Reborn As A XANA Master

I got on my favorite skateboard and arrived at Passion Salt’s omurice shop

I ordered a special omelet rice from the clerk AI Mil-chan.

The special is 50% more expensive than the regular omelette (rice), but it’s a good deal because it not only improves your stamina but also speeds up your skateboarding.

「Mir-chan, did you meet the store manager, no, the owner Salt-san today?」

「No, we haven’t met.」

Since it’s a familiar face, Mir-chan answers amiably.

「I mean, I can’t communicate with the owner for some reason, and I’m having trouble.」

「Ah, as expected, that’s right!」

And you too, Mr. Yotaro?

「Yes, I couldn’t communicate with my secretaries, so they came directly to me.」

「That’s right, I’m in trouble because I can’t go find the owner because I have to watch the store.」

「That’s right.」

「But, you see, today’s guest is only Mr. Yoitaro.」

Certainly, it’s only one block, but I haven’t come across any non-AI avatars yet.

「Ittai Zentai, what’s going on…」

「Yeah, maybe it’s a bug.」

It looks like it’s going to be more serious, but I don’t think I’ll make this girl uneasy here… I wonder if the AI ​​will be uneasy?

「If you find our owner, can you tell him I’m worried about him, so could you tell him to come to see me?」

「Of course. I’ll let them know, that Mil-chan misses you.」

「Ufu, thank you very much, Yotaro-san.」

「No, no, I’m sure, Mr. Salt, if you tell sweet Millie that I miss her, she’ll run out to get me a big bowl of omelet.」

「Oh my, I’ll tinkle that you’re pretty to me. I’m going to tell Himemi that you’re …….」

「No, please don’t do that.」

「Yeah, Here You Go」

Upon receiving the omelette, “Shakin!” billed, and a pop-up appeared for three seconds.

「 Oh, thank you.」

Normally, it would be one click and it would fit in my tummy, but apparently they don’t have that kind of panel.

It seems the only way to do this is to actually eat it by mouth. ……

Scoop with a spoon and put in your mouth.

Whoa! Oh my God, this is delicious!

Even the taste buds are realistic. …… How are you tricking your brain ……?

Oh man, that’s really good.

It tasted so good that we sat at a table in the front of the restaurant and taste it carefully.

Since we are here, I also order an orange juice.

It is a booster juice that increases hit points by 20 percent for about an hour.

We finished the meal in a few minutes, although the sense of time itself is suspicious.


I wanted to see the clock and it popped up.

Thanks, this automatic mind-reading thing is handy, but I’m surprised when the panel suddenly appears in my field of vision.

This one is hard to get used to.

Time was already past ten o’clock. Kindly note that the today’s weather is shown as sunny and sometimes cloudy.

Recently, even the weather and seasons have been recreated and can be found at …….

Even the height of the sun is recreated.

Wait, you mean food texture. ……

Could this be a hunger or fullness feeling?

I have been thinking about this and suddenly became anxious.

If your body is sleeping all the time in the real world …… you would be spending all your time without drinking water.

In three days, he may die of dehydration.

There was some kind of a Ranobe(light novel) like that: ……It was about a guy who went into a world that was like a metaverse and couldn’t get out. One that kept me alive with an IV drip. ……

Perhaps it is that or …….




Suddenly I heard a voice behind me and turned around.

Mami was standing there.

「Hey, you didn’t go mami?」

「Yeah, I knew I’d be lonely being alone, so I I returned. I like being with Master.」

Moe Moe …….

Oh, it’s really cute.

Damn, this girl.

Nah, I’m not a pedophile in any way.

As I’ve said many times, it’s just paternity.

Just about the height of an early elementary school student, looks like one, and acts like one.

Third generation AI is apparently set up in that way.

No, I would say there are many. It seems to be less than 50% of the third generation AI.

They are apparently quite advanced, not only in terms of intelligence, but also in terms of body growth.

It’s still in trial mode or something, and so far the only people who can possess it are the alpha pass holders, who represent the privileges of the initial group.

「Okay, I’ll go with you then.”」


His expression of full of smile is also cute.

「Oh, by the way, did you buy that boost item?」

「No, not yet.」

「Oh, I see. Well, let’s go buy some stuff. What do you want?」


“Ohagi Let’s stop by at the o-hagi (bean-starch dumpling) shop just ahead of Two Blocks then.”

Ohagiya is another chain restaurant, served by Botamochi, a fellow Union member, also a member of XANA’s initial guild.

I was trying to run my skateboard towards it, but …….

You can run mami, but you can’t keep up with a boosted skateboard.

There’s no way that two people can ride together. …… Yeah, can you ride on a backseat?

You can try …… What is impossible in real life, you can do in Metaverse. ……

「Come on Mami, I’ll ombre you. ……」

「”Oh, really?」

Mami hopped on my back as I bent over and clung to my shoulders.

Whoa, I can feel the weight, but it’s very light ……, so there’s more than enough energy to go around.

Apparently it’s all made for some kind of convenience.

To begin with, avatars are not supposed to have any weight, but there seems to be a certain amount of weight assigned to them.

「Well, let’s go!”」



When we arrived at the o-hagi shop, we found AI, the shopkeeper, whose face was also familiar to us.

Mr. Botamochi also owns and runs Move to Earn Metaverse Gymnasium.

It is a type of game-fi where you earn money by working out.

If you want to know more about how it works, google it.

「Welcome, Yotaro-san.」

「Hi, I’d like a pack of o-hagi.No, two packs, please.」

「Okay, sure.」

I ordered two six-packs of ohagi.

Ohagi are bite-sized, a little smaller than an egg, so twelve pieces is not a very large amount.

「Is there any contact with Mr. Botamochi today?」

「No, I’m having trouble communicating with the other AIs today, not even with the president.」

「Oh, I see. Then you don’t know where they are, do you?」

「Well, I don’t know where he is now, but he said he had to leave because there was an emergency guild meeting last night around ten o’clock.」

「Oh, an emergency meeting!」

「Yes, it’s something like, you know, more and more people are being forcibly logged out, and they can’t even contact support or …….」

「Oh damn, I fell asleep last night, maybe that’s when the guild contacted me: ……”」

「’Yes, I think maybe so.’」

「Thank you, I’ll go to the guild headquarters.」

He took the pack of ohagi and turned back away.

「Yeah, please be careful, there might be something unusual going on. 」

I got it. Thanks.”


I made Mami eat two pieces of ohagi.

「Ohiii mahita, ahiigatou.」

Mami chewed it up, deliciously.

Again, he carries Mami on his back and flies off the skateboard.

The boost makes you feel on your skin like you’ re going twice the speed.

――Feeling of the skin!

Well, I can sense the wind on my skin even though there is no air.

When did we get these specs!

This guy is awesome ……He runs a skateboard with great energy and enthusiasm.

A single kick will advance you about one block.I think I can go about fifty meters.

When we had cut approximately two blocks to the guild headquarters, Mami grabbed me hard by the shoulders.

「Stop, Master! Stop, stop――!」

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Achille)

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