Reborn As A XANA Master

“Penchotan, why are you on your head?”

“Huh? Riamun-chan, you wouldn’t be alive if you didn’t have a head――!”

“Because you’ve put your head on XANA.”

“that’s why–”

The Guild Union’s online seminar meeting started with such a usual conversation.

Participating members are displayed on the right side.

Passion Salt, the sub-Gilmouth.

Pencho who has a pipeline with the management.

Mr. Liamun from the design department.

Mr. Rio from the production department.

Mr. Oven from the security department.

Mako-chan and Yuho-san from the banquet club.

Ms. Rudo and Ms. Hamayan from the Beginners Guide Department.

Mr. Bitton and Mr. Benga from the crypto club.

And so on, about twenty other guild members.

And Mr. Umiyuki from Queen Gilt was participating.

Since we can’t communicate in real time, I listened to the recording of this meeting later.

So sometimes I don’t know who said what.


“Um, I think everyone is already here, so let’s get started, Passion!”

Since Mr. Jisho of Gilmouth is a prisoner of XANA, it is Mr. Passion Salt of Submouth who is in charge of the meeting.

Passion comes up a lot in his conversations, but don’t worry about it.

Perhaps there is too much passion, and the voice of the heart has leaked out.

‘Well then, Mr. Pencho, please get the information from the management. I’m going to mute everyone’s microphones, so just listen to what I have to say for now, and if you have any questions, please apply for a microphone.”

Ms. Salt, the chairman, allowed Pencho to use the microphone.

“Well, first of all, I’m forced to log out of XANA, and my friends are being attacked by bug buster and penguins…”

Take a breath there.

“Those penguins are actually programs that remove XANA bugs. It seems that they have been materialized due to a glitch.”

Many of the participants looked a little surprised.

Microphones are not allowed, so I can’t hear your voice, but it seems that many people raised their voices.

“The 3rd generation Mother, because it’s troublesome, we go by the nickname ‘Eve’, but it was determined that a bug had occurred because it had eroded XANA’s mother. Because of that, Pen seems to materialize in the Metaverse.”

‘I see, so the analogy is like white blood cells clearing out a foreign substance. Well, it sounds like you’re running off the rails, Passion.”

“The forced logout was also like a safety device, and it was activated to protect the user.”

“People who were wearing Eve goggles probably weren’t logged out because they were treated as bugs.”

Passion! I see. You mean it’s not a target for protection, it’s a target for exclusion–”

“That’s what happens. That’s why the members left inside are being attacked by Bugbuster and Penguins.”

“I see, it makes sense, Passion――!”

“That’s right”

“Also, since there are people who don’t know, Pencho-san, why don’t you explain the current situation?”

Oh, that’s right. My eve goggles are still connected. So, I can still talk with them, but the screen keeps showing the spinning symbol. Sometimes the screen refreshes, but it’s still a picture. A while ago, I talked with Guilmouth and others wearing eve goggles. After about 30 minutes of talking, I felt like my consciousness was being sucked in, so I thought it was a bad idea and took them off. I guessed that they were picking up my brain waves, so I had to put on the eve goggles, or else the microphone would be disabled, and I wouldn’t be able to hear the sound from XANA. So I can’t connect my XANA conference to the other side of the world.

“It’s a troublesome thing, these Eve goggles are Passion――! Then, may I go next?”

“Good pen”

Next, we will have a guest, Umiyuki, who is a guild master of Queen Guilt and is well versed in information on foreign players, to provide us with information. Mr. Umiyuki,, please help us out.

Mr. Umiyuki’s microphone icon flashed, and Mr. Salt gave permission.

‘Yes, I will tell you then. The goggles for the eve specs were shipped out yesterday overseas. Due to the time difference, it appears that not many people were using them.”

I see, that’s why so many Japanese are affected, Passion.”

‘Yes, that’s right. We are informed that less than ten people were left behind inside, overseas.”

In Japan, I hear there are about fifty of them, and our guild alone has about ten people, Passion–”

‘Yes, that’s right. However, we do not know the cause, but there were two people who died. One was an elderly person with a chronic illness, and information on the other is unknown. We were initially informed that they were from Japan, but it appears they were from overseas.”

“Is there any overseas information for guild units like ours?”

Yes, I’ve heard rumors that an Asian guild called Pighead is still trying to recruit rescue members, though I’m not sure exactly what they’re up to.

I understand, thank you, Umiyuki. Can you please continue to gather information? I have a feeling we’ll need to coordinate with overseas guilds in the future. Passion!”

“Yes, I understand”

“Oh yeah, I forgot to mention it.”

“What? Mr. Pencho”

“Well, I’m working with Gilmen’s Jackie-san so that we can cooperate with Mets-san of the bear guild and other major guilds, so I’ll let you know when I get more information.”

“Understood. Then, is there anyone else you’d like to ask? Passion――!”

Several microphone applications flashed.

Let’s see… …… Then Liamn, the head of the design department, will go first.”

Mr. Liam is the creator of the popular Liam avatar, and has become a well-known NFT artist, and his works are traded at high prices.

“Hey hey, well then, if we put on the Eve goggles, can we go inside?”

“No, you can’t enter. XANA’s safety device is working, so no one can enter now.”

‘Then that safety device?If I stop that, can I get in? I mean, I don’t know if I can stop it. ……”

The safety device is also being eroded by Eve, so it will take time to regain control of it, and to get it back completely, it seems that Eve will have to be removed. If we were to stop the safety device completely, the erosion would be reversed. ……”

“You mean you’re going to speed up the erosion and help Eve take over ……?”

“I’m sure you’re right. If you just want to stop it for a few minutes, you can go to ……. The management is already trying to do so, but it will take at least three days to prepare. But even if the safety device is turned off and the login restrictions are lifted, you will still need to wear eve goggles to enter the world, which will allow you to pass through the eve block.”

“And …… Eve Goggles, when the penguins attacked me, …… I see. I understand the current situation. That’s about it for now. …… Thanks.”


‘Well, next, Mr. Oven, the head of the guard, go ahead.

Mr. Salt approves the microphone application.

Thank you,” he said, “but I’m afraid I’m not sure. Now Guilmouth and his friends are in danger of being attacked by those penguins, aren’t they?”

Passion–, they say they strike at ninety-minute intervals.”

“As the head of the Guard, …… I, for my part, would like to come to the rescue as soon as I can.”

Passion–!” Yes, I want to go, too. But what about the risks involved? Mr. Pencho.”


“Mr. Pencho–?”

“Oh, sorry, I was out of consciousness…….”

“Yeah, it’s okay, you haven’t slept for a long time. You’re tired, aren’t you? After the meeting, take a little rest, and if you’re too passionate, your body won’t be able to handle too much passion.”

“Yeah. Um, what was it ……?”

“Passion, the risk if you get in, if you get in, but ……”

“Yes, it’s fine to get in, but I still don’t know how to get out, so I might not be able to get out forever. I don’t want to think about it, but I can think of the worst… In other words, I don’t have life insurance.”

But Penco-san can come back without his consciousness being taken into the metaverse, right?”

“Yeah, after about 30 minutes, the feeling of wearing goggles disappeared, and I thought it would be dangerous to stay like that.”

“Then that means I can go in for about thirty minutes and come back out, right?”

“- No, I’m not sure about that. I was locked in the middle, so maybe that’s why I can stay longer.”

“Then three days later? Shall I try it? About five minutes?”

“Hmm, I don’t know how to judge… There’s a risk, so pen.”

“Even so, I can’t just let my friends die—!”

Triggered by this remark, there were microphone applications from here and there.

Passion!” I know how you all feel. Passion! But let’s cool down a bit. Fortunately, the members of the guild house are still holding on. There is a possibility that the members who went to the underground labyrinth Ovlo will do something about it. We would like to wait until the last minute and consider rescue by then. Of course, I think it’s a good idea to recruit volunteers now, Passion–. But you have to think about your family, too. Passion is not enough.

I always say that I’m passionate about myself… am I the only one who got into it when I heard the recording?

“That’s right. I won’t be able to enter for the next three days, so let’s do that. Especially Oven-san, you just had a baby. You can’t make decisions on your own. Think carefully about your family.”

“I understand, I’m sorry …… I got a little carried away.”

That’s totally fine. I received your kindness! It would be great if you could recruit volunteers to head the security team.


(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Achille)

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