Tomomi Morisaki, Japan’s Instagram Queen, Acquires XANA Land

Tomomi Morisaki, celebrated as Japan’s Instagram queen with a staggering following of over 5,000,000, steps into the digital future by acquiring XANA Land. Morisaki, renowned for her influential social media presence and a three-time winner of the Hall of Fame Grand Prix, is now making her mark in the XANA Metaverse.

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Morisaki’s Venture into the Metaverse

Expanding Her Digital Footprint

  • As a prominent figure in media and social networking sites (SNS), Morisaki’s foray into the metaverse represents a significant expansion of her digital influence.
  • Her entry into the XANA Metaverse is a testament to the growing intersection between social media fame and virtual world opportunities.

Creative Plans in the XANA Metaverse

  • Morisaki intends to leverage the metaverse to create unique avatars that reflect her persona.
  • She plans to establish a space within XANA to showcase her photo collection gallery, along with other innovative activities that promise to be a first of their kind.

Connect with Tomomi Morisaki on Instagram

Follow Her Journey

  • Stay updated with Tomomi Morisaki’s latest ventures, both in the real world and the metaverse, by following her on Instagram.
  • Instagram: Follow Tomomi Morisaki

Explore the Metaverse with Tomomi Morisaki

Join Tomomi Morisaki in her exciting journey into the XANA Metaverse. Follow her on Instagram to witness how she blends her social media prowess with innovative metaverse experiences and get inspired to explore your own virtual possibilities in XANA Land.

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Table of contents