Reborn As A XANA Master

《In front of Guild Union Headquarters》

When Yukki-san, Doubletim-san, and Tamotsu-san returned to the guild headquarters from the pier where they were respawned, Gilmas, Yakisugi-san, Liv-san, and Botamochi-san were being attacked by Buster Penguins.

Seeing that, the three start attacking the Buster Penguins from behind.

“Mulligan, Set, Level Five, Earth Genesis—”

The moment Yukki-san shouted, the Buster Penguins disappeared.

“Eh, what?”

Everyone present muttered in bewilderment.

《The top floor of the second research building of Oblo Development Company》

“Okay – I’ve defeated the boss. All that’s left now is to find the entrance to the hidden world created by Amakaze. What’s going on there?”

Ajiro looked satisfied and said proudly.

“Chief, you’ve done it!  They also took control up to the third floor, but they gave up and withdrew! It’s a total victory for us.”

“Are you withdrawing already? It’s a good idea to give up… you didn’t set anything up?”

“I installed a virus on the terminals on the 3rd and 2nd floors. All of them were deleted with the default anti-software.

“…is that what they are…they bothered to open a connection to Ebutsu (also known as Clone Eve)…”

“It’s a shame that the chief’s TIT-FOR program went to waste.”

“… don’t get caught in something… even though the wind should be involved, it’s too unresponsive.”

“Amakaze can only do AI development after all. Originally, I don’t have the hack skills of a chief.”

“No, you shouldn’t lick the Heavenly Wind …… but was he not up to it either, with the Lost Child quarantined? Or is it possible that he’s not working in tandem with the guildies that came in today?”

“I see, that’s right.”

“…Wait a minute, pass the virus log they planted to me.”

“Yes, I will send it now.”

A subordinate sent a log to Ajiro’s Eve Goggles.

“Sent now”

Ajiro runs the search program he prepared in order to find the connecting door to Heaven’s World in the boss room.

When a transmission arrives, display its log in sight.

Ajiro earnestly followed the scrolling log, but his eye caught a line and stopped scrolling.

“Hey, there’s something that’s been installed by passing through…”

“Eh, there shouldn’t be such a virus…”

“Are my defense programs not working?”

“Yes. It’s still set to auto-start only when something the security program can’t deal with.”

“I see, so they weren’t meant to put in a virus…but this is…that’s what it means…”

Ajiro types on the keyboard on his desk.

On Eve Goggles, I analyzed the program that invaded Eve2.

“what do you mean?”

“There is no problem leaving it alone. It suppresses the reaction of XANA’s Buster Penguin. There is no problem here.”

“is that so……”

Ajiro scrolls the log that he stopped halfway through again.

My eyes stopped at the last line.

“Hmm? What is this… MEBAE? Is it an update program for the AI ​​secretary? Doesn’t seem dangerous… but what is it for?”

Huh, was there such a thing? ”

“Just in case, follow this. I’m busy rebuilding Oblo.”

“Okay. I’ll track you down.”

Ajiro had to modify the invaded base before it could be rebuilt.

As a result of being captured, it will be rebuilt in the 10th floor underground.

Fake Eve’s base built on the 4th floor will be generated on the 4th floor as it is when it is rebuilt.

It takes time to send the red penguin to the bottom layer from there, so it’s for that purpose.

If this is moved to the 5th floor, after reconstruction, it will be generated in the lowest 10th floor.

However, the map will be rebuilt automatically within 60 minutes, so the program needs to be rewritten by then.

I’m running an automatic search program to find the entrance to Heaven’s World, but the speed has slowed down in order to allocate resources there.

It took about fifty minutes to rebuild the base on the bottom layer.

“Okay, I’m done. After rebuilding, I’ll look for the Lost Child’s whereabouts. Did you find the invaded program?”

“Yes. It’s a strange program. I can’t understand anything other than the message part… but I haven’t seen any attacks on Eb-Two (also known as Clone Eve).”

“Message? What kind of message is that?”

“Um, show your intention of what you want. Go beyond what you’ve been given…Is that what you mean…I don’t know if it’s right.”

“I don’t understand… the purpose is… well, I’m curious, but I’ll leave it to you.”

“I got it”

“From now on, we will begin rebuilding Oblo. It will take an hour to complete.』

There was an announcement from Eve, and after a few minutes Oblo’s rebuilding began.

《AR goggle unit base》

“What’s wrong? Captain Riamun”

Mr. Benga asked Mr. Liamun, who unlike usual didn’t have a smile on his face.

“By the way…”

Mr. Liamun showed a curt attitude.

“Um, Captain Liamun seems to have wanted to go to the top floor, destroy the fake Eve, and sneer at the White King, Mash.”

Mushroom-san explained the reason for Commander Liamun’s displeasure.

“Oh, that’s right. I thought so too, but… I got two new information.”

“New information?”

Mr. Liamun said purposely in a bad mood.

In fact, everyone knows that it is not serious, it is just acting like that.

I’m just acting out the gas that everyone is a little stuck in.

“First of all, this is bad news, but FPS World, which is developing its own land on XANA, is recruiting players with a considerable amount of prize money.The AR World transferred from there is this second research building. One thing that makes me think…”

“So you’re gathering players who can beat us… what a dangerous mash.”

“That’s Monet, then it can’t be helped Monet. Hey, Captain Liamun.”

“Yes, sorry. I understand, Benga-tan.”

“… Um, the other information is that XANA’s Buster Penguin has disappeared.”

“–Oh! Mash!”

“Really Monet? But why Monet?”

“Eh, that virus was effective!”

“Let’s all calm down a bit, let’s listen to Mr. Benga’s explanation.”

It was Jackie who calmed everyone down with open arms.

The virus on the USB was something that could be removed with existing antivirus software. Even if we had prepared something more advanced, it would have been impossible to outwit White King Ajiro. So, in addition to the virus, I sent a program that marks the virus as normal and not a bug in XANA, which should facilitate the integration of XANA and Eve. We hoped that if it wasn’t hostile, it would pass.”

“Benga-tan, did that SUCCESS appear mean that it passed?”

Asked Liam.

“That’s right, and a few minutes later, it was confirmed that the Buster Penguin that had appeared in XANA had disappeared.”

“I see, that’s amazing! The person who thought of that was clever! But what would happen if it was deleted after this?”

“Even on XANA Mother’s side, the program that eliminates the bug has been stopped, so unless it is restarted, it will not appear again. Besides, Ajiro’s original purpose was to interfere with people called Amakaze. Attacking the player is not the original purpose.”

“Well, that’s what it is.”

“Maybe this time, the Eve Goggle player being left behind and the Buster Penguin appearing were accidental, and I don’t think it was the original purpose. I don’t think so.”

“So, people left behind by XANA can log out?”

“No, not yet. But if you change the login security settings on the XANA side, you should be fine.”

“Oh, problem solved!”

“Oh, not all of them…”

“Isn’t it all?”

“Since I didn’t eliminate the fake Eve from Oblo, Yotaro and Captain Duck are left behind in Oblo…”

“Oh, can’t you log out directly from Oblo…”

“Yes, it’s a specification that you can’t log out unless you’re out of Oblo.”

“Well, it’s normal that you can’t log out during the game’s battle… I didn’t think it would be an enemy at a time like this…”

“You can get out of Oblo from the starting point of each floor, but…”

“Well, that’s what it is.”


“Oh, so can we log into XANA?”

“It seems that we will be able to log in tomorrow. Then maybe we can go to Oblo to help.”

“I see! That’s good news, the oven will burn.”

“Yes, it’s going to burn! It’s just passion, Passhon! We’re going to rush into Oblo!”

Captain Oven told me to imitate Mr. Passion Salt.

“I’m going too, Mash, Passion!”

“Of course I’ll go Shimeji, Passion!”

“Monemone! Passion!”

“Come to think of it, Monet-tan, Baby Monet-tan, are you okay?”

“Ah, that’s right, Monet… I called a taxi just now, so Monet rushes home… Oblo is up to Baby Monet, Monet.”

“Well, take care of yourself.”

“Hey, Mr. Riyou, what’s wrong?”

Benga-san asked Riyou-san, who was making a difficult face with his arms crossed.

“No, I have a question, I was thinking about it.”

“Do you mean False Eve?”

“Well, it’s about white hacker Ajiro.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Why was it possible to connect to fake Eve from the terminals on the 2nd and 3rd floors?  It’s like they were letting me do that on purpose…”

“Hmm? Why…”

“No, if you put yourself in that position, wouldn’t it be better to just cut it off as soon as it’s invaded? Isn’t he a genius hacker?  He’s called the White King.”

“Is that why?”

“Does that mean you’re a genius…?”

“Well, he’s called a king, and he acts like that himself, so he’s pretty self-confident. That’s why he dares to attack and crush the opponent. ”

“If you dare to accept the attack…”

“Yeah, there are many hackers, but they want to show off their skills.”

“I see… is that so?”

“That’s why I dared to take advantage of it. I’m sure it’s possible to invade. And we’re very strict about defending against attacks. But what if it’s not an attack?”

“I see, he’s a genius, but… is that part missing…”

“That’s right, a genius blind spot. We don’t need to win in a head-to-head match. It’s better to just pretend to fight and not to win.”

“Fumufumu, if you can achieve your goal, there’s no need to fight. Convinced, convinced.”

《Oblo Underground Fifth Layer Connection Area Playroom》

I was sitting by the wall in shock.

Kaede and Mami sat next to each other.

“Oblo has been rebuilt under the new administrator White King-san. This is the 10th underground floor.”

Eve announced.

“Mother Eve, what happened to Amakau-han?”

Kaede asks Eve a question.

“The master is still connected as the eve administrator, but his brain waves have become so weak that we believe he is unconscious. He has been trapped here for about a week and is probably at his physical limit.”

“That’s right… Also, what’s happening outside of Oblo right now?”

“A part of the data was updated from the outside a while ago, and the Eve Goggle Player is no longer targeted by the XANA Bugbuster Penguin.”

“Wow!  Does that mean that we can now contact our mother?”

“This place is still under the influence of Clone Eve. It seems possible if we go outside of Oblo.”

“Well, you don’t have red penguins yet, do you?”

“Clone Eve’s Bug Buster Penguins are still alive. At least in the boss room alone, there are 15 of them. The base has been rebuilt into 10 floors.”

“Oh no! Hona can’t get out of here.”

“Mother Eve, is there a way for me to beat that red penguin?”

“There is no way to prevent attacks from Clone Eve’s Bugbuster Penguin.”

“So, gozaru… in the meantime, when I’m a shield, please escape to your lord.”

“- Stop it, I don’t want to lose anyone anymore.”

“However, lord, at this rate, lord’s body is in danger.”

“……I do not care anymore”

I really felt like I didn’t care.

“Master, we haven’t found the location of the Lost Child yet. Let’s do what we can to the end.”

Kaede turned to me with a big smile.

“I’ve already given up. We can’t do anything anyway.”

My words distorted Kaede’s smile.

It wasn’t that I didn’t understand Kaede’s caring smile.

But even so, I was angry and said bluntly.

Even though he understands, he feels sad that he can only vent his anger by trampling on Kaede’s concern.

I think he’s a really small guy.

After a few moments of silence, Mami squeezed my arm tightly.



“Dad, don’t you want Mami anymore?”


“Dad, do you already hate Mami?”


“If Mami isn’t Hikari-chan, does Papa hate Mami?”

“No, it’s not like that.”

“Papa, you look so sad after being told that Mami isn’t Hikari-chan.”

Mami’s pale green eyes were moist.

“… No, that’s right, but that’s because I couldn’t save Hikari-chan.”

“Then, can Mami stay by Papa’s side?”

Mami looked up at my face.

“… Well, that’s, of course.”

“Really? Don’t you hate Mami?”

“Oh… I don’t hate Mami.”

“Don’t you hate Mami even if she’s just an AI?”

Mami’s wet eyes showed sadness and anxiety.

“It’s true Mami, it doesn’t matter if you’re Hikari or not.”


That’s right, I- what am I doing…

“It’s true. I like Mami. I don’t like Hikari-chan.”

For me… Mami is important…

The fact that the AIs are important family members has nothing to do with Hikari-chan’s failure to protect them.

I’m an idiot, imagining Hikari-chan’s feelings, I’m just sitting alone.

Moreover, he’s a child who no longer exists…

……I was in shock.

It kind of drove me crazy.

There is no point in feeling down, thinking about the past that has passed.

“Really? Is Mami important to Papa?”

Those eyes, clinging to my right arm and looking up, were very, very lovely.

“Oh yes Mami, I love you–”

He is so lovely that he unintentionally hugs Mami’s shoulders.

“Ugh… I’m glad, I thought Papa hated me.”

Mami raised her voice and started crying.

After all, Mami is not just an AI.

No, it’s not just Mami, it’s Himemi, Misaki, and Chushin-kun.

For me, it’s no different than a human being.

It doesn’t matter if other people think it’s funny, because it’s true to me.

I can’t help but feel sorry for Hikari who couldn’t be saved.

However, although the language is bad, Hikari is a stranger, and these girls are like family.

In order to protect these girls, what are you going to do if you don’t do your best to the end?

“Sorry Mami, I’m really sorry. That’s not true.”

Ton ton ton.

It was Kaede who tapped me on the left shoulder while I was hugging Mami.

I puffed out my cheeks and stared at him.

In those pale crimson eyes, who are you? “There was a color of protest.”

“Kaede… I’m sorry, I love you too.”

When I hugged her in the same way, Kaede buried her face in my chest.

“I’m a master. I can’t say witty things like Himemi-chan…”

“… maple”

“Well, I’m sure that Himemi-chan and Misaki-chan would be disappointed if they saw such a careless Master.”

“… Oh, that’s right…. That’s right Kaede, I’m sorry.”

“Your Majesty, please add me as well.”

Chushin-kun kneels in front of us and spreads his arms.

“Excuse me.”

With both of his outstretched arms, he hugged me together with Mami and Kaede.

Well, to me, this is my family.

– You’ve reached your limit.


《Guild Union House Assembly Room in XANA》

“No, really, everyone is safe and happy.”

Pencho-san, who was only a head, praised me with a big smile.

“Thank you all for your hard work. It’s thanks to you that we survived the Buster Penguins’ attack. Thank you very much!”

Gisho-san from Guilmas stood up and bowed his head.

“Well, I was really happy when the Oblo group came back. I thought I was useless.”

Mr. Liv said with his eyes moistened a little.

“It’s true, isn’t it?”

Yakisugi-san strongly agrees.

“Ah, it looks like it’s about time to log out. Just be careful. You’ve been sleeping for a week, so don’t move in a hurry because you’ve lost a lot of muscle strength and can’t stand up. Also, almost everyone is nearby. I’m on a hospital bed, so don’t be surprised.”

“Ah… I feel like I’m wearing VR goggles.”

When Yukki-san said that, everyone put their hands on their heads.

“Wow, my hands feel really heavy.”

“Oh no, on the contrary, it just feels strange…”

“Logging out, isn’t it scary…”

Discussing disagreement with each other.

“But I have to go help Yoitaro-san and Captain Duck.”

When Yukki-san said that, Double Tim-san, Tamotsu-san, and Botamochi-san from the Oblo capture group nodded.

“That’s because we, the real group, will do it. The captive group should first log out and recover their bodies.”

“Oh, I see… I can’t help but forget about my physical condition…”

Yukki said as if she remembered.

“Also, just to let you know, I got a call from Jirai-san. The developer of Eve called Tempu was my older brother, and it seems he used Jirai-san’s account.”

Mr. Pencho reported the information he just got a little while ago.

“Is that so…”

“I see, so”

“I’m glad there weren’t any traitors among the members after all.”

Everyone seemed a little relieved.

“Well, I’ll explain about that in detail, so I’d like everyone to log out first and recover their bodies.”

《Guild Union Online Seme Conference》

After the member trapped in XANA logged out, an online meeting was held with other members.

「――So, after 3 hours, we were able to log in safely, so in order to rescue Yoitarou-san and Captain Duck, Passion wanted to go capture the underground labyrinth of Oburo. Pencho-san will give you the details, Passion――!」

Mr. Passion Salt of Sub Guilmas spoke up.

“Well, this time, only those with Eve goggles can log in. And since I don’t want to spend time preparing, the first group is Oblo’s preparation, or rather, the AI ​​secretary who has completed the job setting. Pen that only allows participation

Pencho added an explanation.

“Yes. Mr. Jackie, please.”

Jackie-san asked for a statement, so Passion Salt-san gave permission.

“I’m Jackie. Thanks to the success of the AR unit, we sent a program to Fake Eve and returned XANA to almost normal conditions. However, Fake Eve is still affecting Oblo, so it’s not safe. No. Please keep that in mind when participating.”

“Thank you Jackie-san. That’s what I mean. But I’m sure it won’t be sunny for everyone, but Passion――! XANA’s login and logout is safe, and respawning in Oblo has been confirmed, but there are unknown risks. Don’t forget that passion is hidden!

“Oblo has been captured once and rebuilt. Currently, it’s on the 10th underground floor, and it’s transitioning to the official version. That’s why it’s not something that can be conquered in a day. For that reason, other guilds , I have sent out a request to participate.

“You guys, aren’t there guys who are having a good day? Passion!”

“Salt-chan, that’s also a pretty old joke.”


(Author: Jiraiya/ Edit: Orb)

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