Reborn As A XANA Master

The door opens with the double door creaking.

The gentle downhill, which is invisible, has continued.

From here it appears to be only one street, but it is much wider and has a much higher ceiling.

It was wide enough to accommodate five people standing side by side, and it seemed to be at least ten meters high.

The formation is, first row, from left to right, Himeimi and Kana.

Second row, from left, Tadatomi-kun, Kaede, Yukki-san on ostrich.

Third row, from left, Misaki, Mami on Sen-chan, and me.

Now that the party limit is ten people, no other pets can be allowed.

“Oh, Master.”

“Huh? What is it, Mami?”

“It’s dangerous here, not only because of monsters, but also because there are traps.”



I was walking on the right end of the street, and I immediately fell into the trap.

I was distracted by the patterns on the wall and didn’t look down at all.

You can clearly see that it is a trick.

Only the floor had a square notch.

Fortunately, the hole was less than a meter deep and there was no damage at all.

“Damn, I’m sorry, I didn’t think it would fit.I was caught off guard.”

Yukki stepped out of the ostrich and pulled me up, holding back a laugh.

I can’t help but blush.

But it’s a meaningless trap.

Zero damage is a joke.

“Master… Hah~”

Himemi frowned slightly.

But the other AIs smiled gently.

“No matter what, it’s cute to fall into a trap that is so clearly visible.”

“Maybe that’s what a master does.”

“You must have tried to ease everyone’s tension, sir.”

Yukki-san finally couldn’t stand it anymore and looked at Kana and giggled.

The gradual descent ends and leads to a flat passage.

After that, a straight straight passage continues, but there is a crossroads a little ahead.

“Something is coming from the right – probably a small monster.”

Kana, who was walking on the right side of the front, announced.

It also comes from the left–this one is probably smaller, too.”

Himemi on the left side also announces.

“Yotaro-san, let’s wait here. Kana, Metal Genesis, Set!”

“Yes, Master!”

When Kana took out the Genesis card with the metal attribute, the card overlapped on the shield on the left hand and glowed golden.

Genesis effect was added to the shield.

“Okay, Himemi, Metal Genesis, set!”

“Yes, Master!”

Similarly, the shield glows golden.

“Bird Skill Activation-! HP Buff!”

Rainbow effects and light melodies flow.

It’s level 1, so it’s a bit of a relief, but everyone’s HP bar increases slightly.

Immediately after, on the right, came a hairy humanoid monster with a dog’s head.

He’s as tall as Mami, and when you look at his stats, he’s Kobold.

It was level 1~3 and he had a small club weapon like a baton.

When they noticed us, they rushed forward with a strange voice.

Kana and Himemi stick out their shields and knock back the first group.

The Kobold in the front row retreats backwards, but from between them, the next Kobold rushes forward.

The Kobolds simply attack, swinging their clubs recklessly.

The Knight Kana’s Great Sword deals heavy damage with a single swing, slaughtering two or three kobold at once.

However, the interval between each swing is large, and in the meantime, they are attacked by the next rush of Kobolds.

The individual damage is small, but the HP is gradually reduced.

Himemi, the Paladin, quickly slashes the Kobold with his small sword.

It is enough attack power to be defeated with two swings, not as much as Kana.

However, paladins have passive skills.

Even if you don’t do anything, automatic recovery works, and about half of the damage you have done has been recovered.

“Fire Genesis, set–!”

Yukki stands up the Fire Attribute Genesis card about a meter in front of her.

“Kana, give me a little space on the right.”

“Yes, Master!”

Kana moved slightly to the left and fired the harpoon she was holding at the Genesis card.

“Oh my god!”

When the harpoon passes through the Genesis card, it wears flames and flies towards the Kobolds.


It penetrates two kobolds, and flames spread around it, causing about four kobolds to collapse at once.

The hairy kobold seems to be prone to ignition.

If you look at the status, fire is the weak point.

“Himeimi-dono, Kana-dono, excuse me for a moment, that I do.”

Tadaomi sheaths his sword, refurbs it as a spear, and swings it down between the two vanguards.

He hits the heads of the two kobold and cracks them.

In addition, the cutting edge is swung to rotate and the surrounding kobold is swept away.

Jumping into the empty gap, he pulled out his sword and slashed through the surrounding kobold one after another.

Yikes, that’s great, Tadatomi…

“It’s a great attack power, the samurai job is also good, I think I will make it next time-”

Yukki seemed to like the samurai.

However, the push back was fleeting, and a new Kobold came out from the right.

They rush toward the loyal retainer, who stands out from the vanguard.

“Stand back, loyal retainer–!”

Himeimi interrupts Tadanobu-kun, who is about to be hit by an octopus.

I am so sorry.

Himemi’s slight move to the front of the center made the front line falter.

There was a space between them and the wall on the left, and Kobold slipped through it.

Oh, sorry–Caede, she’s gone!”

“Leave this one to me!”

Kaede unleashes a kunai at Kobold who slips through from the left.

You can’t beat it, but it cries out “gah, gah, gah” and stops moving.

Kaede rushes into those Kobolds and thrusts her dagger at them.

Noichi, is the best at speed.

The protruding Kobold collapsed motionless.

Kunoichi is cool too. ……

Yukki mutters a little enviously.

“Thank you, Kaede!”

When Tadanobu stepped down, Himemi leaned to the left, and the position of the front line was restored.

Tadanobu raises his spear again and blocks the Kobold from trying to slip through the vanguard.

One after another, the scuffle with the Kobold continues.

“Can you lower the front a little bit, I’ll hit the rear guard with a crooked shot.”

Everyone understands Misaki’s intentions.

I’m going to shoot arrows like a cannon and shoot at the Kobold in the back that are springing up.

“Everyone is ready to retreat, Yukki-san?”

“Ok, Kana, let’s go with Himmemi.”

「Yes, master」

“Take five steps backward with your big toe!”

Misaki indicates the retreat distance.

“And Master, just retreat, Fire Genesis, set, please.”

“Okay! Everyone starts retreating, three, two, one, go!”

I make sure everyone retreats and make eye contact with Misaki.

Misaki looks up a little and pulls the bow closer.

I want you to put it out there.

“Fire Genesis, set–!”

I put it out a little higher to make it easier for Misaki to parabolic fire.

“That’s great, Master, that’s the perfect place!”

The arrow released by Misaki raises a bright red flame as it passes through Genesis.

It passes over the heads of the Kobold at the front and reaches the Kobold just after coming out from the right.

Continuing to release the second and third arrows, the speed of the Kobold increase to the front line slows down.

The dominance continued for some time as the number of new Kobold moves to the front decreased.

Gradually, the front line moves forward.

However, Yukki’s fifth throwing harpoon, which had been slaughtering the enemy en masse, ran out.

The harpoon cannot be retrieved because it cannot advance to the location of the defeated enemy.

Yukki takes the three-pronged harpoon out of the item box.

It was changed to an attack that pierced Kobold one by one as he came out from Kana’s right side.

The grinding is going back and forth, but gradually we can see the pressure on the Kobolds is dropping.

But it’s not unscathed, Kana’s HP bar has cracked 40 percent.

Himemi is also below fifty percent.

Set the glowing green Plant Genesis card in front of Mami.

“Mami, heal Kana-chan.”

“Yes Master, heals!”

Mami, who had already anticipated it, reacted instantly, raising her right hand, emitting a white glittering light.

As it passes through the genesis card, it turns into a green glow and is absorbed into Kana.

Kana’s HP bar recovers to 70 percent.

“Thank you, Mami-chan—!”

Yukki and Kana say almost simultaneously.

Even with the Genesis Card, level 1 Mami has less recovery.

“You’re welcome.”

The problem is the amount of mana you consume when you use your skills.

Looking at Mami’s status, she has now consumed 20 percent of her mana.

Consuming twenty percent for a single heal to a single person is hard.

It means I can only use it four more times. …… I have to conserve it.

There is a possibility of a total heal, but it would consume a lot of …….

“The appearance of Kobold has stopped.”

Kana reports that the kobold coming out from the right has been cut off.

Without a moment of relief, it was quickly cancelled out.

“Master, something else is coming from the left.”

It appeared anew behind the herd of kobolds.

It’s a little tighter than Kobold.

It has a human-like face, but with a pointed nose and ears, a bald head, green skin, and no body hair.

You can tell right away that it’s a staple of early monsters, goblins.

Flare-up alert!

“The flame is coming -!”

Kana and Himeemi shout almost at the same time.


I immediately activated the flame-resistant Bird Skill.

They managed to get there in time, and when everyone was covered in a faint blue light, a fireball of flame landed on them.

“Oh! I’m not good at fire.”

Speaking of which, fire must have been a weakness of Tree.

Fires are coming next–”

One after another, a flame bomb flies.

The goblins were putting the warriors in front of them and placing a magic job behind.

My level 1 Fire Resist doesn’t prevent much damage.

Conversely, the goblins are flame -resistant, and the shooting of Misaki does not spread.

Obviously, they are tougher than the Kobolds.

The HP of the second and third rows, including myself, were being whittled away.

“That’s a little bad – I have to do the mage in the back…”

Yukki-san looks back at me.

You are absolutely right.

What is it, Obro, this is already in the first tier.

Too many monsters springing up early on–!

Master, we have a mage on the way.


(Author: Jiraiya/ Edit: Orb)

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