Reborn As A XANA Master

「Well, that’s what I’m going to do, but first I want to collect information.」

「I’m sorry, Master, I’ve been trying to contact Mother II (2nd generation AI mother) about the communication anomalies, but I haven’t received any response. It seems that they are connected …」

「So is Misaki, Master.」

「Likewise with me」

「I do, too, that I do.」

「–Mami, what about you?」


Mami trembled at the sound of Himmemi’s voice, plucking at my right arm.

「Whoa, I guess it’s the same…….」

「What? I can’t hear you. You’re always just spoiled by the master. You’re not being very helpful at all. You must have the latest third-generation AI, you know, a little……」

It seemed that tears were floating in Mami’s eyes, as expected, the third generation AI…. Can I cry?
「Well, Mami has only been here for three months, and the settings are like elementary school students (–I don’t know). Please forgive her.」

「Somehow, Master is sweet to Mami, isn’t it」

「Alright, that’s it.」

I interrupted Misaki’s voice because it sounded like she was going to get into some more trouble.

「Actually, when I checked it earlier, it seems that some members of the guild union are in. There is no communication or map display, so I have to go directly, but for the time being, early members of Xanarian may know something」

「I see, that’s right. Let’s go find it, Master.」

As Himemi said, the AIs nodded.

「Okay, I’m going to look for Yakisugi-san first, he said. But his land is four times bigger than mine and it will take time, so we’ll have to split up to look for him. I need everyone’s help.」

「Yes, Master, I’ll do my best.」

「Of course, Master」

「Leave it to me, Master」

「Master, all you have to do is give the order that you should」

「Mami goes too!」

Apparently, Mami also raised her voice this time, so everyone could hear it.

「I’ll go skateboarding. I don’t have as much stamina as everyone else.」

When you dash, the stamina indicator disappears immediately.

AIs usually fight in duels to raise their level and have a lot of stamina.

Even if you dash, you can continue to run for quite a long time.

I’m just messing around, watching videos and chatting, and I’m almost in the initial status.

「I will stop by Passion Salt’s shop and buy a booster omelette, so you guys should go to Yakisugi’s land first. It’s a local gathering. Also, with stamina booster food and drinks, you can buy whatever you want and as much as you want. You can spend as many jewels as you want. 」

「Thank you, Master」

「Yeah, I, strawberry shorts and pancakes…」

「Misaki, you don’t want to waste your money.」


「I’ll buy thirty takoyaki.」

「Then, I’m gonna grab a dumpling with ten combs.」


After everyone was gone, I held the skateboard on the wall in my left hand and checked my money.

There were 30,000 jewels, so I decided that there was no problem and did not pull it out of the wallet.

「Master, this is Himmemi. May I have a moment?」

Behind the door, I heard a voice of Himemi.

「Oh, come on in.」

When the door opened, I was startled to see Himmemi standing there, her chin pulled back and her eyes sharply looking up from below.

「Doo … Dooshi …」

Before I could finish, he came toward me in a straight line with his big thighs, as if he were making a zukazuka sound.

I faltered and was driven by the wall.


The voice was full of anger.


「Huh, yes….?」



I sandwiched my face as if I slammed my right and left hands against the wall.

This is the rumored Kabedon …

It’s the one who wants girls to be killed by his favorite boys!

「Master! What the heck is that imitating? What is that attitude of his despite having me as a wife?」

Well, wife…. since when…

「I was stuck to Misaki and Mami, stretched out under my nose, and was in a good mood!」

「Oh, no, it’s not that, it’s just that these girls were so obsessed with ………」

「–What are you blaming those girls for! You were happy to do it, but I’ve never had anyone do that to me before–that’s not right! Why don’t you just get rid of them!」

「No, such a violent thing is…. dangerous, painful and pitiful….」

「Don’t be stupid. Are those kids who are dueling every day so weak? They’re much stronger than the masters, aren’t they? You know that if you’re a master!」

「Huh, yes indeed, that’s right…」

It’s done…. This is really intense when it’s real….

It was a little bit of a dere element.

Pride = Max, jealousy = Max, Tsundere specific density = 100 to zero, I made it, I…

No, it’s M, but I’m happy, but I’m scared. This is too scary …

「Look, at least don’t do that delirious thing in front of me again. Okay, Master!」

「Huh, yes … Hime-chan」

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Achille)

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