Reborn As A XANA Master

A boat approaches the pier.

Kaede was still standing on the bow and swinging her arms.

I can see a figure in the cockpit, but I still don’t know who it is.

It is certain that Mr. Yukki is logged in to the XANA Metaverse, but when I open the map, it is not displayed and I cannot communicate, so I cannot be sure that it is Mr. Yukki.

Even so, it seems like it’s only for a specific area, but being able to check the login status alone is a relief.

Master, who’s Yukki-san? Where did Union’s Yukki go?

I heard Kaede’s voice.

I knew it was Yukki, but I don’t see the other three?

When the ship arrived at the pier, I hurried to the cockpit.

“Good morning, Mr. Taro!”

“Yukki-san, thank you very much…”

Yukki’s legs were missing.

“Ahaha, it’s okay, it looks like this, but it doesn’t hurt or itch.”

Even with that being said, it still hurts.

“Well, it seems so… to the Buster Penguins…”

“That’s right, I was killed. Because of that, I and this girl, Kana, were left in the boat.”

“I see, so Double Tim, Tamotsu, and Botamochi have joined Oblo.”

Yes. Oh, I’ll tell you the details later. They will be here in about five minutes. Please get everyone on the boat as soon as possible.”


As Yukki-san told me, I hurriedly put the AIs on the boat.

Yukki-san confirmed it and accelerated the boat towards the isolated island at full speed.

Amazing, I didn’t really feel it on the coast, but when I went out to sea, I could smell the ocean.

“This sea has been recreated quite realistically,” he said. Well, the sea is cut off on the other side of the island, so there is only a small area.

“I see.”

“If you look at your friend’s login status, they will log out when they get close to the island. For some reason, the Buster Penguins won’t attack from there.”

“What! Is it a safe zone?”

“Yes, I don’t know if you can call it a safe zone… but I can’t do anything here, so I’m too busy.”

Yukki-san’s mouth twisted slightly when she said that.

“Yukki-san, did you know that you can reveal your pets yet?”

“Eh, that’s right. It was today–“

“Perhaps you could ride?”

“What, Kijou…?”

I poked my head out the cockpit door.

“Mami, come here for a minute.”

Mami was already mastering Sen-chan, the Saint Bernard.

Sen-chan seems to move just by being conscious of the direction he wants to go.

Look, this boy had a broken leg, and I had to carry him on my back at first, but he was able to ride his pet.”

“Oh, that’s what it is! Kana, pilot it!”

「Yes, master」

“Really, you can do a pet reveal!”

“I hope you get a pet you can ride. ……”


“Whoa? Is it a cat?”

“This is unfortunate…but it’s cute.”




A big, ostrich-like thing came out.

“I shouldn’t have opened it in such a small cockpit, sorry…”

Yukki-san said apologetically to me who was blown up to the wall.

“Ah, no, I was careless. Oh! You can ride this–“

Yukki stared at the ostrich for a while.

You probably already know that you can get information just by being aware of it.

“Eh, oh–, riding is possible, up to 100 kilometers. There’s plenty of room!”

“Good for you Master!”

“Yeah, with this, I don’t have to move around with Kana on my back.”


I heard the voice of Himemi on the deck.

I jumped out wondering what happened.

“Master! It’s like a pigeon.”

About ten meters behind the ship, at a height of about twenty meters, something that looked like a pigeon was hovering.

“It was approaching until a while ago, but suddenly stopped there.”

I immediately figured out the reason and jumped into the cockpit.

Yukki-san, excuse me, please go back about 20 meters right now!”

“Eh, I don’t know what it is–I understand. Go back to Kana.”

「Yes, master」

I decided that I couldn’t proceed because the pigeon was blocked by something like an invisible boundary line.

And perhaps this pigeon is a communication from the guild.

Sure enough, when I returned the boat, a pigeon came towards me and landed on my outstretched arm.

The destination set for the pigeon is the island of the underground labyrinth Oblo, and the union members in that area.

Indeed, even if you don’t know where each individual is, you can fly to this island with a map.

And anyone can be a union member.

Clever, I wonder if Guilmouth set it up.

There is a high chance that this will reach someone.

The contents of the communication were recorded by Mr. Pencho in his own voice of the meeting of the guild members in real life.

Right now, nothing can be brought in from the real world.

Mr. Pencho went out of his way to enter XANA and record the content.

And apart from that, new information was added.

Its content was disturbing.

The owner of the voice was Gilmas.

『I don’t know who this information will reach, but there are two additional pieces of information. First, this incident may involve a user account of a company affiliated with Real Devils. Second, there are currently union members whose existence cannot be confirmed in either the real world or XANA. They are Captain Duck and Mine. These are the two things I want to convey.』

“Yukki-san, what does this mean…”

“–I don’t want to think about it, but…doesn’t it mean that we should pay attention to these two?”

“No way… someone in the union is involved in this incident…”

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Achille)

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