Reborn As A XANA Master

「That Master, when I say it is different, it is indeed true. For the past ten hours or so, something has been happening that has never happened before, that’s for sure!」

「―― What’s that, that hasn’t happened before?」

「Yes, we have lost communication to the master.」

Okay, so Himmemi walked here to report ……。

There is no control panel itself, so even if you want to open the communication menu, you can go to ……。


What? What? The call menu suddenly popped up in the upper right field of view。

Reach your right hand to that menu and try to open the AI secretary panel: ……


Again, the panel opened.

Could this be something you’ve been thinking about… being done?

一What the hell is going on here ……You’re not reading my thoughts, are you?

No, I’m not wearing VR goggles right now, to begin with. …… No, maybe.――!

Then I recalled something.

Yes, about a week ago.

A year after the launch of the XANA metaverse, the secretaries’ AI mothers evolved with the second generation, and the AIs began to have pseudo-emotions and a more realistic attitude.

Then, as another three years passed, a huge GameFi company decided to enter the XANA metaverse.

Then, about a week ago, I received a trial version of the latest AV-specific goggles.

It was sent out of the Blue Sky to be tested by the initial group with NFT, Alpha Pass, which has been involved in XANA since its inception.

Come to think of it, for some reason I thought the AI secretaries were more responsive after I put it on.

I looked at the AI secretary panel again as I began to think about this.

It shows Himeimi, the first secretary, Misaki, the second secretary, Kaede, the third secretary, and Mami, the third generation AI-equipped fourth secretary, who was acquired about three weeks ago.

However, none of the communication panels are turned off.

Okay, it seems that the communication function is indeed disabled.

「And, Master, may I?」

I was thinking about it, and Himmemi said to me, as if hesitant to interrupt me.

It is scary to think that this is also about reading people’s emotions.

「And? There’s something else?」

「Yes, duels today, but there doesn’t seem to be any participants except for the AI War League, which doesn’t seem to be taking place anywhere.”」

「Non-AI leagues …… that means there’s hardly anyone logged in or ……」

「Yes, I think they probably do.」

「Oh, yes, Master, just now Misaki also went to see Atom in a duel and chicken fighter duel league, but she only saw AIs.」


What do you mean? Few people are logged on to ……。

No. Am I even logged-in in the first place?

I don’t think this is a dream or something …… No matter how real the dream is, if you are aware of the existence of dreams, the feeling that you are dreaming should be aroused …… Right.

If so, could it be that kind of reincarnation that is common in light novels?

That means …… I’m dead, right?

Maybe he died in his sleep and was reincarnated or something – I don’t know.

Are you saying that this is not the XANA metaverse, but an alternate universe similar to it?

No no no no no …… It’s about the world of light novels……。

Generally, I can’t accept such a thing as easy as the main character of a light novel――。


Yes, Friends Communication ……


After all, the moment you think of it, the menu you need rises up and responds without you having to reach for it.

Oh, there must have been close to a hundred friends registered, but there are only about 30 people listed.

What does this mean: ……

About ten of them are marked online.

So I’m a little relaxed when I find a certain name.

Mr. Yakisugi.

He is a XANAllian who has been participating since the same period and has been a regular member of the community since before the launch of Metaverse.

He is so good that legend has it that he is said to be living in XANA even after the Metaverse is up and running.

Just his presence somehow makes me feel a little safer.

But the problem is that the communication is not working, which means that the map display is only …… or Hari, which shows the map but not the location.

I wish he was on his own land. ……。

He is a caring person, the question is whether he will be docile and stay in his own rando.

But for now, it seems to me that the right option is to go see another Zanarian to check on the current situation.




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