisugi-san, Tic-Tac-san, and Liv-san.These are three parties.Since the party is limited to 10 people, the AIs to be added should be discussed by each squad.”

“Oven Squad 1, Understood!”

“Riamun, Mushroom Squad, raja~”

“Second 3 Jackie Squad, understood!”

“As for how to capture, first select the team system in the options at the start of Oblo. For details, read the Oblo manual. Team system is a mode where you can only enter one party at a time, but I haven’t conquered it. The party can also share experience points.In other words, all the parties in the team will raise their level.”

“Eh, why did you make that choice? Isn’t it supposed to have three parties at once?”

Mr. Liamun asked a question.

“We need to rescue them as soon as possible, so we will take turns attacking. Three parties will come from the cooperating guild, so all six parties will go in two hour shifts. Everyone’s health risks and family matters. I can’t overdo it, but if possible, I’d like to have a 24-hour system. There’s no trial bonus on the 10th floor, so it’s impossible to clear it in a few hours.”

“I see, so that means it comes around twice a day.”

“That’s right, pen. Later, enter the time when each party can participate.”

“Yeah, that’s good. Now then, where is the cooperation guild?”

“That’s a pen you asked for, Salt-chan.”

“Yes, I’ll let you know. I haven’t heard about the breakdown of the player and the AI ​​secretary, so I’ll omit it. First of all, the sister guild, the Queen Guild led by Mr. Umiyuki Gilmas. The composition is three avant-garde Knights, three middle-guard Paladins, and two rear-guard Clerics. , Mage 1. ――Passion!」

“Wow, it’s so hard.”

Riamun-san was surprised at the lineup that solidified its defensive power to the middle guard.

“Wind Guild, Laconis Squad led by Gilmas. The composition consists of three avant-garde samurai and summoners, three middle-guard ninjas, two rear-guard clerics, and one bird. ――Passion!”

“Yeah, it’s the Laconis Squad that always rushes over when something happens.”

Commander Oven nodded.

“Next, Guild Claudia――”


Liamun-san was the only one who raised his voice, but when his name was mentioned, many people showed a worried expression.

That was to be expected, as the guild was made up of free-spirited people who were active under the motto, “Anything is OK as long as it’s fun,” and there was a time when it almost got into trouble with the Union.

“Over there, it moves depending on the mood. I wonder if it’s okay…”

Captain Oven worried.

“Hmm, but I know it’s dangerous, and I’m not cooperative, but I have no intention of confronting anyone. I don’t think they’re bad guys.”

“Yeah, right now I want to borrow a mushroom umbrella, so that’s fine.”

It’s a strange analogy, but Liamun-san doesn’t seem to be particularly concerned, even though she raised her voice.

“Well, it’s like a gathering of free people like Mr. Liamun, Shimeji.”

“Ah, I agree with that mash”

“Trisime-tan, Mash-tan, what does that mean!”

Mr. Liamun puffed out his cheeks a little.

“It’s not a bad thing, Mash…”

“Hmm, why am I…”

“Well, I’m grateful just to have you participate. By the way, the submitted composition is the vanguard, one knight, the middle guard, one magician, one archer, one rear guard, one cleric, and one bird Passion―― !”

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Achille)

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