On the other side, both Li Chao and Ding Ke were wandering around on the first floor, and the hurried Tianguang walked towards them.
“Where’s the jelly?” Tian Guang asked worriedly.
Seeing this, Li Chao seemed to have guessed a bit: “Does the third floor know?”
Tian Guang nodded: “Yes, he also knows about the incident in Area D.”
Ding Ke said indifferently: “If you know it, you will know it. Can he still kill him? Now Jelly is transforming the latest technology into the rice grain in the laboratory. Soon, the rice grain will become better again.”
“It’s already here.” After speaking, Tian Guang ran to the laboratory.
In the laboratory, Jelly was sweating profusely, writing the key steps, Tian Guang said anxiously: “Stop writing, let’s go.”
Jelly unhurriedly threw the box on the side to Tianguang: “No hurry, we’ll talk after finishing writing, you take this box, and don’t show it to the public unless you have to.”
Seeing that Jelly was determined, Tian Guang didn’t try to dissuade him, and asked, “How long will it take?”
“five minutes.”
Tian Guang nodded: “Okay, don’t worry about writing.”
After finishing speaking, he left the laboratory and called Li Chao and Ding Ke: “Guard the door of this laboratory, save it and leave it to me.”
The gate of the Senate floor
Many virtual avatars gathered in front of the door, but there was no figure of Liu Zhiyuan. Tian Guang was a little puzzled: “What? Dean Liu, don’t you dare to come out and see this dark world?”
There was no reply, Tian Guang continued: “A turtle with a shy head, you are a replicant, and what you replicate is also a pile of rubbish.”
“Give me the box, and I won’t go in.” Tianguang heard a voice in the distance, looked in the direction of the voice, and disappeared into the dark east.
Tianguang said nothing.
Soon, a firm and powerful voice came from the dark place in the north: “The first floor never interferes with the affairs of the third floor. Are you going to break the rules? Will the people behind you let you go?”
Tian Guang didn’t retort: ​​”You’re too lenient, why don’t you care about the end of the metaverse, maybe you can still be famous in history.”
“Go in.” The voice came from the south.
The avatars heard the command and started to act.
Hesitating again and again, Tian Guang took out the box in his hand and threw it to the east: “Take it.”
Soon, as if under a curse, the avatars all headed east.
But the box was sucked away by a black vortex, and Tian Guang looked at the virtual avatars one after another and laughed, “Dean Liu, it’s hard for you to keep such a waste for so long.”
Soon, a beam of light hit the first floor door of the Senate House, and it also hit Tianguang. Tianguang’s skin began to fester, and he hid everywhere, but did not open the door.
Liu Zhiyuan followed the direction of the light and kept approaching the door of the first floor of the Senate: “Open this door immediately, or you will become a pile of scrap metal.”
“Go away.” Tian Guang insisted on guarding the door even though the skin on his body was all festered and the fuselage was exposed.
Liu Zhiyuan knelt down: “What? You still want to fight against me? Don’t forget, I created you.”
Tian Guang spit at Liu Zhiyuan: “Oh, I really thank you, did I tell you to create me? You really eat carrots and don’t worry about your own business—just meddle in your own business.”
Liu Zhiyuan looked at the two avatars behind him, and ordered, “Drag away.”
Tian Guang, who had no strength at all, was carried away just like that.
Liu Zhiyuan looked at the door in front of him. To be precise, there is no door. The inside and outside are completely transparent. This is a barrier formed by a red line. Once triggered, this red line can destroy the entire first floor of the Senate.
After thinking for a long time, Liu Zhiyuan said slowly: “What? Are the people inside watching your leader leave like this?”
Hearing this, Ding Ke wanted to go out, but was stopped by Li Chao: “Don’t go, we don’t know what’s going on outside, as long as there is this red line, he can’t get in.”
Li Chao ran into the laboratory, looked at the jelly and rice grains: “How is it? Is it ready?”
Jelly frowned: “No, wait a little longer, Th has an uncontrollable reaction, and now the rice grains are out of my control.”
“But Tianguang doesn’t know what happened. After Liu Zhiyuan appeared, she began to fester, and now she has been taken away.” Li Chao and Jelly analyzed the current situation.
Jelly looked up at Li Chao: “Where’s Ding Ke?”
When Jelly and Li Chao left the laboratory, they found that Ding Ke had disappeared and the door was opened. Ding Ke was lying on the ground and gradually began to fester. turn back.”
When Ding Ke heard this, he gradually got up and walked towards the place where there was no light.
Seeing that Ding Ke was suffering, Li Chao wanted to rush to help Ding Ke, but was stopped by Jelly: “You can’t go, you go back to the laboratory and help me look at the rice grains.”
Li Chao was worried: “How could I leave you alone?”
“I caused it, and I should end it.” Jelly looked at Li Chao firmly.
“I’m with you.” Li Chao still refused.
Jelly hesitated again and again: “You are the same as them, and you cannot see the light. The third batch of avatars is the most successful, but also the most failed. If I have a chance, I will explain to you again. It is important to save people now.”
After finishing speaking, Jelly turned and left, Li Chao was shocked in place and couldn’t imagine.
Jelly bravely walked up to Liu Zhiyuan: “What? Are you going to destroy the first floor of the Senate?”
“How come? Hand over Th, you have saved the rice grains, return the rest of Th to me, I will let it go.” After speaking, Liu Zhiyuan reached out his hand to signal.
Jelly didn’t hesitate: “No more, I used all of it on Mi Li.”
Hearing this, Liu Zhiyuan was furious: “Do you want to die? You’d better not challenge me.”
“Let’s do it.” Jelly closed her eyes, as if death was at home.
Liu Zhiyuan raised his hand, and a slap landed on Jelly’s face without hesitation. There were red and clear slap marks on Jelly’s face. The severe pain and impact made Jelly fall to the ground unsteadily.
Liu Zhiyuan looked down at the jelly, took out the latest hydrogen light dagger, and was about to fall, when the rice grain appeared to stop Liu Zhiyuan.
Mi Li threw Liu Zhiyuan out of the gate on the first floor of the Senate. Liu Zhiyuan fell to the ground and vomited blood, and said with difficulty: “All attack Mi Li.”
The virtual avatars soon began to attack Mi Li. Mi Li started the latest program and led all the virtual avatars to the back hill of the Senate. Mi Li jumped into the bottomless pit in the back mountain, and those virtual avatars followed closely.
Liu Zhiyuan, who fled in despair, also took away the only light on the first floor of the Senate. Li Chao ran to help Jelly up. After Jelly stood up, he said, “You come with me, I can’t do it alone.”
Li Chao said: “Ding Ke and the others.”
“They’re safest now to stay where they are.”
Li Chao and Jelly entered the laboratory together, and Jelly ignored the pain on his face and began to create human skin: “Li Chao, do you still remember the process of making skin when you transformed the virtual avatar in the Invincible Cave?”
Li Chao nodded: “I remember.”
“Okay, you come, and I’ll finish it off.”
A few hours later, Li Chao put the human nature mold injected with special liquid into liquid nitrogen. Jelly was wearing glasses and was typing on the keyboard. Li Chao looked up and found a blank space: “Jelly, what are you doing?” ?”
“Develop the trajectory of the rice grain, and help her escape from the attraction of the black hole and escape from the bottomless pit.” Jelly stared at the screen and replied.
Li Chao was even more puzzled: “I’ve already done it, how long will it take you?”
“Three minutes, you go to the back mountain to pick up the rice grains, and leave the rest to me.” Jelly looked up at Li Chao and said.
Li Chao nodded: “Okay.”

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