Reborn As A XANA Master


Himemi pulled my avatar and knocked me down, but it was too late.

The red penguins, who began to fight each other in dazzlement, also shot at us.

I have a hole in my forehead.

“You can’t do it, Master, you have to lie down right away!”

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to confirm…”

If this were real, I’d be dead, but it didn’t hurt or itch at all, and I wasn’t bleeding.

“It’s smaller than a bullet wound from a black penguin…”

“Even so, 3% of the data has been damaged! Please have a greater sense of danger!”

“I’m sorry…”

“Evacuate immediately from now on! Sounds good, Master!”

Himemi flinched a little because it was a sword curtain that she had never seen before.

“Ah, ah, I understand, Himemi.”

It’s like a mother scolding a child for worrying her.

If I had a mother, I wonder if it would feel like this…

For me who didn’t have a mother, my heart slowly warms up.

Himemi sometimes snuggles up to me like a mother, like a lover, like a wife.

I once again realize that I have become an irreplaceable existence for myself.

He denies that it’s strange to have such feelings for an AI that isn’t even human…

However, my thinking further denies it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a human or an AI, right?

Well, if it’s important to you, it doesn’t matter.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

I couldn’t really look down, but I can imagine the bewildered red penguins fighting each other.

It went on for about two minutes and then it went quiet.

“I wonder if the effect has worn off…”

“Well, it would be nice if they were annihilated.”

–Gatan, Gatan, Gatan.

–Gatan, Gatan, Gatan.


“I’ll take a peek, so please stay still, Master.”


Himemi sticks her head out from the landing of the stairs and peers out.

However, in about five seconds, I immediately withdraw my face.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Himemi was already out of the line of fire when she fired.

“I’m going up while jumping on both feet.”

“I see, the only way to climb with those short legs is to jump.”

“I think the number has been cut in half.”

About half of fifty is about twenty-five bodies…

It was quite effective… but there are still many.

If you’ve made it this far, no matter how you look at it, it’s my fault.

“Okay, let’s use illusion again.”

“Master, can the illusion be activated by catching the opponent in sight?”

“Yeah, you can use it as long as the line of sight passes through it. It’s impossible for the guy coming up because it’s in the shadow of the stairs, but you can use it for the guy below.”

“Master, please get between me and the shield.”

“Huh? Between Himemi and the shield…”

Himemi turns around my back and hugs me.

“Himemi-chan, in that case…”

Misaki seems to have misunderstood something.

I misunderstood for a moment, but I understood the intention immediately.

“You can see through the hole in the shield, can’t you?”

I see, so you’re using the skill through the shield…

“Yeah, I can see it.

“It may not be unharmed, but it’s a little better now.”

“Okay, let’s do it”

It is difficult to walk while being held by Himemi’s right hand.

Himemi couldn’t help but pick me up with her right hand and move to the landing.

This is because you can observe better from the external landing than from the fence.

It’s a strange sight in the real world, but not here.

The red penguins are in single file and jump up the stairs.

The lead will soon reach the second floor.

I set my sights on the penguins waiting in line at the bottom of the stairs.

The stairs are folded, so the line of sight does not pass.

“Illusion – Alright, retreat!”

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Even though I blocked it with my shield, several shots hit me and Himemi’s legs.

I had two holes in my leg.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

It seems that the red penguins have started fighting each other again.

–Gatan, Gatan, Gatan.

However, the red penguins who were climbing the stairs are not dazzled, so they come up.

Even so, the dazzled red penguin hits, and the number of red penguins on the stairs should decrease.

I repeated this tactic twice, and the number of red penguins that I could confirm was about ten on the stairs.

I can’t count the exact number.

But, of course, it also suffers.

I had more than 10% damage, and Himemi had more than 28% damage.

In particular, Himemi’s feet are full of holes and I’m worried.

“We’ll meet you on the roof, let’s retreat.”

The leading red penguin has already crossed the entrance on the third floor and is already approaching the roof.

Form a line with Himemi in the lead.

I can’t afford to be dazzled on the roof.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an enemy or an ally, so there’s a chance that you’ll get hit too.

Tadatomi, you turn to Himeimi’s left and attack, and manage to take her down before she gets shot.”

“Your will, even in exchange for my life.”

“Misaki, turn to Himemi’s right, and if the second one comes right away, kill it.”

“Yes, master”

–Gatan, Gatan, Gatan.

Silence and tension run through.

The lead red penguin jumped out onto the landing.

Immediately turn around and open your mouth at Himemi.

Tadaomi-kun jumps out to Himemi’s left side with his speed.

Bang bang bang――.

I was shot about three times, but Tadaomi-kun cut it down with Iai.


Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

The second red penguin, which was right behind him, had already opened its mouth and started shooting.

Tadaomi-kun avoids it with Shunpo.

Himemi protects the back row and accepts everything with her body.

— View.

Misaki comes out to the right and shoots with a double shot.


Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

The third penguin came up in a shooting position.

It seems to be learning by watching the previous penguin.

When I got up, it was facing me and its mouth was open.

It will shoot right away.

Misaki is shot before getting behind Himemi.

However, Himemi moved her shield slightly to the right to cover it.

Only one shot hit.

“Thank you, Himemi-chan.”

Tadaomi-kun also sees Misaki as dangerous and plunges into the line of fire without looking back.

I cut it down beautifully, but I received several shots and a hole was made in the body.

――Gatan, bang bang bang…….

Soon the fourth one came up again.


I couldn’t do anything, so I took a step to the left of Misaki and activated charm.

However, it was registered.

Is it resistant, or did it not activate due to a probabilistic problem…

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Because I used a skill, Misaki and Chuomi-kun’s attack timing is delayed.

The fourth body fired without receiving any resistance.

The fifth will come up soon.

The 4th and 5th red penguins appeared on the roof at the same time.

“Master, don’t move!”

He is scolded by Himemi who takes the attack all over himself.


――Gatan, bang bang bang…….

The sixth has also climbed.

This is bad–!

Are you still there?



Mami’s sleep was activated when Tadaomi-kun was about to slash at the fourth body.


Tadaomi-kun slaughtered the fourth red penguin, but he got stuck in Mami’s sleep.

— View.

Tadaomi-kun, who stood still, was about to be shot by the fifth red penguin.

However, Misaki’s arrow hits on the verge and the fifth body becomes dust.

In addition, the sixth body shoots the stick standing loyal retainer.

— Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.

Knock back!”

In order for Himemi to save it, she charges and activates Knockback.

Tadaomi-kun was saved by Himemi’s body-throttled assault, and received only about three shots, but the damage was small.

Himemi’s damage is accumulating accordingly.

But I don’t have time to check.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry……”

Mami desperately apologizes.

“It’s okay Mami, this is my responsibility. Don’t worry!”

Yes, it’s not Mami’s fault, it’s my fault for breaking the timing of the rotation.

— View.

The sixth body, which was knocked back by Himemi, collided with the seventh body that came up later.

Without missing the chance, Misaki shoots the sixth body that has stopped moving.

The sixth body becomes dust and disappears.

The seventh body will immediately shoot from behind again.

— Bang bang bang, bang bang bang.


The eighth body has risen.

That’s right, there was another attack method!

“Please Devimon, shoot a laser.”

“Don’t worry, point in the direction you want to shoot.”

Unexpectedly, Devimon reacted immediately, which surprised me.

I jump a little to the right, grab Devimon’s head and point it at the eighth red penguin.

“Himemi, step back!”

Himemi takes a few steps back, but her movements are sluggish.

I move further to the right in order to avoid hitting Himemi at an angle.

“Shoot, Devimon!”


Penetrated the eighth red penguin.

“Well done Devimon, thank you.”


Devimon took a brazen attitude, but he didn’t care.

“Everyone, stubborn movement”

It seems that Tadaomi-kun’s sleep has been lifted.

Immediately, Tadaomi-kun peers down the stairs.

“Master, he’s gone. It’s our victory.”

“Fuu, that was helpful…”

With that one word, the tension was released at once and I sat down.

“Thank you everyone, well done. And… I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”

“No, it’s not Master’s fault. I’m sorry, I sounded harsh.”

Himemi turned around and apologized.

“No, there’s no problem at all… Huh?”

“I’m sorry, loyal retainer.”

“Don’t worry, Mami-dono.”

I noticed that Himemi’s movements were strange.

Even though Misaki and Chushin-kun sat down, Himemi didn’t move her lower body.

The damage rate is 43%.

“Excuse me Master, my legs have stopped moving.”

Both legs were full of holes.

After receiving a few more shots… a chill ran through my body.

–Pakyun! “Pasi!”

–Pakyun! “Pasi!”

A gunshot sounded, piercing Himemi’s shield and opening a hole in her chest.

The second shot pierced Misaki’s abdomen while she was sitting.

“What happened!?”

“Two black penguins confirmed on the roof of the building opposite 10 o’clock! We will fight back.”

Misaki finds an enemy and prepares her bow.

“Everyone should evacuate by the fence in the 9 o’clock direction–”

Mami runs to the wall in the nine o’clock direction with Sen-chan.

“Double shot!”


The arrow Misaki shoots hits perfectly and turns into dust.

I can see the other one opening its mouth to fire a second shot.

“I’m sorry Master, goodbye.”

“–You can’t do it, Himemi!”

“It’s no good! Master also has a damage rate of 35%――”

He tried to stand in front of Himemi, but was stopped by Himemi’s arm.

“Don’t be silly Himemi, I’m going to break up with you!”

–Pakyun! “Pasi!”




It wasn’t Himemi who fell, it was Misaki.

Misaki suddenly ran in the direction of Himemi’s 9 o’clock.

“Thank you Misaki, I will kill him!”

Point Devimon at the black penguin in the opposite building.

The black penguin has a longer shot interval than the red penguin.

Align carefully.

“Shoot, Devimon!”

“I’m going to stop shooting with this.”


A flash of light is emitted, and a red light extends to the opposite building.

Across the street, the black penguin on the roof about 20 meters away disappeared.


“Misaki! Why are you――Master, Misaki…”


I rush to Misaki lying on her back.


“Hey, you’re lying!”

“When I was shot just now, the damage rate had already exceeded 46%… I’m sorry Master.”

“Idiot, why…”

“Because… without Himemi-chan, the master is useless.”

“That’s… I care about you too! I don’t want to lose you either!”

“Thank you Master, I really enjoyed being with you until now…”

Misaki’s body shattered from the ends and began to melt.

“No! No! No! Oh, why Misaki!”

“Master, please give me the last time.”

I lifted Misaki up and hugged her body full of holes tightly.

“I’m sorry, Misaki! I didn’t realize your damage rate.”

That’s right, I was only worried about Himemi standing in the vanguard.

No wonder Misaki doesn’t have a shield and has a high damage rate!

What were you looking at, I…

“It’s okay Master, please praise me more than that. I did my best… isn’t it?”

My limbs were almost dust.

“Ah…ah, you were very active…”

“Himemi-chan, don’t be jealous, I am very happy to be hugged by my master.”

“Misaki… Misaki… you idiot, I was the one for that role, but you’re cheating…”

Large drops of tears dripped down from Himemi’s eyes.

“Ehehehe, goodbye to Kaede…”

Before she could finish speaking, Misaki’s face melted into the air, and eventually her whole body disappeared.

(Author: Jiraiya/ Edit: Orb)

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