A Light Beyond The Darkness

We live in a world of peace and joy, a world without conflict.

Apparently, this was considered the norm before I was born.

People call that world the XANA Metaverse ……, the Ideal World.


When I wake up in the morning, I look the way I want to look, eat the food I want to eat, and study the way I want to study.

I could not understand what people meant when they said they were happy with such an ordinary thing.

Because I was in that happiness since I was born, so it was a matter of course.

But it seems to be the second generation.

From the perspective of the first generation, it seems that they had a hard time in a negative world until they came to this world.

People of the first generation often say that they felt firsthand that the world called Earth was coming to an end.

In order to be free from suffering, the XANA metaverse, an ideal world, was created and a simulation was made to go to that positive world.

Right now, as a world, they are divided between the negative world and the world of the XANA metaverse. ……

But I didn’t have the courage to find out.

Why do we have to go out of our way to make the happiness that we have now face unhappiness?

Some people don’t understand the meaning of knowing misfortune to savor happiness… I didn’t want that to happen.


But why? I had to know the world.

Yes, the world had decided.

And that was what you and I wanted.

We would later learn what the discomfort was.

Even if you don’t understand it now, it will definitely come.


“Good morning, Mr. Kay.”

AI wakes me up. She looks like a cute black-haired girl, but she’s not human. Artificial intelligence AI, one of the “functions” that everyone has in this world.

“Good morning. Have you received any messages?”

Ask the AI ​​while changing the avatar appropriately.

The AI ​​was looking for messages that I received while recommending avatars to me.

“Today, I received a message from Haruka-sama. “What are you going to learn today? Speaking of which, there was a strange rumor, so I’ll send you the details.” she said. Haruka-sama is really an excellent lover of Kay-sama, isn’t she? Because he is so hot and ……”

“Don’t say such things! But what are these strange rumors…”

Learning is natural and fun. That’s why I can study things that interest me as usual, but for some reason, at that time, I was more worried about the strange rumors from my “lover” who was chosen by the AI ​​named “Haruka”.

When I spread out the details attached to the message and look at it, it seems that the video was taken yesterday. When I replayed it, there was a first generation avatar.

Inevitably, there will be differences in avatars between the first generation and the second generation. However, I don’t understand why people say it’s good to have a taste.

So what is it…?

This first generation is a couple of lovers…? “There’s no AI, but what is it?”

“The collapse of the world is imminent.”

“I know. The end of the earth, which has been here since I was born, is near.”

“There were cracks in the XANA metaverse as well. I told the admins right away, so there was no problem, but ……”

“Because it’s a pre-ascension world, the cracks will spread very quickly.”

The world before Ascension…? “I heard that they were separated a long time ago and couldn’t come and go.”

Did that world exist in the first place?

If they existed, what would they mean?

I was watching the continuation of the video while thinking that, but this time it was showing other people.

These people this time were second generation.

“… Is that the world you originally lived in? Impossible. Impossible.”

When I said that, part of my avatar was rough. It’s about to break.

It seems that the part connected to the spirit was overloaded.

I thought that it would have to be repaired, because it was someone else’s problem.

“I wasn’t doing something like a human. I shouldn’t have left this world. Um, it’s better to stay away from the area――”

The image was distorted, and the video ended as it was.

I left the house and went to the park where Haruka was waiting.

A Japanese-style map with beautiful flowers of the four seasons.

Well, even if you say flowers of the four seasons, they’re just putting their best moments in a jumble, and it seems that the data for the transition of the four seasons hasn’t been implemented yet, but it’s still beautiful enough.

“Kay! Good morning!”

The girl who came to me was a cute avatar.

My girlfriend, Haruka…

“Oh, Haruka. Good morning.”

When I said that with a smile, Haruka smiled at me, and then opened her mouth in excitement.

“Did you see the video?”

“I saw it. What? What about the previous world…”

I gave my honest opinion.

Then Haruka hugged me and laughed.

“Don’t you know? You’re late!”

I also like that expression on the face, smiling like a mischievous child.

But my mouth doesn’t seem to tell the truth.

“What? Because I know.”

I had a feeling that something like this would break up with me someday, but I can’t help thinking about it.

Because I think the important thing is now.

“Hmm, but it might be too late for me to know about it. Around here, it’s full of rumors about this kind of ‘Tear of the Old World’.”

When I looked at the AI, the AI ​​said, “Yes, 64% of people know the rumors now.”

“Hey hey, tearaway, why don’t you go see it? It seems that you can see it if you go inside!”


“Once you see it, there’s a chance you won’t be able to come back,” he said. Isn’t that kind of chilling?”

Haruka said that with an interesting look. But I felt uncomfortable and just said, “I’ll refrain from doing that.”

“I see… Well then, let’s go alone!”

Don’t do it. Don’t get scared.”

Yes. Haruka was too scared to go even to the dimly lit places in this world. Even though it is a safe and secure world.

“There’s no such thing! And if it’s interesting, you can teach it to Kei too, right? Happiness must be shared! Well then, let’s go right away! If we find the place where the tears are, I’ll put it in a message that will arrive tomorrow morning. From! Oh! Today, Lando will be updated! Let’s go together when he comes back!”

After saying that with tremendous speed, Haruka went in search of the world’s tears.

“You act as soon as you think about it. Haruka… AI, let’s go.”

“Yes. Kei-san.”


It’s been a day since then and all is well, I thought the rumor was over.

 But it wasn’t.

I had a feeling something terrible was about to happen at the end of the day.

Maybe it was more of a chill than a premonition. Anyway, I had a bad feeling.

But I don’t know what it was for.

Even though I was worried, I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t a big deal.

… Really stupid.

When I do that, I feel like I’m starting to hate myself.

That was what I found out the next day.


“Good morning. Kei-san. I have a message from Haruka-sama.”


There was a message from Haruka asking for help.

I shouldn’t have been looking for a break. The world is in ruins. The first generation was born. I, too, woke up. ……

That’s how it was sent.

It was an audio file, and instead of the usual cute voice, it was somewhat dry.

? “Did the audio file get corrupted?”

For the time being, let’s go to a place where there is a break.

It looks like Haruka is over there.


I was filled with anxiety, and I remember my heart beating louder than it could have been in this world.

 Normally I couldn’t hear them. Somehow, I could hear it very well now.


And I came to the place where Haruka was, but it was hard to call it peaceful.

It was chaotic, with old first-generation avatars and some of the map graphics being placed there, as if the place was some sort of pool of broken data.

Then there is a large windhole.

I thought it was a break, so I looked into it.

There was a “real person” there, just like me, but more three-dimensional, that I saw a long time ago. …… But when did I say I saw them a long time ago? ……

I forgot something I shouldn’t have forgotten. At the same time that I felt like this, I found myself sucked into that wind tunnel.

AI left me behind and remained in the world.

But yeah. Because Haruka’s AI was there too.

I wish I could save Haruka and become a little hero.

And if we could laugh together again, that alone would make me feel good.

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