Creator’s Metaverse

(Hmmm… There are many events and performances in the event square, so which one did you hear about… hmm?)

“welcome! welcome! “If you want to experience a fantastic space, see our Caravaggio works!” “It’s free now♪”

In front of a building that looks like a circus, another three-headed clown is dancing lightly while advertising.

Seeing the avatars entering the building one after another, I knew it was popular.

(This is the group that the customer mentioned. You might get some good hints for future designs.)

The rabbi silently nods and steps into the building like the other avatars.

Although the inside was pitch black, the venue was immediately enveloped in a flash of rainbow-colored light.

Music starts playing, and 3D illustrations with various designs appear and disappear in time with the rhythm.

(This is… amazing!)

Even though I’m just standing there, my consciousness is entering this world, probably because the images are playing along with the music.

Just when you think you are surrounded by gorgeous seasonal flowers, the next moment, you will find yourself flying in the exhilarating blue sky of summer.

(If you visualize the 3D illustration and expand it to 360 degrees, it will certainly become a fantastic space…! Idea and development, ordinary people may not even come up with it… Who the hell is Caravaggio?)

Every time the music rocks the brain to the rhythm, it is a constant stimulus.

From intense rock to anime song-like songs, it’s edited short, but there’s no sense of incongruity in how it’s connected.

And sometimes, including the singing voice, I feel like I’m immersed in this world.

Time passes in the blink of an eye and it’s over.

Ravi, who came out of the building, once again recalled the scene from earlier.

(The time was about 5 minutes, but it was a satisfying experience… I’d like to hear a little story.)

The clown I saw earlier was amiably seeing off the returning guests.

“Excuse me. Are you the creator of this event? 』

“Hmm. My job is to draw illustrations and attract customers here.』

The rabbi tilts his head at the clown’s tongue-in-cheek words.

(Chara… maybe? I feel like I’m talking to a child, but if I’m going to create such a high-level creation, I should be an adult…)

“Then can I meet the person in charge or the person in charge? 』

But the clown just tilted his head left and right and gave no answer.

“Oh, if it’s no good…”

‘Do you need anything for me? 』

There, a catman avatar wearing a tuxedo and a hat came out of the building.

“I’m late. My name is Teto, the person in charge of Caravaggio.”

Teto bows politely.

Oh, excuse me for interrupting! I’m Ravi, an aspiring fashion designer. Actually, the event I just attended was very moving and I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about it. ……

If you have any questions, please contact us at ……. If so, please come this way.”

 Tet led us around to the back of the building, where a park-like area appeared.

 They entered a gazebo in the park and sat down in chairs.

I have heard about you from our creators. I understand that you produce and sell wonderful animal items all by yourself.

“In the real world, I’m attending a fashion school, but it seems that the works I make are difficult in the real world… But I was accepted in this world, and now I’m happy.』

‘Yes, ……. Even if it’s tough in the real world, there are many people who will accept you even if you are an oddball in our world.’

Although he had doubts about Tet’s words, which had some implications, Ravi, who thought it was too early to step in, decided to change the subject.

『About that event just now, were multiple creators jointly producing it? 』

“Yes, that’s right. At least ten people are involved. There are multiple people in charge of the music, the illustrations, and the editing, each with a different creator. I’m kind of the coordinator. I am the originator of the project.”

『It’s amazing. Are you an amateur or a student? 』

『You’re an amateur. If it doesn’t sell well, it will come first.』

The rabbi knew all too well why Teto smiled bitterly.

Even after graduating from a vocational school, it takes time to become a professional in that field. If you don’t keep working even if your work doesn’t sell, even the professional path will disappear.

As a result, it can be said that there are many creators in the world who are living a difficult life.

『Ah! “I know it’s an impolite request, but would it be possible for you to collaborate with the dress-up items I made? 』

『If you say…? 』

“I want the avatar wearing the dress-up items I designed to be played as the video from earlier. In other words, I want you to create a work like a commercial…’

The idea popped into Ravi’s head as he immersed himself in that fantastical space.

The 3D illustrations were suitable for the music, but I wondered how wonderful it would be if the avatars wearing the dress-up items I made were also visualized in the same way.

‘Hmmm ……. We’re having our creators create avatars as well, so there won’t be a shortage of models, but ……”

『Of course, I will give you a small reward, and I will also promote Caravaggio! “So, would you consider this collaboration?” 』

“However, I heard that Ravi-san’s shop is thriving…”

“Ugh…! “Actually, it’s a limited-time store, and if the sales and reputation are good, you might get hired as an exclusive designer for XANA’s dress-up items…” It’s the season for job hunting, but it’s not going well, so I guess this is the last bastion…’

The rabbi decided to earn the other’s trust by speaking honestly.

I haven’t actually found a job, but I feel that my current job is worthwhile, so if possible, I would like to continue working as it is.

“–I see. If that’s the case, let me help you.”

『eh? ! “Is it okay for you to decide so easily?” 』

『The number one reason is that our creators have a lot of fans… Above all, Mr. Ravi sincerely told me why he wanted to use our house. I’ve received invitations for collaborations like this before, but I didn’t believe it when I was told only superficial good stories.』

Teto laughs lightly, hahaha, but Ravi is horrified by the poison that seeps out of his words.

(This person seems soft-spoken and is actually a sharp tongue…!)

『Oh, yes. As a reward, I think the creators will be more pleased if you make an original dress-up item rather than money, so is that okay? 』

『Of course! “I would be happy to work with you!” 』

The two then exchanged handshakes.

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