Reborn As A XANA Master

The newly established underground labyrinth of Oburo is set on an uninhabited island just visible from the beach.

The island itself is a newly created world.

I stopped by the coastal shop to purchase the necessary equipment.

With the JXB card that Mr. Yakisugi gave me, I bought Mr. Passion Salt’s omurice, Ms. Liamun’s avatar, and Ms. Yakisugi’s Oyaki.

We have already prepared items for the AI secretaries’ weapons and armor, but decided to check them just in case.

Just be aware of the item bag and the panel will appear.

It’s not very realistic and portable, but that’s the beauty of the Metaverse.

There are two blinking items.

Ah–! That’s right, it’s a pet reveal.

A reveal is an NFT whose contents are not disclosed at the time of purchase.

When I was conscious of the click, it popped out.

The first one is a pretty big dog.

Oh, Master, that St. Bernard has riding skills!”

It seems that Himemi was the first to read the status.

After a little delay, I checked the data that popped up while being conscious of my ‘status’.

Large dog, St. Bernard type.

Has a rescue skill, cannot be used in combat.

After using the skill, all stats are fully recovered.

The maximum weight that can be ridden is 45 kg.

Oh, this is amazing!

You got a good pet, you hit the jackpot!

“Mami, how much do you weigh?”

“Master, that’s rude. Mami is a girl too.”

“No, Misaki, it’s very important.”

“Master, you can tell by looking at the status.”

The voice of Himemi was cold.

Oh, that reminds me! Sorry.”

Of course, I was able to see the status of the AIs if I was conscious of it.

“We’re 42 kilos—”

“You didn’t ask Kaede!”

“By the way, Misaki-chan… oh my god! You can’t ride it.”

“Hey, hey, shut up, Kaede!”


Misaki has a slender body, which I like, but was it quite heavy?

“Master, don’t look at it, I’ll punish you if you see it!”

“Ah, I understand, I won’t see, I won’t see.”

AI weight is just a number, isn’t it? …… You don’t have to go to such lengths to make it a realistic female response.

He says it’s thirty-five kilos.”


“Oh, it’s not me, it’s Mami’s.”

Mami seems to have whispered behind Himemi’s back.

It seems that Misaki and the others were too loud to hear.

Himemi came to my side and told me in my ear.

“Whoa, then let’s put Mami on Sen-chan!”

This was revealed at just the right time.

“Yes, Master. Then I can fight with full combat power, and Mami can support the rear guard. But Master, do you have no naming sense like Sen-chan?”


Looking at the status, the Saint Bernard’s name had already automatically changed to ‘Sen-chan’ instead of the ID number.

Yes, if you say what you think, it will be executed.

Well, okay–.

“No matter what you say, you’re a loyal retainer. Well, Master’s naming sense may be the way to expect it. ――Well, I like our name ‘Kaede’, Master.”

“In that case, I also like the name Misaki.”

“Well, that was good…”

My naming sense, you don’t have to be so dismissive.

I wonder if this is also Eve’s erosion… I feel like I’m going to be disgusted today.

Well, it seems that there is love there…

“Maybe it’s one of your old girlfriends?”

That’s not a good thing to hear–” Is that so, Master?”

“Wait, wait, no way, uh, that’s… it’s not happening”

――Gee, Kaede is too sharp.

You just mumbled, Master.

– Kaede! “Don’t set fire to it again–fire!”

“Eh, Master, is that so…”

Misaki calms down.

‘Is that so, Master? I would love to hear that too.”

Himmemi, who had finished putting Mami on Sen-chan, came over.

You’ve even responded to Himmemi. ……

Damn it, I’ve got to change the subject–

Oh, where’s my other pet? Speaking of which, where’s my other pet?”

I bought it as a set of two, and I clicked on the item box for both (albeit subconsciously), so it should have come out.

“It’s on the master, top.”

I looked up as Misaki pointed above my head.

“Eh, a bird?”

“I’m a sparrowhawk.”

“Sparrow huh… it’s impossible to ride a horse…”

Looking at the status, the movement speed seems to be quite fast.

Twice the normal speed of a skateboard is a likely figure.

……But, is it useless in the underground labyrinth?

――Okay, I diverted the conversation.

“Master, you can use it for communication.”

Himemi pointed out.

When I check the skill, it says it’s a homing pigeon function.

When I tried to check more details, another popup opened.

“I see, so it’s possible to send recorded data, screenshot data, video data to the friend registration list… yes, it can be used for communication.”


Come to think of it, I forgot, but since Chushin-kun is fast, I let him go first… but where is it?

And then he dashed from the pier and knelt down in front of me.

“Your Majesty, I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Yeah, hard work”

“I have a little problem”

“What, a problem?”

“Yes. It seems that the boat vending machine has stopped.”

“Eh… Seriously…”

A solitary island with an underground labyrinth can be seen right there, but it should be set so that it can only be reached by boat.

The boat should be an NFT you can buy from the vending machine at the pier.

“I wonder why, maybe because the underground labyrinth Obro is still before the opening day. …… This is troubling. But how did Yukki-san and the others get ……. Oh, well, Yukki-san used to have a boat. Fishing was your hobby, and you also had a fishing boat in XANA. ……”

“Master, as you probably already know, all the official vending machines have stopped working on every street.”

As expected of Himemi, I was watching her closely, and I wasn’t thinking about anything, or rather, I wasn’t conscious of it.

“Oh, come to think of it, that’s right… Well, the user’s shop was open, though.”

Yes, all the official stores were shut down, not just the vending machines. You noticed very well, Master, as I would expect.”

“Ah, no… yeah”

――I just found out that the shop was officially closed!

“You can’t cross the island without a boat. It would have been nice to have a dolphin as a pet.”

It’s true that Misaki is right, it would be nice if there was a pet that could be ridden in the sea.

I wish I had bought more pets… it’s a limited edition, so it’s not sold yet…

“Master, I just saw a user shop that sells pet egg NFTs before the reveal.”


As expected of Himemi, this girl really has a wide field of vision…it’s amazing…

“Okay, let’s go”

Himemi takes us to a private shop that lines the coastal street.

Many users come here for purposes such as beach volleyball, flag competitions, and fishing.

That’s why there are so many seaside style shops.

“Ooh, there’s only one. Geh, it’s 10 times more… I thought, I looked closely, and it’s Ludo-san’s shop――”

It was Union member Ludo’s store.

“Master, it can’t be helped. It’s a limited item with skills, and it’s a valuable item that can only be obtained by lottery.”

Indeed, Himmemi is right.

I wish I could use the communication… I’m sure Ludo-san is kind, so I’m sure he’ll give me a bonus…

“Ah, Master! Master! I found Misaki too. And it’s a little cheaper, about eight times the regular price?”

“Oh, yes, there is one thing.

I ended up buying both.

Open one of the purchased pet boxes.

“Wow, it’s cute – it’s a squirrel.”

“What is the squirrel?”

“I can’t ride a horse, but I have a stealth skill. This can be used for reconnaissance.”

“Oh no, that’s just like our skills as Kunoichi.”

“Kaede can also assassinate, so it’s okay.”

“That’s it. Big, Misaki-chan.”

“Okay, this time it’s time for a pet that can cross the ocean!”

Open the second one.

“Wow, cute――”

“It’s a mouse…”

“Rat… huh…”

Rats, I see.

Seriously, if you get on it, you’ll be flattened.

“Ah, there are lock picking skills and intrusion skills. You can drill holes in walls. It seems to be useful.”

Himemi of Positive Thinking immediately said to me who was disappointed.

“Oh, I see…”

I’m sure it will come in handy at some point.

“I can go by myself…”

“Eh…? Kaede, what do you mean by that?”

“Hey, Misaki-chan, didn’t you know?  My Kunoichi skill is the ninja art of walking on water.”

I didn’t know maple trees could walk on water! That’s amazing!”

–Eh, that’s right, tell me sooner.

“Isn’t that a skill that Master taught me?”

Himemi approached me again with a calm voice.

that? –It was? “I don’t remember…”

“Ah… Oh, that’s right, that’s right–maybe…”

Oh – yes! “Come to think of it, when the Ninja Duel was introduced, Kaede was made into a Kunoichi type!” ?

It may have been in the NFT purchase of the ninja skill patch pack – I don’t know.

I bought it because I didn’t look closely….

“Your Majesty, please take note–”

“Yeah, ah, tell me. Gohon–”

For some reason, when I suddenly switch to Lord mode, my words get confused.

“I just confirmed a small boat on the coast of the island.”

“Eh, is that so? I can’t see it… Ah, it’s on the other side of the river.”

Why don’t you have Mr. Kaede go to that ship?”

“Oh! That’s it–”

Nice, Tadanobu!

Let’s see… …….”

“It’s Kaede’s turn, go Kaede――”

Himemi tried to say something, but it was drowned out by Misaki’s energetic voice.

I was also carried on by Misaki’s momentum and screamed almost at the same time――.

“Okay, let’s go, Kaede――!”

“Understood Master, I’ll go to the ship for the time being.”

Kaede went to the beach and put her hands together.

It’s a promised pose when using ninja arts.

“Skill activation――Walking on water!”

The maple glides smoothly across the surface of the water.

I thought everyone was fascinated by him because he was so cool, but Himemi was different.

“Um… Master.”


“Rent someone else’s boat, no, can you steer it yourself?”

— Ha! “There’s no way!”


Yes, it was!”

That it is!”

“Sorry Himemi, I was embarrassed to overlook the obvious!”

“In that case, I apologize to you for making me angry.”

Tadanobuki-kun sits on the beach, pulls out a tenugui from his pocket, and draws a dagger.

――Why did you prepare such a thing?
I hit the handle with a stone, took out only the blade, wrapped it in a towel and grabbed it.

―― Eh, why suddenly…….

“Ah! No way Seppuku–”

Whoa, whoa, why is that?

“Wait a minute, Tadanobu-kun, I’m the one who let you go, so it’s not your fault.”

“To embarrass your lord, this loyal retainer will be embarrassed for the rest of his life! Even if you cut your stomach, it won’t be enough.”

–No, I don’t remember setting up a loyal samurai to that extent, so please, someone stop it–.

“Himemi, please stop—!”

Tadatomi-sama, you have made a brilliant decision. Please leave the rest to us.

――Hey, that’s not right! “Absolutely not!” “Hey, someone!”

“–I’ll take care of you!”

“Misaki-dono, I can’t stand it. I’m asking you to help me.”

“That’s not why I’m here!”

Tadanobu takes off his skin from the right side and strokes his belly with his left hand.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute”

I quickly grabbed Tadanobu’s arm.

“Ah, please wait. The boat is heading this way!”


Looking towards the sea, a boat that seems to have been moored on the shore of a solitary island is heading towards us.

“I wonder why? How did Kaede? Did that girl have a thief skill?”

“No, there is no such skill in ninjutsu. Master?”

No, I don’t know.

Why are you asking me Himemi, you’re smarter, you don’t need to lift me up, you don’t need to agree with me.

“That’s right, Himemi…”

As I got closer and closer, I saw a maple waving at me.

It seems that there is someone else in control, that there is.

As expected, it seems that he stopped committing seppuku.


There was a sound, so when I was conscious of the control panel, I got a guide saying “Friend has logged in”.

When I checked the friend list, Yukki’s name, which was the default color, stood out in white.

Oh, is Yukki-san piloting it? !

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Achille)

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