Reborn As A XANA Master

I recorded a message to the pigeon that I was going to meet up with Yukki-San and go into Obro together, as well as a personal request to Pencho-San.

When I consciously clicked on the panel with directions to return home, the homing pigeon Poppol flew away.

In order to send a new communication pet from here, it is necessary to return to this invisible boundary.

It will be difficult to contact the guild once they break into Oblo.

When I parked the boat at the pier and landed, I found a Western-style building about fifty meters away.

The display of the underground labyrinth of Oburo comes to mind.

“Mami, you have a manual for Oblo. Please share it with us.”

With Himemi’s instructions, Mami started doing something.

It seems that the third generation secretary was made exclusively for Oblo with Eve as the mother, so he probably has the data.

When you become aware of Mami, a data sharing screen appears.

It seems that information about Oblo is being sent to Himemi, Misaki, and Kaede.

“Um, Yukki-san’s third-generation secretary is…”

I was hesitant to ask, but it was necessary, so I asked while muddying my words.

“Platy let me go with Mr. Botamichi and others. I thought it would be more useful than me.”

I’m glad you’re alive!

“Is that so? Then Mami, share it with Kana-chan.”

「Yes, master」

“Thank you. Kana, receive the data.”

Yukki-san’s AI Kana approached Mami and the others.

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Yotaro-san.”

I noticed Yukki watching the gathering of AIs.

The glint in his eyes was a little dull.

He should have had two other AI secretaries…

I felt like I shouldn’t touch it.

‘Look, if we can share information, does that mean we can communicate here?’

‘No, Master, we only share information where we can see each other and exchange data. This is the same as a conversation, and is done directly between AIs. In the case of communication, it is through Mother, so it cannot.”

It was Himemi who immediately answered.

“I see, if that’s the case, it would be troublesome if I strayed in the labyrinth…”

“Mr. Yoitaro, is it my Nyanta or Mr. Yoitaro’s …… uh, Chuta? Even if you send them on a reconnaissance mission, it won’t mean much if you can’t communicate with them.”

It seems that Yukki-san’s sense of naming things is not much different from mine.

Oh, but when did I name my mouse Chu-fat?

Ah, the first thing that crossed my mind for a second.

Then the sparrow would be――hah, chunchun…….

“Well… even if you send them to reconnaissance, you won’t know the situation if they don’t come back.”

“Master, there are about 300 pages of manuals about Oblo, and it’s a considerable amount of information, but would it be okay to talk about only the necessary parts?”

As expected of Himemi.

It’s impossible to remember even if it’s poured into your head like that.

“Yeah, do it.”

“Let me ask you something…”

Kana turned her dissatisfied gaze toward Yukki-san.

So, is Yukki-san’s AI also set to max jealousy ……

“Ah, well, I’ll have Kana put it all together.”

“Yeah, that looks good… isn’t it?”

We look at each other and smile wryly.


“Then, I will speak only to Master in private mode.”

“Yeah, Himemi, please.”

“In the pre-opening, the floor consists of five underground floors. Each floor has a boss, and the fifth underground floor is the final boss. If you defeat it, you can become the master of Oblo.”

“Lord of Obloh? What’s the use of that…”

“You can build this Oblo however you like and slaughter the adventurers. Ah—no, you can entertain them. However, if you are captured, you will lose your status as a master.”

I see, isn’t it supposed to be a pretty fun setting?

“That kind of thing is unnecessary now. Our purpose is…”

No, Master. Being able to be Lord means that I can command Eve.”

“-That’s it!”

‘Yes, sir. If we could get Eve to give the order, we might be able to resolve the situation we’re in.”

“This must be conquered no matter what!”

“However, if Eve is running out of control due to her own fault, it is unknown whether the order will be executed…”

“–If it’s true that there’s a bug, then that’s what it means…”

But you have to bet on this possibility.

“It’s an Oburo-style equipment, but it can be equipped in the first hall and is effective only in Oburo.”

“That’s right, only the NFT Duel Genesis Card can be used here, right?”

Genesis is an NFT with special benefits that often appear in NFT games.

Only early adopters will be able to purchase at the initial price.

There are only limited quantities, so the price often rises.

In XANA, duel cards such as Ultraman and Astro Boy have genesis cards.

Almost all members of XANA’s oldest guild union are multiple Genesis NFT holders.


“Yes, it does. It does not matter what level you are at, you will have the ability to match each attribute. The Metal attribute is shields and armor, the Fire attribute, the Water attribute grants additional damage to offensive weapons, the Earth attribute is total defense, and the Plant attribute is recovery.”

「I see……」

And the one-week trial version is set up so that levels go up ten times faster.”

“Hmm, then you can attack faster?”

“There’s just one problem. If you’re completely wiped out during the actual event, you’ll be returned to the starting hall on each floor and revived… but that’s not the case in the trial version.”

“Eh, then what will happen?”

“…Judging from the current bug situation, there is a high possibility that the data will be deleted from this XANA.”

“What, …… is that ……?”

Isn’t it dangerous?

AI is no longer revived…

Humans, too, may be …….

“I speculate that the Master may be unable to return to his world forever.”


It’s almost dead, right? !

“May I continue?”

“Oh, yes, please.”


“Next is the party, which is limited to 10 people. It can be divided into two, but in the case of another party, buffs and recovery can only be shared within the party.”

“Does that number include pets?”

“Yes, there are ten people including pets. However, pets can be stored in the item box, so it’s okay.”

“If it decreases, you can put it out instead …”

“Yes, I can take it out if it decreases.”

No, it’s a death flag.

“Yes, I have a question, but if it opens tomorrow, can I enter today?”

“Yes, I don’t know why, but it’s already open and the entrance opens and closes normally. There’s no evidence that it was forced open.”

“Botamochi-san and the others……did they get in safely?”

Yes, I think I had no problem getting in. I think there was no problem getting in. I don’t know what’s going on inside.”

(Author: Jiraiya/ Edit: Orb)

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