Where We Belong

Nagisa: Can I put this shelf here?

Yeah, I’m not very picky about it, so I’d be happy if Nagisa could lay it out the way she likes it.

Looking at Nagisa happily worrying, I savored my happiness. After that, it was officially approved by my parents, so the wedding greetings and meeting went smoothly. And with my strong desire, we bought a new house before the ceremony and started living together, which we had been longing for.
I had little greed and few days off, so I had been saving my salary since I was in training school.

You can’t become a manager if you want to. He is scouted from the training school only after clearing all the items such as both literary and martial arts, gentleness and good physical health. Over the course of three years, about half of the students were screened out, and finally got a job as a caretaker.

In addition to requiring this much ability, it is a job with many restrictions such as no need to speak to others and virtually no retirement for personal reasons, but the salary is very good. I can earn enough money to purchase a prime location in bulk, even though I’ve only been working for a year.

Nagisa: Are you going to do the work room by yourself? It’s locked, but…

Sorry, I’ll do that myself. Thank you.

I rushed back and replied. A room with only one chair and no window was surely different from the work room that Nagisa imagined.

This custom-built house can be changed as many times as you like with the XANA system. Among them, only my work room was set so that it could not be changed, installed double doors, completely soundproofed, removed windows, and made it so that only Sophia could unlock it. I was really grateful that Nagisa didn’t ask me anything even though I was doing all this.

Sophia: Um…I can’t bear to see how happy you are, but…it’s about time.

Sophia is looking at me with a smirk that I’ve never seen before. While enjoying it with my eyes, I called out to Nagisa.

It looks like it’s time to work. I’m sorry, but as I told you last time, I’m going to lock myself up in my room. It doesn’t come out until the work is over… but don’t worry, it’s always the case. If anything happens, Sophia will take care of it… well…

Even though I knew it, it was getting crispy. After all, it hurts my heart to have to hide something from someone important to me.
Nagisa stopped cleaning up and came over to me. She hugs me tight.

Nagisa: Yes, Have a good day.

See you.

Saying that, I immediately entered the work room and locked it. I wondered if it was curt, but I didn’t want to show my tears at my first “I’m coming”.

Sophia: Work mode activated. Manager No.3709, consciousness shifts to the physical body from 03:00 pm, XANA common time. Please wait in a safe place. There are 5 minutes left to move.

Even before the proposal, this time, which had been left over, took on a new color. Thinking about coordinating the avatar, thinking about the lines of the proposal, and groaning at how to say hello to my parents after I succeed, and wondering what land I built my house on… Next, while thinking about where to go on the first date as a couple, time passes in an instant.

Sophia: The transfer of consciousness to the physical body has been completed. Start a health diagnosis. Please remain lying down and do not move.

Even though it’s been less than a minute since I started working, I was only thinking about buying a house for Nagisa as soon as possible. I will do the health checkup and change of clothes at the speed of my personal best.

Sophia: Today’s work is the basic work of 107 people in Section 11 of G Container. At 10:00 PM XANA common time, one person is scheduled to move from K container to G container.

After saying that much, Sophia lowered her voice until only I could hear her and continued. I accidentally dropped my white coat on the floor.

Sophia: This is due to the marriage of Manager No.3709.

That means Nagisa is coming! I was about to say, “I’m sorry,” but I hurriedly shut my mouth. I can’t divulge personal information in the presence of other administrators. In this case, there is a high possibility that Nagisa will be harmed, even more so.

I cleared my throat and returned Sophia to normal mode for the time being. I can’t stand it until there are no people, and I question it with my eyes. Sophia gave me a wink with a wide smile.


From now on, I will go to work with Nagisa saying “Have a nice day”, and when I wake up in LIV, Nagisa will be in the box next to me. And when I leave, Nagisa will say “welcome home” to me… I will literally be with the person I love all the time…! We can be together 24/7…! !

I was so excited that if I said that to someone, they would be drawn in.

I got too excited, finished the basic work early, and had 30 minutes to spare until Nagisa came. Perhaps because she was worried about me walking around restlessly, or because she didn’t seem suspicious, Sophia rushed me into the rest room of a private room.

In XANA, there is no concept of “good or bad face” anymore. Because it’s part of fashion and it’s always free to change. In fact, I, who have lived with XANA since I was born, can’t recognize the old standard of “beautiful” or “ugly”. In fact, even when I’m working, I can only think that everyone’s face is really different.

However, I couldn’t help but be thrilled at this opportunity to see the one and only face of my beloved. Looking into the mirror in the break room, standing and sitting, and counting the seconds on the clock even though it wasn’t even New Year’s, we waited impatiently.

Sophia: I got a call that they’ve arrived at the loading dock for the box…

I ran out of the break room without hearing Sophia finish. I ran with all my strength to the point that I would never run in LIV like this before or after.

Surprised by the caretaker of the other container that brought it in, I safely took over the box. Suppressing my enthusiasm, I carefully carried it next to my box.

I take a deep breath and deliver oxygen to my pounding heart, whether it’s because I’ve been running, because I’m nervous, or because of anticipation.
Then I opened the box.

Sophia: Motion confirmation complete. There is no problem. Tomorrow’s work is closed. Thank you for your hard work.

I was slumped in the corner of my workroom.
Tears kept pouring down and wouldn’t stop.
I couldn’t even see Nagisa’s face, which I was looking forward to so much.

Nagisa didn’t have arms.

I don’t have those arms that played games with me, held hands, stroked my head, and hugged me many times.
I couldn’t make a sound, just hugging Nagisa’s body. As far as I was concerned, Sophia took over as much as possible of what I needed to do as part of my work.

As knowledge and as a job, I knew that there would be some deficiencies in my body. I have actually met and dealt with work
However, every time I went to LIV from now on, I didn’t know what to do when I thought that Nagisa next to me had no arms.

Sophia gently called out to me, who was hanging my head and not moving.

Sophia: Nagisa, you’re worried. I just got a call from Marin. It’s been an hour since I finished work.

I can’t meet you with a face like this… if I do, I’ll…

Sophia: But we can’t help but meet, right? We are married and live in the same house. At this rate, Nagisa-san will be worried and cry.

Hearing those words, I dragged my heavy body toward the door. When the door opened, Nagisa came running.

Nagisa: Welcome back. …what happened?

Nagisa strokes my head after seeing me crying in tatters. The feeling made my tears flow even more.

Nagisa: Oh, I’m sorry. Did you hate being touched now…?

I pulled back my arm, which I was trying to pull back, and hugged Nagisa with all my might. Without saying anything, Nagisa wrapped her arms around her back and tapped her as if to soothe the child.

Yes, Nagisa is here. I fell in love with Nagisa, who I spent time with at XANA. LIV… You don’t have to know the place that gives birth to such sadness.

Because XANA is the place I will return to.

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