Where We Belong

Sophia: Work mode activated. Manager No.3709, consciousness shifts to the physical body from 10:00 am, XANA common time. Please wait in a safe place. 5 minutes left to move.

I checked the room lock and sat down on a chair.
Sophia continues in a well-defined voice.

Sophia: We have 3 minutes left.

It’s a daily thing, but this time before the consciousness shift, I can’t handle it. I exercises to kill time every day by drawing a picture in my head from the beginning of this world to the present.

Yesterday ended in 20XX, so today is the continuation of that.

An era when there was no land in the world where humans could move around due to the explosion of population.
Researchers have come up with the idea of ​​placing the physical body in a small box and placing it in the real world, and sending only the consciousness to the virtual space.

Fortunately, advances in technology made it easy to implement.
For people who could not have a personal space, the infinite breadth of the virtual space was said to be a treasure above all else.
The foundations of life are being transferred to virtual space one after another, the digitization of assets, the shift of companies to virtual space, the establishment of methods for identifying individuals in a world where it is easy to change one’s appearance… everything has been transferred to to virtual space, and the real world has become a warehouse of physical bodies.

People have given a name to the new world.
The world I live in now.

Sophia: The transfer of consciousness to the physical body has been completed. Start a health diagnosis. Please remain lying down and do not move.

A slight vibration is transmitted to the body along with a mechanical sound. I’ve gotten used to it by now, but at first it felt scary and unavoidable.

Sophia: Diagnosis complete, no abnormalities. Get up slowly.

I slowly got up and straightened my hunched back.
The body, moving for the first time in two days, is not pleasant, with knots crackling.

Go to the changing room and get dressed. The action of getting dressed
At first, I didn’t really understand it, and my arms and neck were sticking out of the direction. I don’t do that anymore, but the feeling of the cloth clinging to my body was still uncomfortable.

Sophia: Today’s work is basic work for 134 people in Section 4 of G Container. Two people are scheduled to move from T container to G container at 2:00 PM XANA common time.

Copy that. Please return to normal mode and continue to support the business.

When I replied to Sophia, her eyes relaxed.

Sophia: Okay! I’ll do my best to support you that you won’t even have time to work!

When Sophia, who has been next to me since birth, uses formal language, it makes me feel like we’re on bad terms, and I always feel uneasy. I was ridiculed by my seniors for thinking such things about AI, but there is no way I feel the same way as my seniors who had AI for the first time at the age of 20.
In any case, when I returned from work mode to normal mode, Sophia’s smile made my heart beat faster today.

My workplace is『LIV』
It’s a physical storage vault in the real world.

The pure white corridor and the ceiling indicated that it was G-4, the fourth section of the G container. Squares with sides of 60 cm are arranged in a grid pattern on the left and right walls.
The square is one side of a cuboid measuring 60cm long, 60cm wide, and 200cm deep.

Next, G container fourth compartment box 0007

With my voice, one of the boxes that performed voiceprint authentication made a hissing sound and came out into the aisle with a poof.
Drop a gaze to the body in the box.

Sophia: 78 years old, male, unspecified

He nodded back to Sophia and started working.

Physical examination of the body and check the link with XANA. Then the physical body is taken out once, the equipment in the box is serviced, and the physical body is returned.

The business was supposed to be a repetition of this….
The results of the diagnosis appear in red on the vision in front of me.


Sophia: Cancer. I’ll move the box to operation room 3. At this pace, the surgery will be tomorrow. I’ll try to get Chris-senpai to give me some time.

Well… yeah…

I can’t get used to seeing what’s in the flesh, no matter how many times I see it.
Although most of the surgeries are performed by machines, if something goes wrong, all the responsibility falls on me, so I can’t help but see it. In fact, there is a not-so-low 10% chance that I will perform the surgery directly.

Sofia: I’ll help you, too, and we’ll do our best! Besides, it’s not today! Aren’t we lucky to have until tomorrow to prepare ourselves?

Well, when you think about it….is that so?

I don’t know how many times Sophia’s positive words helped me. I’ve never had any technical worries because they provide meticulous support during surgery.

When the work is half finished, there will be a meal break. Half is an ambiguous standard, but AI will judge it objectively and tell you the timing. I was taking a meal break in the rest room of the G container. Then, I hear a voice behind me that I’ve heard so many times before.

Chris: Whoa, honors! You’re working faster! You’ve finally passed me!

He is the senior who is in charge of my guidance.
For three years, you will always be under the guidance of a senior teacher. Although I was in my second year, I was able to do most of the work by myself with Chris-senpai’s excessive leadership.

However, thanks to the guidance of my seniors…, even if I say that, it’s because you have a good memory. There was a time when I thought that I would become a senior like him.

Chris-senpai, what have you been up to…?

Chris: An honor student’s work. No, it’s hard to do my own work at the same time

I responded to the deliberate barbs with a dry laugh.

The reason Chris-senpai is so good at teaching is simply because he wants to skip it. The amount of work for instructors will be reduced considering that they will follow up on their juniors. Therefore, it is my intention to finish my juniors in one year and spend the remaining two years slowly with a small amount of work.

As a junior, I can’t say anything because I’ve been taught properly.
He is slacking off so hard that he deceives the AI ​​that adjusts the amount of work. In a way, he’s very smart

While asking for guidance on tomorrow’s surgery, I shoved dry artificial food into my throat.

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