Reborn As A XANA Master

I turned to the direction of the voice.

My hand, or rather my avatar’s hand, but I met the eyes of the uncle who was sewn there.

Liam Avatar is a very popular avatar known to those in the know within the XANA Metaverse.

The main body is a cute girl avatar, but there is a drag series, and she is holding something in her right hand.

The avatar I’m wearing right now is set like this–.

『Maki is a former ОL. When she gets drunk at a drinking party, she immediately starts lecturing the new OLs. She hunts down creepy fathers who sexually harass her and always drags her uncle around to make an example of him.』

Usually, when traveling, I thought,「It’s super annoying,」 but that uncle saved me.

No, it’s just a coincidence.

「Uncle, can you talk—」

The uncle does not move and pretends not to know.

「Hey, hey, I’m pretty sure we just made eye contact――」



Suddenly, the voice was heard behind the penguins.

After that, I forgot my uncle existed.

Ultraman’s Duel Card and Atom’s Duel Card appear behind the penguins.

They’re here to help!

As the line of penguins was cut away, their true identities were revealed.

Yakisugi-san and his AI.

Furthermore, a rooster avatar came in front of us.


He’s Liv, a rooster lover, roosterfighter and poultry farm owner.

The duel cards of the rooster fighters are played and the penguins are whittled down from the front row.

The penguins that were cut from the front and back were wiped out in about five minutes.

「Are you okay, Yotaro-san?」

Yakisugi-san aslo rushes over.

「That was a close one. Oh, if only it had been a little quicker ……」

Looking at Mami’s chipped right leg, and said regretfully.

「No, thank you both. I wondered what was going to happen. You saved my life.」

I was really relieved.

Even after the duel ends, Mami’s missing leg doesn’t seem to return.

In the first place, avatars are not lost in duel games, so it seems that normal duels are not occurring.

「Yotaro-san, what happened to the other secretaries?」

Yakisugi asks.

「Ah, I sent him to Yakisugi’s land to look for him.」

「Is that so? Shall we go and get him? Well, they’re aiming for the Master, so it’s safer for the AIs to leave him there… but in that condition, he needs help.」

「Yeah, I’m sorry, but I’m asking you.」

Mr. Yakisugi gave the skateboard to his AI secretary and ordered her to go look for it on his land.

「I’ll tell you more about it at the guild house. There are other members here, so let’s go.」

Mr. Yakisugi guessed that I asked a lot of things and said.

「Those penguins attack every ninety minutes.」

Liv-san held out his hand to me who was kneeling while holding Mami.

Three AIs were standing in front of the Guild Union building.

They are probably preparing for an invasion of penguins.

(Author: Jiraiya/ Edit: Orb)

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