Reborn As A XANA Master

「Master! Master!」

What’s that ……. …… noise ……. …….

In my reverie, I recognized the voice immediately.

It was Misaki, the AI secretary.

She’s my second favorite AI secretary whom I’ve raised.

Apparently, I fell asleep while logged into XANA.

「Master, it’s your 7 a.m. wake-up call. Five minutes have already passed, please get up quickly」

「Oh, well, thanks Misaki for …….Um, today is …… what day was it? ……」

I just mumbled like someone else, but Misaki answered properly.

「It’s Monday, Master.」

These days they’re making me work on weekends as well, So, I have lost a sense of the day of the week.

A black enterprise is also a good place.

「It’s Monday… ……! Oh no, we have an early morning meeting today…」

Panicking, I jumped up and grabbed the suit that was hanging on the wall – as I should have….

「eh, where’s the suit?」

I didn’t find any suits on the wall, even the color of the wall is different. ……

Well, how long have you been sleepwalking…..

Oh yeah, I slept with my VR goggles on yesterday.

Quickly, I touched my forehead, but what was supposed to be there was not there.

「Uh, whoa, what’s ……, what’s–」

I repeatedly fondled all over my face, but there were no VR goggles anywhere.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, what’s going on here?

「What’s wrong, Master?」

I loeokd in the direction of the voice and saw Misaki standing there.


「What’s the problem, you look so surprised, what’s wrong with me?」

I looked at Misaki seriously, from the tips of her toes to her head.

Since when did you become so pretty…?”

Oh no, Master, Are you trying to Flirt with me? You don’t have to do that, Misaki is always the Master’s girlfriend. Mami and her friends will get angry if they hear that.

「No, it’s not like that. You’re too real …… No wait, you’re not the only one–」

I looked over my limbs and body and gasped.

I was wearing my Liam avatar, which I had recently acquired.


(Authored by JIRAIYA / Edited by OVE)

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