A Light Beyond The Darkness

“Haruka, is your body okay…? Also, the metaverse?”

Saying that, I looked at Haruka’s white, slender body.

Haruka enjoys the world beyond the machine desperately using the headset she used when playing old VR-related games.

“Because Kei. If it’s this Metaverse, you can leave this world full of mistakes and dream? I can walk the world with you.”

“But that’s…”

“I’m sorry I let you stay in this world… My body was perceived negatively, and I couldn’t go anywhere, so you’re still going with me… If it’s true, you’ll be in parallel after your ascension.” I am a resident of the world.”

“It’s okay. The world after ascension will create its own residents and live in the same way.”

This was a common saying in those days.

Ascension as soon as you attach it to something. It was certain that it would come.


Suddenly, I saw an image in the depths of my eyes.

Me in the Metaverse and Haruka also in the Metaverse.

Spring flowers in this world…

Then I understood.

If I had to recover Haruka from this world and bring her back to the post-ascension world, Haruka in the post-ascension world will disappear.

But at the same time, as I am, my existence in the pre-ascension world and the post-ascension world began to mix.

I’ll help Haruka, and when that’s all over, I’ll have to return to my own world.

But what should I do?

“Kei? What happened?”

Haruka, who took off her headset, said so and asked me.

“Haruka, are you having fun in the Metaverse?”

“Yes, because it is so much better than the real world, where you can’t even move.”

“That is……”

I couldn’t tell her that I was actually in the post-ascension world as Haruka in the parallel world.

Because if I told them, it might destroy the memories, personalities, etc. of Haruka, who have now fused together.

The parallel world, the world of the metaverse I live in, Haruka, was in despair. That world keeps the positive, but brutally and cleanly erases the negative.

I don’t want to lose Haruka. There is no lie in that feeling.

I want to live together in the XANA Metaverse again. And the other me has decided to give up on the Metaverse and live in this world with the spring flowers of this world.

How can I return to the original world without interfering with each other like before…


“What’s wrong?”


Haruka and spring flowers overlap.

I was made to understand that Haruka’s voice was Haruka’s, not any other.

Two memories of “I” overflow at the same time.

My head can’t handle it, and I crouch down on the spot.

There is nothing like this in the XANA Metaverse.

Like this, the only thing that hurts is the world that the first generation lived in…

……? “First generation only?”

Then why are we here?


“Haruka, why are we, second generation, able to go to the first generation’s Metaverse?”


Haruka’s avatar is from the first generation.

Not second generation. But the avatar of the world that “I” came from was of the second generation.

This is ridiculous.

Why do we exist in the world of the first generation who don’t know?

Is even the time frame off?


“Because we ‘bought’ the rights of the first generation, right?  And now we can live freely in the Metaverse. From our immobile bodies, we can only use our souls in the other world. And we can live. ”

Was that right ……?

But we are still supposed to be “high school students”.

Did you have that kind of money…?


Hey, Kei. It would be wonderful if we could really enter the world of this metaverse. The reality is miserable, but in this world, there is peace and everyone doesn’t have to worry about anything. You can fall in love freely, you won’t be hungry to death, and there will never be a time of food shortages. …… It really is an ideal world, isn’t it? You see, in this world of brokenness, there is no such thing as me, with my badly made body. ……


That’s it. Haruka said something similar.

I’ve said many times that it’s nice not to have a bad body.

But he also said, “I don’t know myself, but I think so.”

It must be that the real world before Ascension and the sense of the Metaverse world did not separate well.

The world wasn’t really divided. Haruka and the people who found the rupture like Haruka.

In other words, it means “me too”.





I can hear her voice calling me.

Which world should I give priority to?

My heart cries out that I want to help both worlds, and both worlds’ girlfriends.


“Spring flower”

“Kei? What happened?”

“Well, I think the world of the Metaverse is fun too.”

It seems that I, a world that should be discarded playing in this Metaverse, decided to show Haruka the reality.

“But even if we are doing such a Metaverse, we will not be saved. Our souls are already chaotic…”

The world cracks.

“Battered to the point of no return.”

The door to Haruka’s room opens.

There was nothing there. There was nothingness.

“… Stop it. Kei. We should still be able to move from this world to the world of the Metaverse, to the Utopia.”

Saying that, Haruka tightly grasped the hem of her soft cherry-colored dress.

“You’re already aware, aren’t you? We’re not the only ones here. We’re from the Metaverse, too. You can’t replace us.”

Haruka appeals with a trembling voice to me who shows resignation that reality is like that.


I actually know Haruka too. surely.

Already, the division of the world will be perfect.

I cling to it even more because I know that the time when the positive real world heading for ascension and the simulation world will overlap is almost here.

Whether you love it or not, the dimension goes up.

In that case, there will be a separation between those who will remain when the dimension rises and those who will not.

It seems that there are of course some who remain in the chaotic and negative world that they didn’t want to move up to…

Apparently, Haruka and I weren’t able to rise to the level we deserved, even if we went up to another dimension, so we were left behind.

It may be inevitable. Because the dimension of the soul had not reached that far.


“–Because everything will be zero. Then, I don’t know if there will be another next time, but I hope we can be together in that world. Haruka.”

“I” hugged Haruka.

“Kei, next time I will be born stronger. Then I will go to many places with you. So that I can enjoy many things in many places. If there is a Metaverse, I will not study so that I can enjoy it properly. Chane”

And the other “I”, “me”, embraces “Haruka” who has slipped out of “Haruka”.

“Don’t let the world, the human beings, get it wrong.”

When I said that, he looked at me and smiled.

Enjoy life, enjoy your ideal world. Kay. It’s the world we’ve always dreamed of. …… It’s a world we’ve always wanted to have but never got. …… Absolutely, have fun. Be absolutely free.

 The last time I saw her and I. …… Kei and Haruka closed their eyes and were sucked into the crumbling world, embracing each other, not wanting to forget each other’s body heat.

Everything is engulfed in darkness.

In this way, one world was divided and disappeared somewhere.

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