Reborn As A XANA Master

I let Kaede enter the ruins in stealth mode, but she came back in a few minutes.

“Master, now I can’t have a black penguin near the entrance.”

“I see, everyone is coming in. Don’t make any noise. Don’t speak as much as possible. The answer is eye contact.”

It was still in front of the door, but everyone responded with eye contact.

I know it’s all happening in my head.

I think there is probably no difference between voice and digital communication.

Still, I kept it in mind.

“At two o’clock, there’s a three-story ruined building. The roof is surrounded by a wall, making it perfect for sniping.”

“I see, then, with Kaede at the front, Himemi, Loyal retainer, Misaki, Mami, and I will go in line.”

Kaede slowly and quietly opens only the right side of the double door.

What was there was exactly the buildings and roads of the urban battlefield.

There are bullet holes here and there on the concrete walls.

None of the buildings had doors, and the walls had holes here and there.

There is no glass in the windows, and some have collapsed roofs.

This may have been the setting from the beginning.

Following Kaede, there was a three-story ruin with an external staircase.

When I climbed the outside stairs and went to the roof, I was surrounded by a concrete fence about 1 meter on all sides.

There are holes here and there, but they are just right for peepholes.

It seems like a great place to shoot.

“Yeah, it’s a good place. Misaki, is there anyone we can aim from here?”

Misaki has a telephoto skill scope for sniping from the beginning.

“Yes, I’ll take a look.”

“Everyone be careful not to be found”

Everyone nods and makes eye contact.

I’m thinking of sending the sparrow Chun Chun to scout, but it would be a bad idea if it was found.

“Master, I can aim for three, but… the two are in a position where they can recognize each other, so if you don’t do it at the same time, they’ll notice.”

I’ll give it a try and see if I can get a shot at one of the isolated ones first. Hopefully I can take it out with one blow. ……”

“I have acquired the skill called Double Shot. I can shoot two at the same time.”

“I see, is it okay to consume mana?”

“Mana consumption is 20% of salvo consumption.”

“Alright, then I’ll give you an attack boost, so try aiming.”

“Yes. Also, can I use my homing skill? I don’t think I’ll remove it, but just in case.”

“Yes, that would be better. It also consumes less mana, right?”

“Yes. About five percent.”

“Then there’s no problem. Attack boost――!”

Granted Misaki an attack boost that increases all physical attacks by 20%.

「Thank you, Master」

“Target temporary direction, distance about 25 meters, black penguin on the road, shoot.”


Misaki stands up and shoots an arrow, then immediately crouches down to hide herself.

Shooting from the roof of the third floor goes straight to the black penguin.

It has a huge body for a penguin and walks on short legs.

Even though they are moving, they are slow. It hits in a straight line so that automatic tracking is not necessary.

Two arrows pierced the head, and the black penguin stopped moving.

It collapsed in about five seconds, shattered, and melted into the air.

– Alright!

I clenched my fists without saying a word.

Everyone is smiling and fist pumping in the same way.

“A single blow is incredibly powerful. Let’s go next.”

“Yes…the two of you in the direction of 10 o’clock, please move a little further away.”

“Hmm, they’re slow-footed… Are they like rockets when attacking? Let’s try to lure them in.”

“Master, I’ll invite the guy on the right to a position where you can’t see it from the guy on the left.”

Kaede said so easily.

“Eh, how? It’s bad if they find you.”

“Well, please take a look.”

“Yes, don’t overdo it.”

“I’m going. I’m off then.”

Kaede didn’t even use the stairs, jumped to the next building, and while jumping further, headed towards 10 o’clock.

He’s really easy-going.

From the roof of the two-story building, I made something square on my right hand and appealed.

I see, it seems that the skill created a small dirt wall.

It would be better to call it a dice-shaped lump of earth rather than a wall.

Point your left hand toward the road.

Apparently, they drop it from the top of the building so that only the penguin on the right can see it.

It’s a position that can’t be seen from the penguin on the left, but I’m worried if the sound is okay.

“Master, I’ve set my sights. Signal to Kaede.”

Misaki has already drawn her bow.

The effect of the attack boost is still continuing, so the effect should be the same.

I raise my right hand and give a thumbs up.

Kaede reacted immediately and gently dropped the clod.

It crashes on the road.

It’s a position that only the right penguin can see, but the left penguin also turned around, probably because of the sound.

The penguin on the right walks towards the clod dropped by the maple.

Entered the shadow of the building and disappeared from the penguin on the left.


Misaki wordlessly fires an arrow and immediately hides.

The arrow hit the top of the black penguin’s head again, and the black penguin turned into dust and disappeared.

The penguin on the left is coming, but we haven’t seen it yet.

Really slow people help.

A few minutes later, I turned the corner and came to the clod that Kaede had dropped.

Misaki immediately stands up and draws her bow.

Aim and shoot arrows in seconds.


This time, it pierces the shoulder area of ​​the black penguin.

After all, it solidified for a moment, turned into dust and disappeared.

The effect seems to be the same regardless of where it hits.

It was a great collaboration.

“Master, please look at the temporary direction”

Himemi crouched down and came over.

There was another black penguin around the first black penguin I defeated.

“It just appeared out of the blue, like it respawned.”

“Eh… respawn!”

Will it be revived soon?

“Can you finish him off, Master?”

Please, Misaki.

Misaki stands up and aims at a new black penguin that appeared after defeating the first black penguin.

At that time, the black penguin turned towards us.

“Did you notice!”

The black penguin opened its mouth wide.



Before Misaki shot an arrow, there was a sound of something being shot.



Something flew and hit Misaki’s right shoulder.

“Misaki, what’s wrong!”

“I was shot by a black penguin… I’m fine.”

When I checked Misaki’s status, her HP decreased by several percent.

I’m relieved that there isn’t much damage, but there’s a hole through it.

A little later, Misaki’s double shot hit, turning the black penguin into dust.

Misaki’s arrow was slightly shaky due to the damage it received earlier, but it was corrected by auto-tracking and hit the target.

“Master, I think it’s a Buster Penguin.”

Himemi said while confirming the hole on Misaki’s shoulder.

“Is it so……”

“Yes. It doesn’t regenerate even after defeating the opponent. I think the data is completely lost like Mami’s leg.”

“Does that mean you can’t respawn?”

“I think so. I think it will respawn if it loses its HP, but if it receives this damage, it will cease to exist.”

“Is it different from HP… how many shots should I take?”

“Our body is 40% Mother’s data area and 60% unique existence area. If we lose 50% or more of our body, our unique existence will disappear. Perhaps we will appear in this world. I think the Master who is doing it is the same.”

“Does that mean… you’re going to die?”

“I don’t know if “die” is the right word. We AI secretaries are initialized. I would guess that if a master is initialized, he or she is …… a newborn.”

“You can return to the real world, but you’re losing your memory!”

“No, I doubt if I can return…”

Seriously… am I going to die?

It’s bad, why did the penguin suddenly appear like this?

“How much did Misaki lose just now?”

“There’s a thin bar under the status, and that’s where the memory is.”

“Uhm… it’s about four percent gone.”

Misaki seems to have confirmed it herself.

“That means… if I get thirteen more shots…”

“That’s what happens, probably Master too… so please be careful.”

“Understood… but doesn’t mother have a backup or something?”

“It does exist, but… it’s not possible to communicate. I think it’s probably initialized and overwritten at the same time. It’s treated as a bug.”


“See, I can’t help it. ……”

Kaede is back.

“Well done Kaede, good job”

“Master, I also collected Misaki’s arrows.”

“Oh! That’s wonderful, as expected.”

“Ehehehe, Master, please take care of yourself.”

“That’s later.”

That’s not the point now…

“Don’t worry if you forget”

“Don’t worry if you forget”

Misaki stroked Kaede’s head while receiving the arrow.

“Even if Misaki strokes me, I’m not happy at all.”

Kaede makes a slightly swollen face.

“You guys don’t have a sense of urgency. You know that!  You must risk yourself to protect Master from that attack.”

“We understand”

“Of course I am!”

“Your Majesty, I will protect you even if it means giving up my life.”

“Mami is scary…”

Mami grabbed my sleeve and seemed to be trembling.

But when the time comes, I’m sure he’ll stand up to Buster Penguin just like he did that time.

This kid must be really strong.

Even now, in the real world, I am lying in bed, unable to move.

That’s why I want to protect the environment where I can spend time in this world.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect Mami.”

“Yeah, master.”

Mami smiled with relief.

Paternal love is reawakened.

“Hey master, you know…”

After saying that, Mami lowered her eyes and fell silent.

It seems that there is something difficult to say.

“What, don’t hesitate to say anything”

“Yeah, you know… papa… can I call you?”

“Eh, papa… oh, me…”

I’m sure there are people my age who call me Papa, but I’m not even married yet… I never imagined that someone would call me Papa…

Himemi and Misaki also looked a little surprised, but they soon grinned.

They don’t seem to want to send out a rescue boat.

“No good……?”

“No… yeah… well… that’s fine…”

“Hey! Papa, Papa, Papa――!”

“Ah, yes, yes…”

Himemi and Misaki just looked at me happily.

“Mami-dono, you’re very lucky. Blood ties are meaningless. You’re lucky to have a father like you.”


“But I have a question. Amakaze is doing this for Mami’s sake, isn’t he?  Then why are you doing this…”

I wanted to finish talking about Papa at this point, so I switched to another topic.

“Yes. Something unexpected may be happening.”

Himemi also seems to feel uncomfortable with this situation and Amakaze’s intentions.

“No… that black penguin isn’t Mother’s.”

“Eh, Mami, how do you know?”

“Some time ago, I received a communication from the real mother.”

“Eh, the real mother?  Do you mean Eve?”

“Yeah, Master, you see… this is a world created by a fake Eve.”

“Fake… what do you mean? I don’t quite understand, Mami, please give me more details.”


“……What happened”

“No, I can’t ask questions from here. Mother stopped coming, and someone seems to be in the way.”

“Is that fake Eve…”

Apparently, something else might be intervening…

“Hey Mami, if you know anything else, tell Master everything.”

“Umm, you see, Uncle Amakaze seems to be on the 5th floor. But it looks like he can’t leave the same way as the Master.”

“—So that person can’t log out of XANA too!”

“Apparently, in any case, it seems necessary to go to the 5th floor, Master.”

“Yes, Himemi…”

But should I take such risks?

You may lose your precious AI secretaries.

Perhaps my own consciousness, memories, or even my life in effect…

The more I think about what to do, the more hesitation and fear arise.

Shouldn’t we get out of this room and bring more friends?

Yukki-san and the others may be outside.

But when I think about Mami, no, Hikari-chan…if I’m in that kind of environment…

“Your Majesty, the second and third bodies have also been revived.”

Chushin-kun finds a hole about a few centimeters in the wall and peers through it.

“Is that so? Just beat it, or…”

“It’s the first spot I found. The respawn point seems to be fixed.”

“That’s what it is… but even if you defeat it, it will respawn in a few minutes…”

“Everyone lie down!”



At the sound of Tadaomi-kun’s voice, everyone fell to the side of the wall.



There is a sound like a gunshot, and something like a bullet hits the fence on the roof.

Yes, this is what makes the bullet holes.

If so, there may have already been a battle here.

“The respawned black penguin seems to recognize the attacker from the beginning.”

Himemi pointed out.

“Is that so…”





“The interval between shots is about ten seconds. Master, do you want to counterattack?”

Misaki asks.

“No, Misaki, that’s too dangerous. If the first one also respawns, it will be a three-on-one shootout.”

「Yes, master」

“Master, I’ll be your decoy. Can Misaki shoot me from behind?”

Himemi suggested that she would become a shield.

“Yes, Himemi-chan, if you set it to curved shooting and automatic tracking, it’s okay if you can see it for a moment.”

No, that would be dangerous for Himemi.

“No wait, Himemi!  That attack penetrated Misaki’s body and can’t be repaired. You’re probably in danger too.”

“I won’t die in a few shots. I have no other choice.”

“I won’t die in a few shots. I have no other choice.”

Shouldn’t we be thinking of something else?

“Master, I’ll come closer and check you with my kunai. It’ll be safer if you let Misaki-chan shoot you in the meantime.”

I see, if I can guide them with stealth…

“That’s good… I’m just going to force Kaede.”

“That’s good… I’m just going to force Kaede.”

“That’s good… I’m just going to force Kaede.”


It’s cheap if that’s all you need.

It’s cheap if that’s all you need.

“It’s okay, I can’t see you.”

“It’s almost time for the first black penguin to respawn for the second time… but don’t do it.”

“Eh, is that so?”




When I put my head out to take a peek, I was targeted.

“Master! Don’t stick your head out!”

Himemi got really angry.

“I’m sorry…”

“Honah, I’m going. I’ll check you from the right side of the 10 o’clock direction.”

“Okay. Be careful.”

This situation doesn’t seem to give them time to even think about retreating.

However, if the first one didn’t respawn, is it the end after two?

No, I don’t know yet, maybe the respawn interval is random.

“Looks like Kaede-dono is in position. Throw the kunai on the count of three. Three, two, one!”

Himemi stood up, and Misaki stood up behind her and drew her bow.

“Success, the attention of the black penguin on the right has turned to Kaede-dono.”

“Ten o’clock direction, right, double shot!”


— View.


A dull sound rang out from Himemi’s shield.

The black penguin on the left is the bullet fired from its mouth.

Misaki immediately crouched down, and after confirming that, Himemi also crouched down.

Black penguins guided by Kaede become dust.

“Are you okay Himemi!”

“Yes Master, I’m fine. It penetrated the shield, but it didn’t hit my body.”

When I looked, something like a pistol bullet was popping out from inside the shield.

It just stopped at the very end, and it might have hit Himemi in a little while.

“Kaede-dono is going to check the black penguin on the left. ……Three, two, one!”

Himemi stood up again, and Misaki stood up behind her and drew her bow.

“Ten o’clock direction, left, double shot!”

There was nothing to fight back.

The black penguin turned to dust.

“It worked. The first one doesn’t respawn… it would be nice if it regenerated only once…”

“Right. But maybe you shouldn’t get your hopes up, Master.”

“Yes. You should make unfavorable predictions.”

“It went well”

Kaede is back.

“Thank you Kaede, you did a great job.”

I can’t see it, but…

“Let’s do that. Master, if I move to the next building, I should be able to snipe about five black penguins.”

“I see. But before that, I want to confirm the escape route. I’m sorry, but I want you to confirm whether the door you came in earlier will open.”

“Okay,” he said, “but we got out when they came to scout. But we got out when they came to scout.”

“Yeah, I know. But after the battle, it might have been locked.”

“Ah, it’s certainly possible. As expected of Master.”

It’s not something to be praised, it’s because I wanted to run away.

Okay, I’m off.

Kaede soon returned.

“How was it?”

“That’s… it’s kind of strange.”

“Was it still locked?”

“No, the door itself was hard to find.”


(Author: Jiraiya/ Edit: Orb)

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