Reborn As A XANA Master

Goblins in front, slime behind.

They frantically devise ways to respond.

View slime status.

It seems that there are only levels 1 and 2.

Is the attack a …… injection attack?

What is that – but the range is two.

The figure for the range of the proximity is one, so it seems to be about the range of a spear.

By the way, Yukki-san’s thrusting harpoon has a range of 2, and her throwing harpoon has a range of 3.

The attack power of the jet attack doesn’t seem to be high either.

But the problem is the sheer number.

There are already more than 30, and they are still crawling out of the hole I fell into.

The swarm of slimes went straight down the sloping road and was on the verge of reaching us.

Misaki also turned around.

Water Genesis set diagonally upward also follows at the same distance.

It’s convenient to follow the set position.

“Master, you have two arrows left!”

Only two—!

Oops… that’s bad.

“Misaki, for the time being, can you hold me back?”

“Understood, there’s not much distance, but I’ll try shooting a freeze shot in shotgun mode.”


Misaki draws her bow and fires an arrow at Water Genesis.

The distance to the slime vanguard was short, so I exploded in the center of the group.

Countless ice arrows like dart arrows fall.

The four or five bodies hit by the arrow were frozen and stopped moving.

But of course the slimes in the lead don’t stop.

It will soon come within range.

What should I do—I have no choice but to have someone act as a shield behind me.

Poyon, poyon, poyon, poyon, poyon—pshuuuuuuu!


Five slimes suddenly hopped, closed the distance, and jetted something.

Damn, did I misunderstand, isn’t the range 2――!


I jumped sideways in front of Mami and hurriedly tried to cover her, but Mami and Sen-chan were splashed with liquid.


Sen-chan jumped up with Mami, retreated, and hit Tadanobu’s back.


Tadanobu almost fell forward, but he managed to keep his hands on the ground.

Mami’s HP dropped to about 10%, and her status display was bright red.

The five slimes aimed at Mami and concentrated their attacks.

Poyon, poyon, poyon, poyon, poyon—pshuuuuuuu!

Five more slimes attacked.

Let me—!

Sen-chan retreated with Mami, so I was able to stand in front of her.

“Over there”

A burning sensation runs through me, but it’s not a big pain.

Apparently, something like acid was injected.

However, even though I received five injections, my HP only decreased by about 10%.

Huh, I’m fine, right?




“Your Majesty!”

“Good morning, Mr. Taro!”

Almost at the same time, worried voices overlapped.


Zukuon! “Zukuon!”

Something shouted near my right hand, and two flashes were emitted.

eh–! ?

Two flashes were suddenly released and hit the swarm of slimes straight.

A space of about 3 meters is born in the center of the slime swarm.

The slime between them had disappeared, and there were burnt marks on the floor.

My right arm was up to my shoulder, and the demon that was tied to my Liam avatar’s wrist was floating in the air.

I see, this guy, maybe it’s because of this guy that the damage from the slime just now was less?

“Guuwawawawa–a slime-like low-level monster is attacking me! It’s a thousand years too early! Have you seen this devil’s demon-like laser beam–!”

I see, so this guy got annoyed by being attacked by a slime.

“You’re doing it–! Amazing, Devimon.”

“Hey! Don’t treat humans, no, demons as Bogemon! I’m a high class monster!”

“Well, it’s fine, but you guys are called sexual harassment uncles, and you guys only come out when you’re really in a pinch.”

“Goo, this guy, I’m a sexually harassed old man… Hey, don’t treat me the same! Don’t say it again, stupid! Waste! Burn it stupid!”

“The guy just now is amazing, please do more. If you burn all the slime, I’ll call you properly.”


“Eh, what did you say? I can’t hear you.”

“You’re already shooting–!”

“Eh, can’t you shoot? Why? Why?”

“If I shoot more than three shots a day, my body will melt!”

“Melting with just three shots… a phantom soldier…”

“Ugh, what a shame! Tell the master who created me!”

main? “Oh, you’re talking about Mr. Liamun…”

“Kana, take it off a little.”

“Yes, master”



Yukki-san kicked the ostrich and ran towards the slime.

The road that Devimon burned down was already narrowing, but he bravely pushed through it.

“Eh, Yukki-san, where are you going?”

I pulled the reins in front of the hole I fell into and tried to stop the ostrich suddenly, but it overran a little without being able to stop.

――I see!

Yukki set up Earth Genesis and created earthen wall blocks in the space that look like gigantic dice.


It landed on a gushing pit of slime.

“Nice, Yukki-san!”

Yukki looked at me and gave me a thumbs up.

Super cool!

I’m going to fall in love with you.

But there is no way out.

The slimes have already filled the burned-out space, blocking the way home, and some of them are attacking Yukki-san.

Although the slimes have shrunk to less than half, there are still around 30.

Yukki turns around and pokes with a harpoon while keeping a distance.

It’s dangerous if we don’t attack from here and wipe out the slimes.

I’m a bard, so I can’t carry a weapon.

The only way to attack is to reduce the hostility with a charm skill, but… how far can it pass at level 1?

Moreover, the target can be a single opponent.

I’m worried about mana having it, but there’s no other way.

The slimes that were once frightened by the laser beams are heading towards us again.

“Skills, fascination――!”

A sweet melody and a heart effect came out.

But the slime resisted.

A display floats on the target level 2 slime.

No, it may have popped into my head.

“Don, please use it only for level 1 slimes. I will discard level 2 people.”

It seems that the party members can also see the skill judgment.

When I checked Himemi, she had 10% HP, 10% stamina, and 20% mana.

Isn’t it pretty dangerous!

Kana-chan has 20% HP, 10% stamina, and 40% mana.

However, while the two avant-garde are enduring it, the slime behind them should be wiped out…

“Understood. Tadanobu-kun, cut it down.”

“Your will!”

Tadanobu-kun stands in front of me and cuts off while dodging the slime’s jet attack.

But of course it’s not 100% avoidable.

I aim at a level 1 slime and use a charm skill, but the success rate is half at best…

“Master, let Mami heal herself—!”

When I turned around, I saw Misaki shielding Mami with her own body from the flying flame bullets.

“Okay, wait a minute”

The Plant Genesis in front of Mami had been reset.

I set it again in front of Mami.

“Mami, make yourself a single heal, then a party heal.”

“Yes, master. I’m out of mana now.”


I wanted Himemi to recover more with a single heal, but since everyone is in a bad state, I can’t do that.

I’m a little worried about whether Yukki-san, who is far away, will be able to recover.

Mami, whose HP is originally low, recovers to about half.

Everyone, including Yukki-san, has recovered from 10% to a little over 10%.

No wait!

What happened to Kaede――!?

I turned around and checked the direction of the front line, but I couldn’t see it at all because it was behind the goblins.

“Himemi—What about Kaede?”

“I’m sorry Master, I haven’t been able to confirm it since a while ago. My stamina was about to run out a while ago.”

“What about HP and mana?”

“I don’t know, but when I checked it was about 20%!”

This is dangerous!

If you run out of stamina and can’t move, and out of mana and lose stealth, it’s the worst!

“Kaede – come back!”

Scream with your back turned.

The voice should be within reach, but there is no response.

“Misaki, send the last arrow to the goblin rear guard.”

“Master, that’s no good! I can’t see Kaede, so I might hit it.”

That’s true… The manual says that friendly fire judgment is also effective.

Shit, I can’t help it, the slime comes first.

“Master, I will pierce the enchanted slime directly with an arrow and kill it. Tadanobu-kun, do Level 2.”

“Hey, Misaki, does that mean you’re holding an arrow in your hand and stabbing it?”

“That’s right, because I don’t have any other weapons.”

Damn, I should have given Misaki a sub-weapon skill—!

“I’m sorry. Be careful about spraying slime.”


“I also know–“

I ran out of mana with five bodies left.

“Master! Kaede is lying down!”

I turned around to hear Himemi’s voice.

The number of goblins has been reduced to about six.

Four goblin warriors are on the front line, fighting Himemi and Kana in close combat.

Behind them is a goblin warrior and a goblin mage.

The mage is out of mana and isn’t firing fireballs.

A few meters behind that, I can see a fallen maple.

Stealth still seems to work.

Good thing you’re alive

“Master, Kaede’s mana is about to run out. Stamina is zero, HP is 40%.”

“You’ll be noticed if you get a bad stealth release”

“From now on, I’ll give instructions in the clockwise direction, Tadanobu-kun, Misaki, please, at 6 o’clock.”

「Yes, master」

“Your Majesty, I will cut it all off.”

“Mami takes refuge by the wall in the 9 o’clock direction.”

「Yes, master」

I have to go

“I will temporarily rescue Kaede.”

I rely on the defense power of this android avatar.

“Master, Kaede’s stealth has expired――”

Damn it!

The goblin magician who was right in front of Kaede turned around and noticed that Kaede had fallen behind him.

If the stealth is cut off, will the signs also be distracted …?


Perhaps knowing the identity of the invisible enemy that was attacking them, the mage began to hit Kaede with his staff.

There is no time to spare.

“Himemi, knock back!”

“I don’t have enough mana, Master!”

“I will! I’ll do my best. ――Shield skill, bash――!”


It seems to be a skill unique to Kana’s knight job.

The shield inflated, and when it was thrust out, two goblin warriors were blown backwards.

“Now is the time, Master!”

Himemi also doesn’t have any skills, but she pushes the two in front of her to the left with her shield.

Kana becomes half-body and makes space.

I pass by the side, blow away the magician goblin with my body, and manage to pick up Kaede.

Kaede’s HP, which had been beaten by the magician goblin, was below 20%.

The Goblin Warrior who was blown away by Kana was still unable to stand up, but one Goblin Warrior behind me came towards me.

Oh my god, my arms are blocked and I can’t dodge.

Turn your back to the goblin warrior who cut you and protect Kaede.

Master ah!”

While screaming, Himemi left the goblins in the vanguard and rushed in here.

No, the front line will collapse if you come.



The impact of the slash on my back runs through me, taking over 20% of my HP.

It’s dangerous, it’s tougher than a slime’s attack.

Are android avatars vulnerable to physical attacks?

Or maybe it’s because the devil has run out of power…

“You bastard—what are you doing to Master!?”

Himemi slashed at the goblin warrior with a terrible expression.

Two goblin warriors who were knocked back by Kana stand up.


One of them was pierced by an ice arrow.

Misaki seems to have put the final arrow in the coffin.

Ugghhh! Ugggghhh!

Furthermore, it was Tadanobu-kun who hit the other goblin twice with a slashing attack.

“Eh, you guys leave Yukki-san behind…”

When I looked behind me, I saw Yukki-san facing the other two.

“It’s okay over here–!”

“Kana-dono, I will assist you.”

Tadanobu-kun tells Kana, who has pushed the two goblin warriors that Himemi left behind, into the wall.

“Yes, please”

The goblin mage was wrestling with Misaki with bare hands.

Next to him, Himemi was slashing, no, octopus-punching a goblin warrior who had already fallen.

“This! This! This! This! This!”

“Himemi! Enough with that, help Misaki.”

Himemi came to her senses, pushed the goblin magician away with her shield, separated from Misaki, and attacked him.

I was a little surprised to see Himemi, who was always calm and uncharacteristic of an AI.

However, I remembered again that I liked the master, and I grinned in my heart.

Will the maximum setting of the emotional system affect me to the extent that I take actions that make me forget myself…

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Achille)

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