Reborn As A XANA Master

“I’m Wakaki from the monthly metaverse magazine. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed today.”

The interview was only a formality, and Jackie greeted as a reporter to collect information.

In fact, the monthly metaverse magazine is a monthly magazine published by Gilmas, and Jackie-san is said to be the reporter.

“I’m Ajiro, the person in charge of development. Thank you very much for interviewing me.

“Today, two people accompanied me.”

Jackie introduced his companions.

“I’m Hayashi, the interviewer. Nice to meet you.”

This time, it was Mr. Liamun who took the role of the interviewer.

“I’m Makoto, the photographer. Nice to meet you.”

Mako, who plays the role of the cameraman, greeted us.

——Slightly in the middle.

“I heard that Oblo’s opening date has been postponed?”

Yes, we’ve made a few changes to the Ovlo specs. We had a few glitches in the process.”

“How long has it been delayed?”

“Um, the shortest is about two weeks, the longest is one month.”

“Is that so”

“However, I think that you can have a more realistic and unprecedented experience.”

“I see, I’m really looking forward to it. I’m also a XANA Metaverse user.”

“Is that so? It was a sudden postponement, and I apologize for that.”

“Um, can I have a little too?”

“Ah, yes, Mr. Wakaki, go ahead.”

“Actually, I once went to your parent company, Real Devils, to cover a project.”

“I see, is that so?”

“Umm, were you sure it was the Astro Human Plan?”

“Oh yes…”

“I have experienced the Metaverse of an amazing mother AI called Adam.”

“Oh, Adam’s…”

“Well, the person who was a developer at that time, I believe…”

“Do you remember Amakaze-san?”

Mr. Liamun interjected in the meeting street.

“Oh, as expected of Hayashi-kun, that’s right, that’s right, it’s Amakaze-san.”

“Yeah. That person was a genius, wasn’t he?”

“Ah, it’s a wind, isn’t it…yes.”

“Yes, Adam, which was developed by Mr. Amakaze, is also used as Oblo’s mother AI here.”

“Eh, yeah, well, it’s definitely the original, but it’s not the same thing…”

“Where is Amakau-san now?”

“Eh, uh, I’m sorry. I don’t know much about Tenpu…”

“You didn’t seem to be at the headquarters right now, so I thought you were here?”

“Ah, no, I think I’ve been on a business trip a few times… But it was before I became the person in charge, so I don’t know.”

“I heard that Mother was a product of another dimension that only Amakau-san could create, so I thought she was here.”

“No, Oblo’s mother Eve is different from Adam.”

“Oh, that’s right. As expected, your company has abundant human resources.”

“Isn’t it, there are other people who can match that genius?”

Again, Mr. Liamun interrupted.

Of course, this is also as we discussed.

Mako did not speak up and silently took pictures.

In fact, the goal is to take audio video.

No, well, yes. Well, may I go now? We still have a lot of work to do before we open. ……

–Take the material finally after a few hours.

I guess I came off a little sarcastic: ……”

Mr. Liamun said apologetically to Mr. Jackie.

“No, I think it’s fine like that. So, what did you think, Liamn?”

“From my research, this Tenpu guy is a real genius. So, normally he would have been involved in Eve.”

“Yes, that’s right.” Then you are still hiding something. ……”

“Yeah, maybe. What did Jackie think?”

“Yes, I think so. It seemed like you were unnaturally trying to avoid talking about Tenpu.”

“Well, you’ll know when the covert forces return.”

I see.” So, Troop Leader Liamn, are Mr. Mushroom and Mr. Trishmeji going undercover tonight?”

“Don’t call me that troop leader – I’m just a decoration. Yeah, tonight, maybe. I don’t know.”

“Haha… then, let’s hear the report first thing tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, Jackie-chan.”

—The meeting in charge of gathering information about the Union the next morning.

“Good morning, thank you for waiting”

The two covert officers showed up at the meeting place where Jackie and Liamun were waiting.

“Good morning, Mash-tan, Torishima-tan.”

Good morning, Mash, Captain Liamn.

“Good morning, Shimeji, Captain Riamun.”

“Good work. How was your success?”

Jackie asked about the results of information gathering.

“Perfect mash! Mr. Jackie”

“I’m a decent Shimeji.”

“Then, first, please give us the results of the investigation by Eve’s development company.”

“Yes, Mr. Jackie. I’m Shimeji in charge.”

“Understood, please.”

Mr. Torishimeji prepared three smartphones.

This is to create a pseudo 3D hologram of XANA’s AR app and project the AI ​​secretary on the wall.

Actually, there is no need to project the AI secretary at all, but that is his commitment.

“Then, Shimeji, as usual, ask Quinon.”

“Yes, Master. Now, everyone, Kinon will explain the mushrooms.”

Quinon, the AI ​​secretary, began to speak.

“Kinon-tan is cute as ever~, lovey-dovey”

Mr. Liamun has always liked Quinon.

‘Mwah, thank you so much, Liamun. Thanks for making me a cute outfit the other day, Mushroom.”

“Uh, next time, I’ll make you a wedding dress~”

“Wow, I did mushrooms~”

‘Hey, don’t do that, Captain Liamn, I won’t give you Kinon as a bride!

Mr. Trishimeji is quite seriously worried.

“I’m already a master~ Kinon will always be with my master, so don’t worry mushroom~”

The two seemed to be very passionate lovers.

“Um… I’m sorry, I don’t have time…”

Jackie put in a few words to make sure we don’t get sidetracked.

I’m sorry, Jackie. I’ll start then, mushrooms.”

“Sumimi Shimeji…”

“Um, last night, I was looking into labor-related materials, and until last month there was an attendance book named Koichi Amakaze.”

“In other words, you were here until last month. Is there something you want to hide…”

“Yes, Mr. Jackie. So, I checked the daily report in the development room, and there was an entry about a month ago, “I lost contact with the chief.” Mushroom.”

“Chief is that Amakaze person, right?”

“Yes, Captain Riamun. Mr. Amakaze is the leader of the development team, and it seems that he was called the chief within the team mushroom.”

“Ah, even when I’m reporting business, it’s okay to use Liamun. Quinon-tan.”

“Yes, Captain Riamun.”

“that’s why……”

“Well, that’s fine, let’s go ahead. So, I wonder if that was Amakau’s own intention, and I couldn’t contact him…or maybe.”

Jackie urged the progress so as not to derail again.

“Yes, judging from the contents of the daily report, it is possible that the hardware wallet was taken out, so it is highly likely that the person himself was the mushroom.”

“But the possibility that you were forced to do so… it means it’s not zero, Kinon-tan.”

Mr. Liamun guesses.

‘Yes, Liamn, I don’t think it’s zero. However, a letter of resignation has been submitted by the agency and I don’t know if …… that is his intention, Kinoko.”

“I wonder why the Oblo development team wants to hide Mr. Amakaze’s existence…”

Jackie raises a question.

“Mr. Jackie, I think we should investigate the parent company. Mushrooms.”

“Certainly, it may be the parent company’s intention rather than this company wanting to hide it…”

Jackie suspects Real Devils’ involvement rather than Oblo’s development company.

‘Mr. Jackie, but, but, but, what is he trying to do? That’s what I don’t understand. Well, we’re not close, so I don’t know who he is.

The conversation during the interview was all made up, and the interview itself was fake, so Riamun never actually met Tenpu.

For information, I only know how he developed a genius AI.

“I wonder if the Astrochild information I’ve been researching will be useful for you, Mash.”

Mr. Mushroom was in charge of collecting information on Astrochild.

“Then Mushroom-san, please give us the results of the Astrochild Project investigation.”

Jackie changes the subject.

“More mushrooms that I wanted to talk to everyone about…”

“Ah, Kinon-chan, I’m sorry. Do you have any other reports?  Even if you don’t, you can stay here.”

“No, Mr. Jackie, please proceed. Mushrooms here~”

“Yeah, then… Mushroom-san, please.”

“Well then, um… First of all, the Astro Child Project is a recovery project for people who have paralyzed their physical functions due to accidents, illnesses, or congenital disabilities.”

Mr. Mushroom started talking about the information he had gathered.

It’s a god project for people with disabilities. That’s for the wannabes. …… Oh, I’m sorry. I got sidetracked again.”

Liamun’s life work is the protection of dogs and cats.

“That’s true. Using iPS cells to regenerate nerve cells in the spinal cord doesn’t seem to have a high success rate yet. But if you use the Metaverse to give the illusion that your body is moving, , The probability of regeneration and the speed of recovery will be dozens of times, so Mash.”

“Oooh, that’s how the Metaverse is used…”

Jackie was very impressed with how the Metaverse was used.

“Of course, you can’t deceive your brain and body unless it’s more realistic, so Amakaze’s super-real metaverse is the only way to mash.”

“Maybe you’re more of a genius than I thought, Amakaze-san. I don’t know.”

Liamun-san also seemed to be more interested in Tenkaze.

“But there are rumors that he was demoted because he disagreed with the company’s policy on how to proceed with this project.”

“Is that so… that’s why I held a grudge and caused this incident…”

Jackie guessed the motive for the incident.

“Hmm, that sounds like a common story…but, but…”

Liamun questioned that assumption.


“He’s smart, isn’t he? He’s a genius.”


“And you’re doing amazing development that gives hope to people with disabilities, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“Such a person was demoted to the left.”


“It’s not like this that hurts other people.”

“Yeah, it doesn’t seem like it.”

Jackie also agreed.

“That’s right, Mash.”

“Let’s see”


I don’t necessarily think they were developing it for that purpose from the beginning,” he said. It’s hard to think of someone with a noble purpose just out of spite.”

“Yeah, I understand what Mr. Liamun is saying.

“Yes, mash…”

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Achille)

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