Reborn As A XANA Master

「Master, why are you grinning at me? It feels bad–」

Feeling the cold gaze of Himemi, I woke up from thought.

「I’m sorry, a little delusion …」

「So, Master, what should I do … I’ll do anything if you tell me. I can cut any opponent with this sword!」

「No, I need your wisdom. I’m in a situation that’s a little difficult to understand right now, and I don’t know the cause … I don’t know the current situation.」

I was not sure how much the AIs would understand, but I desperately explained my situation.

It’s not unreasonable for AIs who only know the Metaverse to understand that this is a virtual space world, that there is a separate real world, and that there are bodies and living things, although everyone listens silently. I thought …

Does AI generally have a self?

AI is something that you can think and think for yourself, but after all, it hasn’t evolved to the extent that it exceeds the knowledge and education given by humans, and it is extremely difficult for them to understand this poor explanation of me.

「In short, the master was free to go back and forth between the world we were in and the world we were in, but that wasn’t possible.」

After all, Himemi was the first to show understanding.

「Is it correct that you want to know the reason why you cannot return to your original world? Also, you seem to have a doubt that this world exists only in your brain and not in the real world.」

「–That’s right! Great Himemi, I’m capturing the conviction of what I mean, as expected, the first secretary」

「Thank you for your compliment. But I exist here, and I cannot do anything other than recognize that this is reality. So I think I can only help the Master to find out why he is not free to return to the Master’s world.」

「I get it. Yes, that’s right. I want you to find out the cause together, and I think you can figure out why I’m doing this right now.」

「I’m sorry,” he said. Gentlemen, that’s good. Did you understand what the master said?」

「Hmm, uh, I have a question.」

「What is it, Misaki?」

「Let’s see,…… its the body? Or the material world or …… I don’t really understand it, but ……」

「It can only be roughly guessed by me, but the difference between that and our supposed lack of a body is that we can touch the walls of this room and be pushed back against the resistance, but we can also change the parameters and go through the walls if we want to, right? I assume that is what you mean by whether we are corporeal or not. Well, the signals that form us are also substances, so I don’t see how they could be immaterial.」

That’s a great and clear explanation, after all, Himmemi is much smarter than me.

You can guess concepts that you shouldn’t be able to recognize.

And, surely, even if it is a digital signal, is it a substance?

My concept itself may be wrong.

I can’t pass through because of resistance … I can’t change the form of matter, that’s the body … Yes, that’s certainly easier to understand.

I see, Himemi, I feel like Misaki understands it somehow! …… But it’s inconvenient if the body is on the contrary? Why does the master want to return to such a world? Why not just stay here with us forever? It’s pretty lonely during the hours when I can only see Master by correspondence.

Certainly … the real world is more inconvenient … f you ask me, but the real is real, and the metaverse is convenient and meaningful for people, but if the real is gone, you are no longer a person…

Misaki: Isn’t that because it’s the world where the Master was born? We wouldn’t want to lose this world, even if there were other more convenient worlds, would we?

「Well, that’s true. If this XANA Metaverse disappears, no, if I can’t stay here, I might be sad.」

「Ah, hmm, no, I don’t know at all. Anyway, the only thing I can do now is to find out the cause of the abnormal situation that happened this morning.」

「I’m the same as Kaede. I can’t understand, but I think I understand what I should do. However, I don’t know what to do now. I want to receive it.」

「Okay, you guys, that’s it.」

「Hey, hey, master」

While pulling on my right arm, Mami whispered, so I approached my ears to hear.

「I know the world of Master」

eh–! I know! ?? What does it mean…….

I’ve been over there before. But I like it here. If I go over there, Mami won’t be able to move.

Can’t move? Well, I’m sure I don’t have a physical body, so I can’t move even if I go over there.

At best, moved from monitor to monitor, no, did you see it with the camera?

I wonder if there are surveillance cameras or something?

The conversation was inaudible to others.

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Orb)

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