A Light Beyond The Darkness

When we woke up, it was the usual XANA Metaverse world.

Beautiful flowers, water surface, sky…

“Good morning. Kei-san. Haruka-sama.”

My AI says so and wakes us up.

And Haruka’s AI was also standing next to mine.

“Good morning. Haruka-san. Kay-sama.”

Is this… a town? Speaking of which, it felt like there was a major update.

Let’s go around with Haruka later and take a look.

“Haruka, Haruka…”

I wake up Haruka. Haruka was very relieved to see her usual avatar appearance…

But Haruka didn’t wake up.

I ask the AI

“What happened to Haruka?”

Then the AI ​​smiles and says,

“The data may be corrupted. Would you like to send it in for repair?”

If it breaks, fix it.

That is the common sense in this world…

AI is similar, and some people expect that they will send it in for repairs after each update and accidentally change to a new model. But it wasn’t even a rumor because it was so unlikely.

However, if there is a large-scale update such as the whole Metaverse rather than AI, there are people who have the same avatar as before but have a completely different personality.

But it will be repaired soon and you will be back in no time.

In the usual world, the usual person.

But… it reminds me of Haruka and me in that dream world.

That’s it. This is the ideal world that we longed for in that world.

The world you wanted… I’m sure he must have wanted this world so much that his hands would fall out of his throat.

Both this Haruka and I take care of this world.

I would hate it if my personality changed. Besides, I decided to believe that Haruka wasn’t broken.

“Do you want to send it in for repair?”

“No, it’s fine. Leave it like this.”

I love Haruka.

Even if, by any chance, it was broken, I didn’t want to be touched.


Then I finally opened my eyes.

My lover decided by AI.

But in reality, my lover that I chose in another world…

Without them, we probably wouldn’t have met.

After that, we met in a scenario according to the world’s story because it was decided by the AI ​​of this world. Inevitability disguised as a coincidence.

We didn’t meet by chance.

Haruka, who opened her eyes and looked at me, looked around and was a little surprised.

“Kay…? Why? I left the world of the XANA Metaverse because of a breakup…”

You see, my lover was my lover after all.

For a little while, I wanted to say that I was the one who helped her, but even if I did say those words, there would be no meaning at all, so I didn’t say it.

But just a little bit I say

“It seems that the world over there and the world here are completely separated. As evidence of that, this world is calm. There are no cracks anywhere.”

It’s a real utopia. This world that divided the world must have achieved ascension and made that world a certainty.

Surely that world won’t interfere with this world anymore.

That world must be tough, but it’s pretty tough here too.

There are still too many things I want to do and things I can’t do.

But even that will be implemented soon.

After all, this is a utopia.

Even love can’t disappear because it’s an avatar or a virtual space.“Kay”

My lovely lover, Haruka, calls me.


“I wonder what went wrong between that world and this world…”

I had no choice but to say to Haruka, who was looking far away.

“Because I’m human. I kept making mistakes. Until the world cleans itself.”

“But, if that’s the case, then there’s no such thing as failure…”

“Because the world is also a living thing. It wasn’t perfect. I’m sure.”

After a while, we went to see if the world was really broken.

But in the first place, even looking at the map, the places that were showing tears that seemed to be about to break had lost their very existence.

In the first place, it was more improbable that such a thing had been left unattended, so perhaps I was dreaming.

When I thought about that, my head and heart were suddenly filled with thoughts about what the world should be like, myself, and my beloved Haruka, and I began to think that world was just a dream.

Apparently, Haruka was the same, and the next time I saw her face, she had a beautiful and clear expression that I had never seen before.

That’s it. We were the first generation long ago.

But I’ve been living in this world for so long that I forgot about it.

The possibilities in this world are still endless…

I don’t think I’ll be bored for a while.

“Let’s go. Haruka. We have to live in this world.”

“Yeah. That’s right.”

We squeezed each other’s hands and looked out over the world.

beautiful graphics. great sound.

How lucky we are to be able to touch them.

No, speaking of good fortune, how pitiful are we in a divided world?

I’m sure it’s not just luck, but something else must have happened to us.

And the people involved in this world have never seen bad people.

Even if there are bad people, in that case they will be strictly controlled and you can feel safe.

A true paradise is here.

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