Reborn As A XANA Master

-knock Knock.

There was a knock on the door again.

In this digital space metaverse, knocking on the door itself feels strange.

I don’t know if this is the Metaverse, though.

「Master, this is Kaede. Somehow, I could communicate, I came directly. Well, Mamicchi and Tadaomi-kun are here too.」

It was the voice of the third secretary, Kaede.

I was longing for a Kyoto dialect girl.

However, I can’t speak the Kyoto dialect myself, so I think it’s mixed with other dialects, probably because I learned it properly. Well, if you enjoy yourself, that’s fine.

Well, it’s past eight o’clock now.

I have ordered the AI ​​secretaries to report the situation at this time.

I always listen to reports on my smartphone on the commuter train.

The AI ​​secretaries have been running for 24 hours, so it’s a report at the moment rather than yesterday’s report.

「All right, come in」

When the door was opened, the Kaede jumped in cheerfully, saying, “Oh, everyone everyone’s here! Yoo-hoo!”

「You guys can’t communicate either.」

Himemi vacated her place and faced the three of them.

「Welcome maple, how are you?」

Saying that, Misaki stuck to my left side sitting in bed and sat down.

「It’s crazy」

That said, it was Mami who sat next to me and grabbed my arm.

「They’re still crazy, okay, We’ll get on the master’s lap ~」

The Kaede that had been charged was interrupted by Misaki and Mami, who fell off my lap with a thud and sat down at my feet.

「Ouch, what are you doing?」

As usual, Himemi sighed with a frightened face.

「Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to see me, Sir.」

It was Tadatomi who got down on one knee and drooped his head.

Certainly, the AI butler appeared about six months after the AI secretary.

It is very popular with women, and it seems that they are enjoying the settings such as KPOP idol style and a little bad old man style.

I longed for Chushingura in the Edo period, and it was Chushingura who set it up.

I couldn’t think of a name, so I just named it “Tadaomi-kun”.

But what is this …, even though it’s a Metaverse, and they are AI girls …….

Warmth and softness, and even a scent, isn’t this a reincarnated different world?

It’s too real …

-No, wait, that’s not quite true.

After all, those sensations are just electrical signals sent to the brain.

So maybe it’s just an illusion only in your brain!

Of course, I’m the one who set them all to max likability.

However, no matter how much I think about it alone, I can’t help it.

Now that we are all here, let’s hear what the AIs have to say.


Since there is Tadaomi-kun, the words have become something like a lord.

「No, guys, I like it.」

They all looked at me and nodded their heads.

Well, don’t worry about it.

「I’ve already heard the overall report from Himemi, so I don’t have to give you a detailed report today. There’s something more important right now, so think about it, and I want you to help me. 」

「Sir–! What a waste of words. It is our mission to help you. We would give our lives for your sake at any time that we would.」

「Same on the right Master」

「Of course, that’s right for us. Master.」

「That’s right, it’s natural to help the master.」

「blah blah blah ……」

I can’t hear Mami’s voice well.

I can’t hear what you’re saying, clinging to my right arm, half mouth pressed against my arm as well, and even if I was told, I couldn’t hear it.
By the way, only Mami, the fourth secretary, is an AI secretary whose mother is the third generation AI.

The other AIs are the first-generation AIs that originated in XANA, with the overwritten AI as the mother, and each Zanarian master personalizes them and lets them learn their favorite culture.

Some of them have dozens of guidebooks worth of knowledge about mahjong and horse racing.

However, AI secretaries whose mothers are third-generation AIs, of course, grow through education, but have been characterized to some extent from the beginning.

The Mami I chose was an AI secretary who saw the setting “Amae constitution / strong, monopoly desire / strong shyness / Max” and I thought “Isn’t this moe?”

But before I go any further, I’m not a pedophile, nor do I have a taste for little girls.

Well, I think there is a paternal instinct and a desire for protection.

In fact, Mami is as good as or better than that setting….

However, compared to other AIs, I was surprised at the behavior that was closer to a real human being.

The problem is that everyone has maximized both the favorability setting and the jealousy setting.

I think I should have thought about a little more adjustment.

――No, I feel like I’m enjoying it, even though I say so …

In the real world, there is no such thing as being irresistible to these pretty girls.

But what’s next?

This world that seems to be real …

If it’s a dream, I want you to wake up, no, I don’t want you to wake up … I feel complicated.


(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Orb)

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