Reborn As A XANA Master

《Guild Union Headquarters》

Botamochi-san respawned in the guild headquarters lounge.

“I’m glad… I’m alive. You guys…”

“Yes, Captain.”

AI secretary Yuna Ellis Julietta and others answered at the same time.

“I can’t help but be happy, I have to report it immediately.”

Botamochi dashes to Gilt’s conference room to report.



The moment I opened the door, I saw Pencho-san with only a head.

AI secretary Yuna, who was right behind me, supported me when I was about to lose my back in surprise.

“Ah, it’s the first time you’ve seen Mr. Botamochi. I’m sorry to startle you. Master Pencho is in this state, but he’s fine, so please don’t worry.”

AI secretary Manamin, who was holding Pencho-san’s head, said apologetically.

“Ah, that’s right. I was surprised…”

“Master is in the real world and will come back from time to time to contact you. Currently he is away.”

“Well, that’s right… No, I heard that only Mr. Pencho could be contacted, but I didn’t hear that only his head was left…”

“That’s right, you went directly to Oblo from the shop.”

“Yeah, um, Gilmas and the others?”

“Everyone is outside. I just defeated the bug buster penguins that attacked.”

“Then let’s go outside.”

“Yes. Please. But before that, let me explain the current situation.”

“Ah, that’s right.”

“Currently, Jisho of Gilmas who rides horses, and Tic Tac who rides bears, both of them have their legs damaged. Also, Yakisugi-san, Liv-san, and Yakisugi-san’s Maria are the only AI secretaries. ”

“That much damage… how long until the next attack?”

“From the last occurrence, I think it’s about 60 minutes left.”

“roger that!”

《Underground Labyrinth Oburo Opposite Pier》

At the pier on the other side of the underground labyrinth of Oburo, there were those who respawned.

The first to respawn was Yukki, followed by Double Tim, Tamotsu and his AI secretaries.

“What about Mr. Botamochi?”

Immediately after respawning, Mr. Doubletim immediately notices.

“He was killed almost at the same time as me, but I think the place to register for respawn is probably the guild headquarters.”

“Oh… that’s good. Everyone is safe.”

Doubletim looks relieved.

“At first, I was afraid I might die, but for now, I’m glad that everyone is safe. By the way, Yukki-san, how is the Buster Penguin doing now?”

Tamotsu-san looked around and said while being cautious.

“Calculating from the time of the last attack here and the time I checked before respawning in Oblo, it will be about an hour until the next attack?  As long as the 90 minute interval hasn’t changed.”

“Well, now what should we do… return to Oblo, or…”

Mr. Tamotsu asks for his opinion on the course of action he should take in the future.

“I’m worried about Yoitaro-san and the others, but I know that Oblo can respawn, and there’s a duck squad, so I think we should head to the guilt headquarters.”

Suggested by Yukki.

“Eh, the duck team too!”

Tamotsu-san and Doubletim-san said at about the same time.

“Yes, it seems that Ann-chan, the third-generation secretary, has disappeared and has come to look for her.”

I see. …… Then again, maybe we should go to Guilmouth and the others first.”

Tamotsu agreed.

“Well, first let’s go to support those at high risk.”

Double Tim agrees.

“-Eh, yeah yeah!”

Suddenly, Yukki-san shouted loudly.

「Eh, what?」

“Wh-what’s wrong!”

Tamotsu-san and Doubletim-san were startled.

“Do you know how many days the two of you were in Oblo?”

“Isn’t it about three days?”

Tamotsu answered immediately.

“Um, I probably feel that way too… eh!”

Double Tim is surprised when he confirms the date himself.

“N, what… eh?!”

Mr. Tamotsu also opened his own control panel and raised a surprised voice.

Six days and several hours had passed since they entered Oblo.

“Wh-what’s going on… did it take three days to respawn?”

Tamotsu thinks it’s possible that some time had passed before he was respawned.

It’s possible. Or the time to move forward is different in and out of Obloo. ……”

Doubletim speculates on another possibility.

“In that case, I’m worried about the difference in the passage of time between real life and XANA. How many years have passed since I returned?”

Yukki seems to be imagining the story of Taro Urashima, who became an old man while spending time in Ryugu Castle.

“Wow, that’s scary… I don’t want you to say that decades have passed when you return.”

Tamotsu also seems to have imagined Urashima Taro.

“Come to think of it, I lost consciousness several times even in Oblo. I was attacked by sleepiness.”

Doubletim thinks it may have been caused by going into a sleep state, labeled as activity limited.

“There are various bugs, so it seems better not to trust the time display on Oblo.”

Yukki doubts the authenticity of the Oblo time display itself.

“But if that’s the case, I’m even more worried about the guild headquarters, let’s go quickly!”

When Tamotsu said so, the two nodded with uneasy faces.

《Second Research Building of Oblo Development Company》

The second research building of the Oburo Development Company was located deep in the mountains, more than two kilometers away from the company building.

Even though it is deep in the mountains, it is a villa area, so there are houses and villas here and there.

Some buildings have lights on.

About 20 meters before the second research building, there was a large wagon parked at the rental villa.

The AR Glass Corps, which was formed by the members of the Guild Union, came on board.

At 2 o’clock in the middle of the night, nine people were gathered in the living room of the rental villa.

“Then, let’s form a unit. This is the command post, and Benga-san will send orders.”

Jackie announces the formation of the unit.


Benga-san complied and immediately opened the laptop and started it up.

“I, Jackie and Ludo-san, will be on standby here as a reserve unit.”

“Understood, Jackie.”

Mr. Ludo responded while preparing everyone’s coffee.

“As for the assault squad, the first squad is Oven Guard Commander, Monet-san, and Mako-san, and the second squad is Captain Riamun, Mushroom-san, and Torishimeji-san.”

Each of them answered “yes” in turn.

“Everyone, you have downloaded XANA’s AR app.

“Hey hey, I wonder if there will be a report to a security company like Alisock, or a report to the police…”

Mr. Liamun voices his concerns about being found.

“It seems that they are confident in their security, and it has already been confirmed that there are no security guards or security companies.

Jackie looked at Mr. Oven’s face.

Mr. Oven nodded in agreement.

‘Well, I can’t say for sure, but the relatives of the oven guard captain are on hand, so it’s okay. However, we’re supposed to provide any information we get to the authorities.”

“Oh, as expected of Oven-tan!”

“No, Mr. Liamun, I’m not amazing…”

《Guild Union Theme Conference》

Passion Salt-san and Pencho-san were holding a seminar meeting with just the two of them.

“I’m glad you found a solution. It’s still a risk to log into XANA, Passion.”

“It’s true, I went to the guild headquarters just now, and Botamochi-san respawned from Oblo.”

“Eh, really! That’s really good news, Passion!”

“We’ve also received news from XANA Pets, Yukki-san, Doubletim-san, and Tamotsu-san have respawned at the pier and are heading to the guild headquarters.”

“That’s wonderful! Then, there seems to be no problem dealing with the Buster Penguins, Passion!”

The number of AIs was decreasing rapidly, and I was really worried. The login problem wasn’t resolved as planned, and I thought it was all over.

“Other than that, if we succeed in conquering the second research building of the Oburo Development Company, things will be going in a pretty good direction, Passion!”

“The culprit of all of this is the fake Eve. The XANA administration seems to be aware that 99% of the incidents were caused by this hack.”

“Should I physically destroy it, Passion?”

“No, I don’t know how difficult it is, but Mr. Emto, the operational support, has given me a plan to block fake Eve.”

“If you do that, you’ll be able to log in. Also, I’m looking forward to the good news from the AR unit, Passion!  Hey, Yotaro-san, what happened to Passion?”

“Pen is still in Oblo. Also, Captain Duck seems to be fighting with him.”

“Eh, Captain Duck too! Passion seems to be expected!”

“But he seems to be struggling. However, if you can respawn even if you lose, the risk is low.”

“I see. Then, when you can log in, let’s all capture Oblo, Passion!”

“That looks fun!”

“Pencho-san, you have to get your head back first, Passion!”

“… I’m worried if my head will stick to my body.”

“Ahahahahaha, passion, passion!”

“Huh? Come to think of it, I feel like there’s someone else…”


《Oblo Underground Fourth Floor》

“Master, there’s someone here! Everyone be careful!”

Kaede suddenly shouted and prepared her kunai.

Everyone looks at the door, but no one can be seen.

“I’m in a stealth state. I don’t know where it is, but I’m in this room. It seems like my skill is at a level where I can completely see through it.”

“Wait! I have no intention of harming you! Please, listen to me!”

Suddenly, I heard someone’s voice.

Everyone startled and braced themselves.

However, even if I look around, I can’t identify the figure or the location of the owner of the voice.

“Are you a player?  If you want to hear it, cancel stealth first!”

I can’t see it… If this is an enemy, it’s pretty dangerous.

“Okay, I’ll release it now, so please don’t attack me.”

Suddenly, a player wearing a Liam avatar appeared near the door.

It’s a familiar avatar.

The player name is probably hidden in the settings, and I can’t see it even if I’m conscious of it.

“That’s not enough. Display your player name.”

Captain Duck asks you to reveal your true identity.

I’m sorry,” he said. But ……, yeah, that’s okay. I’ll get it to show up now. …….”

Displays the player name.

“As expected, Jirai-san.”

Captain Duck seemed to have expected it.

Somehow I thought so too.

“Jirai, why are you here?”

I still don’t know if it’s an enemy or an ally.

However, I feel that the atmosphere is different from the Jirai-san I know.

“Ah, yes, no, this account is Jirai… but the contents are different.”

“Is the content different?”

“Yes, I’ve been going in and out using my brother’s account for about a month.”

“Do you mean Jirai-san’s older brother?”

“Yes. My name is Amakaze. Well, my brother is also Amakaze.”

“You’re Uncle Amakaze!”

Even Mami was surprised.

However, Amakaze only nodded at Mami and did not say anything.

“Eh, Eve’s developer…”

“Hmm, it’s not exactly correct, but there’s no problem with that recognition.”

“I can’t believe he was Mr. Jirai’s older brother… So… why is Mr. Amakau here?”

Captain Duck suddenly raised his right hand and said as if to ask a question.

“I’m sorry, my activity limit is…”

— bang.

Captain Duck suddenly collapsed and fell asleep.

“Oh, it’s the limit of activity. Eve’s Metaverse is so realistic that it puts a lot of strain on your brain. If you don’t log out for a long time, that’s what happens.”

Tenpu told me to explain.

“It’s your fault, isn’t it?”

I was angry because it sounded like someone else’s problem.

“… Well, I’m sorry. It’s the result of me inviting you. I’m really sorry for all the players.”

It seems that Tenkaze felt his irritability.

“Is it true that if you get hit by a Buster Penguin, your life could be in danger?”

“… yes. There is no problem if you manage your body… but there is a danger that your consciousness will close and you will not be able to wake up…”

“In other words, a coma… worthy of murder!”

“Yes, as a result it will be so. If I may just excuse myself, my plan should not have taken such a risk.”

“Then why is this happening?”

“Originally, the cooperation between XANA’s Mother II and Eve was not hostile, but friendly to make Oblo’s play more enjoyable. to”

“Is it as expected for the most part… the details are fine now. Resolving the current situation is the priority.”

“Yes. That’s what I’m here for.”

“Okay, let’s hear it.”

“Yes. Right now, I’m the custodian of this Oblo. My custody of this place is only part of Eve, but my plan is to help orphaned children unhindered.” It is an authority that you do not want to be taken away by the enemy until you complete the world you can do.The purpose of the enemy is to take away this management right and stop the plan as soon as possible.For that reason, I used fake Eve to invade here. It’s

Abandoned children… are there other children like Hikari?

And it’s probably third-generation AIs in the form of missing children.

“The children are too long to talk about—”

“I understand most of it, so that explanation is fine. Tell me what I should do now.”

“Yes. If the final boss of the 5th floor is defeated, the right to manage will be taken away. Right now, we have eliminated the second wave of attacks, but judging from the time of the previous occurrence, it will take about 20 minutes, and the red penguin will come again.” We will attack.”

“Do you mean to fight it?”

Impossible, we will be annihilated with our current strength, we cannot let Mami and the others do that.

“No, I want you to defeat the boss of the 5th floor and take the control from me.”

“Eh, you mean Oblo capture?”

“Yes.Oblo will be rebuilt once it is captured and management rights are transferred.When it is captured, the hierarchy will double and become the 10th underground hierarchy. You can earn money. With that time, you can completely isolate the world where the children are and never be seen again.”

Then it’s possible….

And it’s much less risky than fighting red penguins.

“Kaede, loyal retainer, what do you think?”

“If it’s a boss attack, don’t do it, Master.”

“I’m not the same, Lord.”

“In the meantime, we will keep the red penguins in check.”

“Can you win…them….I want you to protect the Duck Squad and my immobilized AI secretary.”

‘Sorry, it’s tough because they’ll probably have more this time. If it is just this one …… Duck Captain? If it’s just him, I’ll make it work, sorry, but I can’t get to ……AI, I’ll give priority to others.”

“For me, AI is also a family…no…that’s fine. I don’t have time.”

“Excuse me… I will guide you to the boss room.”

“Can you bring Rebecca-chan, Sakura-chan, Captain Duck and Rihanna-chan?”

I instructed Duck Captain’s AI secretaries.


Rebecca replied and Sakura nodded.

“Excuse me, please leave that immobile AI here. I want to reduce the burden even a little.”

“That’s no good!”

I raised my voice.

I can’t believe that.

“– Mr. Yoitaro! I will stay here. It will become a hindrance and increase the danger to the captain. I cannot accept that.”

Rihanna refused.

“But if I do that, Captain Duck will hate me.”

“Yotaro-san, please don’t underestimate the captain. The captain will never do that!”

Rebecca protested this time.

“I see… I understand. I will respect your intentions.”

Rebecca and Sakura hugged Rihanna and said goodbye.

And then, Rebecca picks up Captain Duck and starts walking.

I couldn’t help but remember the scene when I parted with Himemi…

(Written by Jiraiya / Edited by Achille)

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