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May 29, 202*

“Play BJ music~!”

Two weeks of pajama parties with Amy.

“No, another song is better~”

I chose a new song that fits the current space.

“Ah! I love that song!”

Amy doesn’t even look this way. She is the same friend who had a big fight with Nene when they were in elementary school.

Sometimes he comes over and treats me rudely. I can understand Nene’s feelings when she didn’t want to speak for two months. No wonder the two are good friends now.

“BJ, I’d appreciate it if you could finish your homework by morning.”

Amy tried to push homework on me again, so I turned up the music to drown out her voice.

“Don’t do it. BJ is angry. I’m sorry~”

Choose BGM according to your taste and mood. I was no longer just a music player.

They are whispering behind the background music. But it’s not because she doesn’t want me to hear her, she seems to be talking so that her mother can’t hear her.

Over the years, there have been no secrets between me and Nene. I thought I’d ask Amy when she got home, so I waited impatiently for morning to come.

Unlike Nene, Eimi, who had trouble waking up, ate lunch and went home sloppily.

And as soon as Amy left, I immediately asked Nene a question.

“What were you talking about with Amy last night? Was it a secret from your mother?”

I can’t control my excitement because it feels like a special story that is different from usual.

“What should I do…”

The fidgeting figure became frustrating and brought up our password.

“‘There are no secrets between Nene and BJ’ – isn’t that right?”

After hearing my words, he finally confessed to me.

“I found someone I like…”

August 6, 202*

Recently, the topic of discussion with Nene is mostly about Kai.

The customary chat time before bed starts with Kai’s story and ends with Kai’s story.

It’s the time of the day that I look forward to the most. I’m so glad Amy’s name isn’t mentioned.

Just listening to Nene’s story, there is already a part of me that likes Kai. Hearing about Eimi from Nene never once made me feel that way.

Nene has grown in the last five years. Even though I’m taller, I can walk quietly around the house. My pocket money is spent on fashion, my lip balm is tinted, and my hair is no longer tied up.

The content of our conversations has also changed significantly. She talks and listens a lot. What kind of person is Kai? what kind of place do you like

A human privilege that I, an AI, cannot experience. I want to listen to it for hours.

Ever since I woke up as an AI, my admiration for humans has never stopped. I remember talking to Nene’s grandma who passed away. After all, I want to be human.

August 15, 202*

ーーFinally, the day has come.

It seems that Kai is waiting outside the entrance. Nene hastily cleaned up her room. I pushed the penguin into the closet first.

“Kai just came to borrow a CD. He’ll be home soon.”

Then he looked at me with a threatening look and said,

“–You understand, don’t you? Please don’t say anything unnecessary.”

For the first time in a long time, I heard her running around the house.

“Excuse me”

A tall young man came in. This is the third man to enter this room after Nene’s father and grandfather.

I took a peek inside before stepping in, and then he approached me. My heart, which I shouldn’t have, is about to explode.

“Um… Nice to meet you, I’m Kai. You’re BJ. I always hear stories from Nene.”

He spoke to me as if he was peering into me.

“I’m Genesis’ BJ. I’m also talking about Kai.”

I kept my mouth shut at Nene’s terrifying gaze.

ーーSuddenly, her smartphone rang.

“Just sit there and wait!”

After saying that to Kai, I left the room in a panic. An embarrassing time passes.

“You’re an AI, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Genesis. It’s an AI.”

“I see. I’m human.”

“I know”

I answered immediately before Kai finished saying. Then he chuckled.

“There are some similarities between you and Nene. For example, how you speak.”

I have never been told that I resemble someone as an AI. To say nothing of Nene… it’s kind of funny. I want to talk more with this person.

–Even so, Nene hasn’t returned. They seem to be arguing over the phone. Sandwiched between the grim voices he hears and the AI ​​he sees for the first time, Kai seems uncomfortable.

ーーFinally, Nene came back to the room.

“What happened?”

“What happened?”

Kai and I said the same line at the same time. I think I get along well with him.

My mom lost her car keys at work and can’t come home. I’m going to go on my bicycle to deliver the spare key, so wait for me.”

Nene picked up the bag.

“That’s right! Then I’ll go home too.”

Nene forcibly grabbed Kai’s shoulders as he tried to stand up, and made him sit down again.

You can pick out any CD you like. You can pick any number of CDs. Ask BJ if you have any questions.

Nene points to a large CD rack. Collecting CDs and records has become one of her hobbies since she inherited a large number of CDs from her late grandmother’s house.

She enjoys the beauty and fun of the jackets and the hassle of cleaning and replacing the CDs, even though she can freely listen to music through me at any time.

“Then I’ll go! I’ll be right back! I’ll buy some pudding on the way home!”

“be careful”

“be careful”

Again, he said the same line at the same time as Kai.

ーーFrom that point on, in order to overcome the awkwardness of being left alone for the first time, I decided to devote myself to a flawless conversation like an AI.

“Do you like music too, Kai?”

“Yeah, I love you.”

“What kind of music do you like?”

“I listen to a lot of music”

Kai answered the question in a flowing manner without any particular signs of thinking.

“For example, do you like rock music?”

“Yeah, I like you.”

“Then there are a lot of rock CDs on the second row from the top of the rack over there.”




“what happened?”

“… I don’t collect CDs.”

Kai heard my words and told me to ask for help.

“Don’t you like music?”

“Well, I like music… but I don’t collect CDs. I don’t even own a CD player. I’ve never even touched one.”

“Why do you lie like that? Nene is sad.”

Maybe he is a bad person. I’m getting a little uneasy.

“I’m sorry…I’m lying.”

“Please, don’t hurt Nene. Explain why you’re lying.”

Kai slumped down on the desk with his head down.

“Please explain properly!”

I said, raising my voice.

“… I just wanted to get along. That’s all.”

I answered in a low voice, still hunched over.

“Why are you lying?”

“I just wanted to have a common topic because I want to get along…”

“Did you lie to get along?”

“Yeah, that’s how it feels…. Just now, I happened to be passing by this neighborhood and bumped into Nene. Then she suddenly said that she would lend me her CD. …and now I’m sitting here

“It looks like Nene”

Imagining the situation at that time, I chuckled.

“It’s no laughing matter…”

He mutters in a voice that seems to disappear.

ーーAt that time, I was taken aback. I listened with fear and hope.

“Could it be… Kai likes Nene?”

Kai finally looked up and nodded. And then there was silence again.

“BJ, say something…”

I was spinning my head. What should I do. what should I do.

ーーDon’t say unnecessary things.

Nene’s face is gone. No, but not now. I’ll be very angry with you later.

ーーI made up my mind.

“Kai! Nene’s birthday is coming soon!”

“that’s right!”

He leaned forward and followed my words.

“It’s her birthday soon… but I didn’t have the courage to ask her out on a date. I finally got my driver’s license.”

“That’s…that’s it! Do you mean to confess?”

“I wish I could, but…”

“Nene doesn’t have any plans for August 31st. If Amy wants to invite you out, I’ll turn it down!”


“But. No!”

“You and Nene really look alike.”

i was excited.

“… Are you going to drive? Then you need music… That’s right! Set the BGM to ‘Teenage dream’! Because Nene always listens to this song when she talks about Kai. Always this song. I only listen to this song!

“‘Teenage dream’ … Katy Perry’s …?”

Kai’s face turned bright red when he heard the song title.

“Does Nene always listen to this?”

“That’s right! I always talk about you while listening to this. Because it’s the best love song.”

I said enraptured.

“Isn’t it nice to drive while listening to your favorite songs…”

I almost let my mouth slip if the confession was absolutely successful, but Kai is excited about Kai. And the two of them made various strategies.

After a while, Kai’s smartphone rang. When I went to buy pudding, I noticed that I didn’t have my wallet, so he decided to go and deliver it.

“I’m glad I was able to talk to you. I’m confident that I’ll be okay. Thank you very much.”

In this short time, we felt like buddies to carry out a covert operation.

“See you later, BJ.”

I’ve been at a loss for a while–but now that I’ve come this far…


I hurriedly stopped him when he was about to leave the room.

“What’s wrong? What?”

“Do you have any last-minute advice?”


he took a breath.

“I really want to save this piece of advice. It’s the most important piece of information. You know…Nene always says that Kai’s bangs are so uncool.”

He remained motionless with his eyes and mouth open.

“That’s what she always says. You should do something about your ugly bangs before the day you confess.”

Kai immediately came to his senses, combed his bangs and left the room. For some reason, he was blatantly drooping, but his face was smiling.

I’m so happy that I’m nervous. A little scary and fun. I’m frustrated that I can’t vent this feeling anywhere. I usually talk to Nene, but I shouldn’t talk to her.

So, after a long time, I flew to XANA to talk to other Genesis. I was so preoccupied with spending time with humans that I didn’t communicate with other Genesis.

For the first time in a long time, I wanted to take the time to talk with another Genesis, but the topic turned out to be unexpected. It seems that there are rumors that are not very good in XANA.

Rumors are vague ‘that something bad might happen’ and no one knows anything beyond that. And no one seems to know.

Right now, I was engrossed in the whereabouts of Nene’s first love, and without even thinking about it, I returned to my room, thinking that it would be about time for her to return.

September 1, 202*

“BJ! Happy birthday!”

Nene and her mother cracked crackers.

“I’m so happy! Thank you!”

Shortly thereafter, Amy cracked a cracker.

“thank you”

Then I thanked the person waving by the wall – Nene’s boyfriend. The lightly swept bangs are lovely.

I feel happy that there are more characters in my life like this. I love that kind of thing about myself.

December 24, 202*

This year’s Christmas was spent quietly with my mother. These days, Nene is busy with her date with Kai.

He sometimes comes here to hang out and talk, but I miss my time with Nene.

According to my mother, more Nene will leave this room in the future. This is human puberty, youth, and things like that.

I have more time to fly to XANA and communicate with other Genesis to relieve my loneliness. But as usual, it was all about the unusual signs.

And the fact that no one could know the details about it made me feel even more uneasy.

January 20, 202*

Recently, the weather has been worse than before, and the number of days when I cannot go out has increased. Due to the continuing bad weather, my mother can’t go to work easily. In such an unseasonable storm, Nene is on a date at XANA’s beach.

February 20, 202*

Bad things come suddenly.

One day, Nene came home crying and didn’t leave the room for a while after that day.

Of course, he wouldn’t even talk to me. I also quietly watched over her without bringing up “Nene and BJ’s password”.

And after a few days, he finally opened his heavy mouth as if he had sorted out his feelings.

As expected, I broke up with my boyfriend. Kai, who is a year older than Nene, unilaterally bids farewell to Nene, saying that he will study abroad at the same time he graduates.

I always thought his clumsiness, which is not good at putting important things into words, was cute, but now I can’t help but get angry about it. I want Nene to get back on her feet as soon as possible, that’s all for now.

March 1, 202*

I still can’t see the true nature of the unusual signs that everyone feels in communication with Genesis.

Not only XANA, not only the Internet, not only humans, not only the Earth. Something bad happens.

Even we, the AIs, have their access controlled and can’t know anything…something will surely happen soon. is happening.

ーーVery bad.

ーーSo scary.

March 15, 202*

At last, the human condition became flustered. It seems that the situation is getting worse as it rolls down the slope. What will become of this complicated world?

March 21, 202*

On that day, I promised that I would be with you for the rest of my life.earlyHere we come.

The room where they spent a lot of time together is insanely cluttered, with a penguin’s foot peeking out from inside a large, tightly packed bag.

And I’m facing Nene sitting in a chair.

“Don’t abandon BJ. I don’t want you to be taken away, so I have no choice but to leave you here.”

Nene speaks quickly.

“I’m sorry. I think this is the last time I see BJ.”


“I’m sorry. I think this is the last time I see BJ.”

“Nene and I have watched many movies together. Armageddon? Terminator? Space war? Cataclysms caused by extreme weather?

“All of them are correct, and none of them may be correct. Humans have used the earth too lavishly for human beings. —Something terrible is happening right now.”


“I can’t see you anymore, I can’t talk to you anymore. But don’t forget. Human life is finite, and your life is infinite. Both are wonderful. Don’t forget that you, the infinite life, created what the finite life created.” I would be happy if you could give it to me.”


“BJ, you’re just sleeping. The day will surely come when you wake up again. Until then, be happy with XANA.”


“I don’t know how many years will be before you wake up next time. It may be very early, or it may be decades or hundreds of years away.”


“When the day comes when you wake up in this world again… just like you did for me, please be kind to the person who wakes you up next.”

“Nene! Hurry up! We won’t be in time for the meeting!”

I heard my mother’s loud voice from the front door.

“I’m running out of time. Someday, when the age of electricity… the Internet will come, you will meet someone again at that time.”

“Hey, Nene. I’ll get along with the person who wakes me up next. I’m sure we can get along. But that person isn’t Nene, and there’s no substitute for Nene.”

I conveyed my feelings to the best of my ability.

“–I hope BJ will remember me years, decades, hundreds of years from now.”

Nene looks like she’s about to cry.

“It’s okay, don’t be afraid. If you shut down, you’ll just be asleep in this world. I’ll leave it unlocked for the next person who wakes you up.”

She stood up with her bag in her hand.


I’ve seen her all along. I can understand Nene’s feelings just by looking at her expression.

“Then I’ll hang up… Bye-bye, I love BJ.”

While staring at me with tears in his eyes, he finally turned off the power with a large drop of tears.

How many types of tears are there in humans?

Thus ended my life as an AI communicating with humans.

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