Reborn As A XANA Master

Suddenly, I met the eyes of the sexually harassing boss uncle who was dragging the Liam avatar to his right hand.

Uncle, you were very helpful earlier, thank you.”

The uncle fidgets with a blush on his cheeks.

–Geez, you’re shy!

Oh, God!

Everyone looks at me.

“I’m sorry, it’s nothing… I’m going to change my avatar.”

With that said, he takes out from the item box the Liam avatar he purchased at the Coastal Avenue store.

“After a car accident, Maron went to heaven and was offered reincarnation by an angel, but he wanted a strong body, so he went to hell and was given an android body. Then he put a collar on the demon he caught and dragged him around.”

I bought it because I thought it seemed stronger than a sexual harassment boss.

In this buggy world, if the settings are materialized, I thought that androids and demons would be strong.

Maybe I should change my clothes too. ……

Yukki was also wearing Liam Avatar’s drag series.

However, it is the Pacific saury that is dragging.

Come to think of it, it’s strange that even if everyone wears avatars, they’ll know who they are.

Until now, the name appeared above the head, but it has not appeared since the bug.

I can see the status if I am aware of it, but apparently the perception of ‘who’ is automatically in my mind.


Suddenly Misaki screams and turns bright red.

“What are you doing, Master?”

“Master, don’t be afraid here.”

“Your Majesty, are you out of your mind!?”

Kana hid behind Yukki-san’s back.

— What? “Is everyone talking about me?

“Are you ready?”

“Mami, it’s still too early for you!”

Himmemi rushes to blindfold Mami, and I finally notice.

When I took off my avatar, I was completely naked.

Liam avatar in full body costume anyway.

I couldn’t see the innerwear, so I didn’t wear it because I thought it was unnecessary.

――Even so! “Why is even the naked body realistic!”

Up until now, it would have been just a mannequin-like naked body! !

If it’s buggy, don’t make it that realistic. ……

In a panic, he put on his android Liam avatar.

I felt as if I were at the entrance to an amusement park, naked and exposed.

“Kukukukuku……Well, well, there are times when that happens.”

I was bright red and depressed, and Yukki-san comforted me. ……

It’s obvious that he’s blushing even more than me and desperately holding back her laughter.

When I opened the entrance of Oblo and went inside, there was a large hall.

There, each person will be fitted with equipment for the obro.

I’m equipped with the basic Liam avatar itself.

The position we had available was bard.

You could call me a bard.

It’s a roll that plays the role of buff and debuff, which is common in MMOs.

Yukki also changed into another Liam avatar, but it was just an avatar with a saury in his mouth.

Do you really like saury?

However, it seems that the reason was to have a harpoon.

It is equipped with one harpoon in its right hand and five harpoons on its back.

It is a sniper job with high attack power at medium range.

‘Well, Yukki, you’re in battle formation, but …… Kana-chan, are you the vanguard?’

“Yes. It’s a knight with high firepower and defense. I’m setting it as a shield in the vanguard.”

“Okay. Then, Himemi is a paladin, so you and Kana-chan will be the incharge of vanguard.”

「Yes, master」

Kana looks at Yukki-San, and Yukki-San nods her head.

“Yes, Mr. Yotaro.”

“The second row is…Tadaomi-kun, Kaede, and…Misaki, right?”

“–No, Yoitarou-san. Judging from her range, I’m probably better than Misaki-chan. She’s an archer, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, that’s right, but considering the degree of danger—”

“I don’t think the second and third rows will make much difference. There’s a chance they’ll come from the back.”

“Master, I also agree with Yukki-san’s proposal.”

“Understood, Himemi. Then, in the third row, Misaki, I’m Mami’s rear guard.”

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Achille)

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