Reborn As A XANA Master

“Master, come again…”

“Kaede, it wasn’t there when I passed.”

“Eh, that’s right, Himemi-chan.”

“Mami, just now I saw something suddenly appear on the floor.”


“It hurts!”

Looking back, Mr. Botamochi was falling.

Good thing I’m not the only one.

“Everyone be careful! Something will suddenly come out from under the floor.”

When Himemi warned, everyone paid attention to their feet.

It’s a small trap that just makes you fall, so there’s no damage, but…

It might be a trap that activates later.

But it wasn’t the time to look at your feet.

“Everyone stop, first line, take a defensive posture”

“Sir, yes!”

“Bone approaching from the front, everyone on alert!”

Eh, bone?

Captain Duck urges caution.

It was the very bones that approached from the darkness ahead.

That’s a skeleton.

It looks like a human body model in a science room, equipped with a shield and a sword, but… its size is easily nime.

“Himemi, and loyal retainer, please be the vanguard.”

「Yes, master」


“Make a front line to the right of the duck team. All move in the direction of 2 o’clock.”

「Yes, master」


Yukki’s party is moving forward.

“Then Botamochi-san, we’re on the left.”

“Understood! Yukari, Miho, and Kana-chan will move forward towards 10 o’clock. Please help me.”

“Yes, Captain.”

“Understood, Captain.”

“Riho is under the top, attack if there is a chance”

“Yes, Captain.”

Mr. Botamochi used to play soccer when he was a student and was the playmaker.

The front line consisted of eight men.

It would be difficult to maintain a front line with a width of about 30 meters with only eight people.

In particular, the samurai, Chushin-kun, is a bit harsh in terms of defensive power.

I’m worried that it might get sidetracked.

“Kaede, please take care of Chushin-kun’s turnaround from the right.”


“Misaki, support the two vanguards.

“Okay Master. I don’t have any skills.”

The naginata was a medium-range attack weapon that could be equipped even by the shooting class.

However, you can’t use the skill unless you acquire it.

“That’s fine, Misaki.”

“Mami, please heal someone whose HP has dropped to 40%.”

“Master, won’t you give me the genesis card?”

“Your level has risen, and if you heal alone, you have a considerable amount of recovery, right?”

“Yeah, you can recover half of it at once.”

“Enough. Genesis can only be used for 30 minutes in one battle, so I want to save it.”


The skeletons collided with the vanguard.

Except for the loyal retainers, they block attacks with their shields and swords.

Tadanobu, who has low defense, parries half-body and slashes from the side.

Karan――rumbling rumbling…….

How weak are these guys…

Aren’t the skeletons who confronted the vanguard quite fragile?

Some skeletons dodge our attacks with shields, but their reactions are slow.

Skeletons that were attacked two or three times fell apart and fell to the floor.

However, the number is large and they come one after another, so instead of pushing up the front line, it gradually retreats.

As a result of being cautious not to go around to the left and right, I gradually retreated to the vicinity of the entrance.

When I check my bird skill, there is a flare.

“I’m going to fire a flare—”

After declaring that my allies would not be surprised, I launched it at an angle of about 45 degrees.

What I saw there was a terrifying sight.

Kuwah- how many bones are there!

Everyone is brightly colored.

The other side of the hall was densely packed with white bones.

However, not all of them seem to be skeletons, and the bones in the back look like they have different equipment.

“Mr. Yoitaro, did you see it? The rear guards might be magic-type――――”

I thought it was just as Captain Duck pointed out.

“If it’s a skeleton type, it might be a wither skeleton type…”

“I’m going to send Lilith to see it now.”

The duck captain released a pet squirrel with stealth skills into a group of skeletons.

Shall I let Lizzie go too…?

No, should I have a spare?

I decided that I didn’t have to put it out now.

“Listen, the guys behind us made some noise. Attention everyone!”

Botamochi-san seems to have sensed the enemy’s magic activation with his wolf dog.

A purple light flew from behind the skeleton.

I leaned down for a moment, but it didn’t reach me.

Eh, did you release it to hit an ally?

I soon found out why.

Skeleton bones that were supposed to be scattered on the floor were put together as if they had been regenerated in reverse.

The assembled skeletons grabbed their shields and swords and joined the battle line again.

Seriously… you’re not dead. No, are you already dead?

“No, you revived. Olivia! Sakura! Amaterasu!”

“Sir, yes!”

Three AIs reacted.

Captain Duck set three pieces of Water Genesis in front of each of the three AIs.

That’s amazing, did Duck Captain also have three Water Genesis cards…

“Freezing attack on enemy rearguard!”

“Sir, yes!”

Archers Olivia and Sakura shoot arrows in a parabola.

Amaterasu shoots ice magic in the same way.

With Genesis, the range expands further, and ice bullets fall in 5 meters square.

It seems to be effective to some extent, and spaces are created in places behind it.

Perhaps a group of skeletons or wither skeletons had fallen.

But it may come back to life.

“Ah, Lilith was killed!”

“Eh, stealth doesn’t work?”

“Perhaps the Wither Skeleton saw through the stealth.”

“That’s annoying.”

You can check the status of the skeleton in front of you, and you can see that it has resistance to fire.

However, the Wither Skeleton in the back is too far away to confirm.

To find out, I sent Lilith, a squirrel with stealth skills.

However, since he disappeared from Captain Duck’s party list, we have no choice but to conclude that he was killed.

It’s troublesome that I don’t know how much damage I’m doing to the Wither Skeletons.

For the time being, I put Fire Genesis in front of Misaki and let it shoot arrows.

“It’s no good Master, I don’t know the resistance, but the wither skeletons haven’t spread fire.”

After all, freezing is more likely to penetrate, so should I use Water Genesis…?

I have two Fire Genesis cards in my hand.

I only have one Water Genesis, so I was stingy with it.

Considering that it will be a long-term battle, I want to save it, but…

However, there is no meaning if we lose, so what should we do?


“Don’t be swayed, Mami-dono.”

As Mami had instructed, when it fell below 40%, he recovered his loyal retainer.

It recovers about 50% and becomes 90% HP.

That’s enough recovery… but the mana consumption is about 20%.

Then I can recover 5 times by myself, or if I use a mana potion, I can do double that…

When I checked the HP of the eight vanguards, it was cut down to about 50%.

Himemi still has 60% since she has paladin’s automatic recovery.

The Duck Corps has a recovery type cleric, just like Mami.

What I’m worried about is Yukki, the botamochi party.

Their party has no recovery jobs.

“Master, please look at this”

Himemi turned around and pointed to her feet.

There was a skeleton that turned into dust and disappeared.

Eh, you were able to defeat it completely――! ?

“Himemi, what did you do!”

“Undead skill, Holy Night.”

Really–! !

These skeletons are undead!

In other words, it’s normal to assume that clerics have weaknesses in their skills.

If it’s completely erased, even the Wither Skeleton’s regeneration magic won’t revive it!

“You’re a jerk, use it all the time.”

I’m sorry, Master. I’m sorry, but I don’t have enough mana to handle one at a time.

“Oh, I see, no… it’s impossible with this number.”

“But Mami should have a range skill.”

That’s it–! “Isn’t Mami a cleric!”

“Mami, can you use Holy Knight within range?”

Yes, Master. But if you keep …… as it is, there are only about three of them.”

“Three bodies…..isn’t it just like that?”

“Yeah…if you use all kinds of genesis…”


“Umm, maybe half of this hall?”

“That means a quarter! Let’s do it!”

“That means a quarter! Let’s do it!”

Will most of the mana be gone in a quarter…?

Can I use the potion twice?

Ah, that’s right–!

Wouldn’t it be nice if the duck team could use it too!

“Alright, let’s do it! Mami”

「Yes, master」

Ah, wait, I only have one of each other than Fire Genesis…

It can’t be helped, or should I temporarily remove Himemi’s metal…

“Master, please remove”

Himemi said it first.

“Sorry Himemi, let me do that, please endure a little.”

“It’s okay, Master! I can endure it for a while.”

“Yeah! Please. Remove――!”

He removed the metal genesis granted to Himmemi’s shield and set all types of genesis on top of each other in front of Mami.

“Captain Duck!”

I wanted Captain Duck to see it, so I shouted.

“Let’s go! An eternal night of rest for the dead――Holy Night Sky!”

Whoa, you just said a spell-like word. It’s unscrupulous, but it’s like an MMO and exciting!

Mami’s palm shone, and light like a shooting star passed through five Genesis cards.

The orange light turns into a rainbow color and flies to the ceiling.

The light shined brightly near the ceiling, which was already dark after the effect of the flare had already worn off.

For a while, it becomes a rainbow-colored ball and floats in the sky, expanding while shining.


The ball exploded with a dry sound.

Small balls of light pour down like a waterfall in the hall.

The Skeletons and Wither Skeletons that were hit directly disappear as dust of bone fragments.

It seems that 20-30% of the undead have disappeared.


The cheers of allies rise.

When I looked at Captain Duck, he had already set all types of Genes.

“Go! Rebecca――!”

“Sir Yessir. May the dead be born ducks in the afterlife—Holy Night Sky!”

Duck Squad cleric Rebecca used the same skill as Mami.

Eh, hm, is it the same?

In addition, the undead disappeared and were reduced to about half.

Amazing, it’s an outstanding effect on the undead.

“Mami, use this”

I gave Mami, who was almost out of mana, the mana potion I got on the first floor.

When Mami used it, her mana was fully recovered.

Using Holy Knight again turns the undead into dust.

Now, only about 20% remains.

All right, the rest of the duck squad…

“Master, I have something to worry about!”

“What is it, Misaki?”

“There’s a small number on the bottom left.”

I turned my attention to the left corner of my vision.

Then, the number four is displayed in orange.

“What is this?”

“When the master fell down, the green one came out. When Mr. Botamochi fell down, the blue one came out.”

Himemi also seemed to have noticed.

“I just saw two girls from the duck team falling down.”

“So you mean something is being counted?”

“That’s right, Master. And I think the color indicates the degree of warning.”


While saying that, Rebecca of the duck team fell down.

Interrupted before skill activation.

“What’s wrong, Rebecca…”



The moment Captain Duck was about to say that, about four floor blocks fell out at his feet.



Ducklings one after another fall into holes in the floor.

“Everyone, gather at Master!”

I didn’t understand what it meant, but Himemi’s voice made the AIs gather.



I hug Sen-chan and Mami.

The moment I fell, Himemi and Misaki hugged me.





It’s dark….

It’s dark….




(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Orb)

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