Reborn As A XANA Master

What? What do you mean, “A mage is coming, Kaede?”

Master, well, just watch! All right?”

“Good, but don’t do anything dangerous.”

“If the master says that, I’ll do it.”

“I don’t mean anything special, because everyone is important.”

Himeemi’s back reacted surprisingly, so followed up immediately.

“When you come back, give me a hug!”

“That’s right …”

I can imagine that there is a blue line on the forehead of Himeemi even from the back.

Master, it’s not fair that it’s only Kaede. I’ll be next!”

“Misaki is doing her best, I know. ……”

“I’m going to go. Ninja, secret”

Kaede’s body became thinner.

Perhaps this is a stealth skill, and it is not visible to the enemy at all.

Wow, I could run against the wall!

Kaede ran up the wall and disappeared directly behind the goblins across the front.


Apparently he is attacking a goblin mage in a stealth state.

“That’s great, Kaede–!”

Yukki-san glanced at me excitedly.

“Oh, well… Thank you.”

I didn’t know I could do that, but…

I feel like my nose is a little high.

Thanks to Kaede defeating the mage, the number of flying flame bullets decreases.

Nevertheless, the second row and third row have already been cut down to less than half of the HP.

Kana, who has tried to recover, has also fallen below fifty percent in the Goblin Warriors’ attacks.

No, it’s more than that, Himmemi is in trouble!

Since we have not put any recovery on the himemi, it is already at about 30 percent.


And I just noticed that the total amount of stamina is decreasing.

That’s right, the effect of the boost items I used before entering has disappeared.

In other words, the stamina remains at 30 percent, but the quantity is decreasing.

There is no damage even if the stamina runs out, but it is dangerous that the moving speed is halved.

Level 1 Birds don’t have a stamina boost skill.

You have to use food and drink boosts, but since boosts are not healing, they are less effective and difficult for the vanguard to replenish during battle.

I want to put on Himemi’s heels, but… I’m worried about mana.

Here’s whether you should throw away the amount of individual recovery and even heal the whole thing.

Even while they are struggling, everyone’s HP is being reduced.

Damn—make a decision fast!


「Yes, master」

We can heal the whole thing, can’t we?”

“Yes, you can!”

“Party heal!”

Mami held up her hands towards the Plant Genesis that had been set.

The light emanating from Mami’s palms turned green as she passed through Plant Genesis and spread throughout.

Each HP gauge goes up …

Hey, that’s it!

They all only go up about 10 percent.

Himemi, whose HP percentage is the lowest, ends up being just over 30 percent.

“Master, instead of Fire, Water Genesis, please.”

“Understood, Misaki.”

I understand that this is done in consideration of the flame resistance of goblins.

Change, Water Genesis.

You don’t really have to say it out loud, you just have to be conscious of it.

But it confirms my consciousness and announces it to the whole party, so I dare to say it out loud.

I imagined for a moment that if anyone saw me screaming in bed, it would be ridiculous.


Misaki shoots an arrow at the light blue Water Genesis.

Drawing a parabola, it shoots through the forehead of the goblin warrior in the third row.


It was the goblin mage behind him who shouted.
The goblin, who first received the arrow, fell without screaming.

He pierced through it and shot through the face of the goblin mage behind him.

Apparently, it has high penetration and is doing freezing damage.

The surrounding area was frozen.

“Good Misaki-!”

“Oh, that’s great penetration, Misaki-chan!”

Yukki also exclaimed.

Yes, thank you very much. But I’m sorry, I only have twelve arrows left–”

“Oh, yes, I understand.”

It’s tough not being able to collect arrows.

But we’re almost there… I would like to think.

Cobolt has been annihilated and has no longer come out of the right aisle.

The goblin has also been cut off just before Misaki released an arrow.

There are about fifteen more of them here.

Due to Kaede’s success, the flame bullets from the mage almost no longer flew.


Mami suddenly raised a high pitched voice that sounded like a scream.

When I turned around, Mami was staring backward.

A lot of blue, muddy, translucent mollusks are springing up at the end of his line of sight.

“It’s a slime–!”

Mami turned Sen-chan around and turned behind her.

When I looked closer, I saw that slime was gushing out of the hole where I first fell.

That trap… Was it their appearance switch?

It’s my fault–

The party was pinched from the front and back.

Damn, the rearguard has no means of defense!

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Achille)

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