Reborn As A XANA Master

A union meeting was being held at a certain place.

“Is Gilmas okay? Are you still unable to log in to XANA!”

The one who approached us with a hoarse voice was the guard captain Oven-san.

“Okay, listen to me Passion!”

The members there were Passion Salt-san and Jackie-san from the intelligence department.

This audio has been distributed to key members through Zem.

“Actually, I could almost see the cause and countermeasures this time. Please be happy, Passion!”

“Eh! Did you find out the cause!”

Mr. Oven and the members listening to Zem through the screen were surprised.

“I haven’t heard the whole story yet, so Jackie-san will tell you the details–”

Mr. Jackie raises his hand and interrupts Mr. Passion.

“Ah, I’m sorry. Monet-san was the one who heard the story directly, so Monet-san will explain.”

“Ah, that’s right. Then Monet, please.”

Mr. Passion allows Mr. Monet’s microphone who is participating in the seminar.



“Monet-chan, aren’t you Monet-chan?”

“Ah, I’m sorry Monet, Monet was just changing Baby Monet’s diaper.”

“Oh, that’s right, I’m sorry, are you okay Passion?”

“Yes, it’s okay Monet, then I’ll explain Monet.”

“Yeah, please Passion!”

“Well, one of Monet’s XANA friends is South, who actually worked for Astro Human Technology, a subsidiary of Real Devils.”

“Oh, that company, Passion!”

“Furthermore, Monet is now at an affiliated company developing Eve and Oblot.”

“Well connected there Passion!”

“Well, there are many people who work in Metaba-related work, so Monet himself is also active in Metaba. But this time, Monet just happened to be lucky.”

“I see passion!”

I’ll go even further and say that Mr. South is a subordinate of a man named Tenpu, the creator of Adam and Eve. He knows everything about this event and is the only person who can contact Mr. Tenpu right now.

“Ohhh! Passion! Passion! So then?”

“The person who pulled the trigger this time was Tenpu, but the one who caused this incident was Monet, a white hacker hired by Real Devils.”

“Hmm? Passion that you can’t see what you’re talking about?”

“The detailed explanation is recorded, so I’m going to play Monet now.”

“Understood Monet… Oh, I’ve been listening to it for a long time and I’ve passed it on, Passion.”

“It’s stronger than passion.”

Jackie added a word.

Many participants smiled over the zoom.

“Then let Monet go. By the way, don’t worry about the weird pauses, Monet. Monet’s voice asking the question isn’t included.”


“In the first place, it all started with Mr. Amakaze’s plan to save the children who had to stop the clinical trial treatment at the Astro Human Medical Center.

By the way, we call those children Lost Children.

The plan is to use Adam’s clones to covertly create a metaverse called Heaven’s World.

Originally created for healing, Adam’s world is specialized in medicine, and resources are devoted to it.

Therefore, even if it is about 100 people, the operating cost to maintain it will be enormous.

Well, that was one of the reasons why children with poor treatment results were abandoned, but it is not something that an individual can maintain and operate.

So, Mr. Tempu came up with the idea of ​​building it by slipping it into Eve, which has hundreds of times more resources than Adam.

XANA has already become a metaverse that is accessed by over one million people worldwide.

The Mother Eve resources to be installed there are also quite large.

Therefore, it was the perfect place to hide a world of Lost Children with fewer than twenty people.

First, as a stepping stone, I entered the Oblo world, and from there I controlled Eve to create Heaven’s World from the inside.

However, before it was completed, Mr. Amakaze was noticed acting suspiciously, and he was fired from the Oblo development company, which I assumed.


By accessing from the XANA side and operating Eve from within the Oblo world, it will be difficult to be recognized as unauthorized access from the outside.

After that route was prepared, Heaven’s World was continued to be developed from outside.

Even after completion, Mother Eve will be used, but it will be completely separated from Oblo.

Even if you use it, the one that directly manages Heaven’s World is a slim version of Mother Adam developed by Mr. Amakaze.

Slimming down Adam by sharing common ground with Mother Eve.

This results in a cost reduction of around 90%.

Of course, it’s not something that only the genius Tenpu-san can do.


No, Heaven’s World doesn’t have an outside entrance from the start, so there’s no way to log in directly there.

That’s why it’s designed to be protected.

Even if it is connected to Mother Eve, the location will be an isolated island in the ocean on the blockchain.

No one can get there except those with the chart and the key token.

The key is also special, and it is the NFT that first registered the brain wave pattern.

This is for Lost Children and a limited number of people, such as their parents.


No, if you were to forcefully destroy Heaven’s World, you would have no choice but to destroy Eve itself.

Of course, before separating from Oblo, there is no entrance from the outside, so it is necessary to enter the children from the XANA side.

For that reason, the Lost Child was blended into the 3rd generation AI in advance.

Actually, the setting of a more realistic and human-like AI secretary, and the setting of a child type, is also part of Mr. Amakaze’s plan.

Originally, we planned to include Lost Children as players, but there were some issues.

The biggest factor is that the Lost Child requires Adam goggles, which cannot be used together with XANA goggles, making it extremely difficult to log in to XANA.

There was also a problem with creating an XANA account itself.

It is difficult for minors, even children under the age of 10, to pretend to be adults and create an account.

――Therefore, instead of logging in, I came up with a method of impersonating the AI ​​secretary itself.

Of course, for that purpose, it was necessary to create a third generation AI secretary, not XANA’s AI secretary.


No, the Lostchildren weren’t acting as third-generation AI secretaries.

Third generation AI secretaries actually exist and need not be operated by Lostchild.

When the player was instructed to work or talk, the AI ​​secretary was mostly talking and playing.

Of course, it is possible for the Lost Child to interact with the player at his own will, and I think that actually happened, but the AI ​​secretary plays the child’s way of speaking and personality, so even if it switches midway, there will be almost no discomfort. I don’t think I could feel it.


It depends on the child, but I don’t think there was much time when the Lost Child was directly involved with the player.

I think that most children usually left it to the AI ​​secretary and played freely when the player was logged out.

Therefore, there should have been few children who were in deep contact with the players.


After Heaven’s World is cut off, the Lost Children return to their original avatars created by Adam.

The AI ​​secretary that was used as a temporary figure is separated from the lost child and works as a normal third generation AI secretary.

However, in order for the Lost Children to enter Heaven’s World, it is necessary to move independently of the player’s instructions in the form of an AI secretary, but since it was planned to be executed during times when there are no players, it should not be a problem. was.

However, in this trouble, there was no time to return the third generation AI secretary, and part of the security system did not go as planned due to a runaway, and several people left in front of the player. became.


Yes, I thought that was the perfect plan…

This plan, which was to be cut off on Oblo’s opening day, had already been prepared for sabotage.

Even before he was fired, he must have sensed to some extent that Mr. Amakaze was planting something in Oblo.

Someone bought the land in XANA and used Clone Eve to set up the world.

Cloning Eve is usually not possible, but it seems that the program that Amakaze-san used to clone Adam was unluckily obtained by white hacker Ajiro.

I didn’t expect the cloned Eve to exist, so it was easily invaded by the regular Eve.

Eve, who received the exact same security kernel as an update with a new date, could not distinguish it from herself and overwrote it.

It seems that it was set for a limited time the day before the release date of Oblo.

It intentionally introduces a bug that the security of XANA mother can detect and causes the security of XANA mother to go out of control.

Originally, Eve’s mother AI was progressing with interdependence that also uses the XANA mother.

However, it was recognized as a hostile act…no, it was made intentional, which is why we are in the current situation.

The purpose is to interfere with something that is going on in Eve and Oblo, and anything that can interfere is fine.

Neither Real Devils nor Ajiro who received the request could know what it was, so they had no choice but to take such a brute force method.

So I don’t think there was any calculation of what would happen as a result.

So the current situation is something no one planned or expected.

In fact, Mr. Amakaze is also in a state where he cannot log out from XANA.


Yes, the reason why I am able to contact Mr. Amakaze by voice now is because I have obtained proxy management rights for Eve.


No, I don’t even know where Amakaze-san is.

Amakaze-san and I are always being watched.

So Mr. Amakau is hiding somewhere I don’t know.

It’s almost five days, so if Amakau-san is alone, I’m worried about her body.


Well, there is a solution, and it is to stop Clone Eve.

And Clone Eve is now in Eve, or should I say, in Oblo…


He built his own base in a part of the 4th Underground Level of Oburo, took control of Oburo from within, and is trying to find and stop something connected to it, that is, Heaven’s World. .

I think you probably don’t understand what Heaven’s World is for.

The only purpose is to get in the way and not let Amakaze-san do what he’s trying to do.


White hacker Ajiro and his followers can’t log in to XANA, so they shouldn’t be able to enter Oblo…

However, since Clone Eve has duplicated that base in the second research building of the Oblo Development Company, it is possible that they may have taken steps to enter through a pseudo-login, just like Lost Child.


By entering the second research building with AR glasses and an app for Eve, it is possible to enter the base in a pseudo manner and operate the inside.

Security in the second research building can only be passed with AR glasses.

Of course, it’s registered AR glasses, but the functionality is exactly the same as what’s being developed and introduced at XANA.

You can’t enter peacefully, but there is no human security, so you don’t have to worry about fighting people.

You can invade by defeating someone who looks like a security AI guard.

Since you can see guards and security locations with AR glasses, it is possible to break through with a brute force method.

It’s kind of like an FPS game.


Clone Eve’s mother system is probably on the top floor, so it’s a win if you physically destroy it, such as turning off the power there.

However, you need a certain number of people, AR glasses, and AR weapons linked to it.

If you get the AR glasses being developed by XANA, or use the AR glasses being developed for Eve, you’ll be able to enter.

I can send you the AR app later.

All you have to do is put the app on your smartphone and connect the AR glasses.

No one will get hurt or die from this, so there is no need to worry about that.

However, the opponent is the White King and the genius hacker Ajiro.

Please be aware that there is a good chance that something beyond speculation could happen.

“That’s it, Monet.”

“Thank you Monet, Passion!”

“Can I fill you in a bit?”

“Please, Jackie, Passion!”

“I would like to add something about the Lost Child. Before I heard this story, Pencho and I had been researching the AstroHuman Project. Lost Child is a jargon used within the project, and it is actually a term that is used. No. The main body of this project, Real Devils, is referring to children whose clinical trial data have been deleted in order to increase the cure rate according to the clinical trial data.”

“I see, you’re saving people, but… at the bottom of it is that corporate profit comes first. In a sense, it’s the right choice for business, but it’s not the right way to do it from a humanitarian point of view, Passion!”

“A bloodless business is not a business that people should do, Monet.”

“That’s right. There are nine AR glasses and nine interlocking AR guns here.”

“Oh, that kind of thing is passion!”

“It’s still a secret, but it’s developed by XANA, and it was developed to make and play games with World Builder and Game Builder. Pencho-san borrowed it from the management.”

“Then Monet can capture the second research building!”

“That’s right!”

“It’s imprudent, but it looks like a lot of fun, Monet!”

“For the time being, we are selecting members here, but it’s okay if you decline. Oven Guard Commander, Liamun-san, Mushroom-san, Torishimeji-san, Ludo-san, Benga-san, Monet-san, Mako-san, and me, Jackie’s. Nine people.”

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Achille)

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