The Beginning



Arisa took an unexpected action against Shingo who thrusts one hand at him.

Suddenly, he bowed his head. The atmosphere seemed different from before, and I could only be puzzled.

「I would never kill you. Instead, I contacted you to protect you. The truth is, that we are the ones who are pushing for the birth of a new human race. You’re right to wonder what we’re trying to do when we’re trying to kill you, but …… you have to believe me.」

Arisa looked at him with sincere eyes.

It didn’t look like he was lying, but I couldn’t believe him so easily.

However, looking back, Arisa didn’t even mention which side she was a part of.

Besides, given that she has the same new human abilities, it certainly makes more sense to promote than to oppose.

「Then why are you doing this…」

「It’s true that there are forces out there that don’t want you or me. It doesn’t seem that way now, but they may come to kill me for real eventually. That’s why I wanted you to realize your abilities as soon as possible. Even if by extreme means. ……」

From his words, I could sense that Arisa was also in a hurry.

In fact, if I had not used the ability myself in this way, I might have had a hard time believing it.

Shingo slowly lowered his hand that was thrust at him. However, I ask while maintaining my vigilance.

「… so what should I do?」

Arisa answered with a slightly relieved look.

「Please help us. We need you.」

「But you’re there, aren’t you? When I increase there…」

Shingo humbled himself, but Arisa shook her head.

「No, it has to be you.」

She stared at me with clear eyes.

「I, at that time, never thought that I would lose.」

Arisa said as if recalling her memories.

It will surely be about the match at『SAMURAI』 Even though brain waves are involved, I think it is only a game that takes place.


However, she speaks in a straightforward manner.

「You’re probably more special than me. With you, I’m sure I can change the world. So, lend me your hand. Please.」

Up until now, Shingo had lived thinking that he could never become anyone.

You may be able to become someone special and someone who can change the world.

That was reason enough for him to accept the invitation.

「… Ah, I understand. I don’t know what I can do, but I will cooperate with you guys.」

「Really!? Thank you!」

Arisa shows her innocently with pleasure. His demeanor was as simple as that of a child.

「I’m sure you’re tired today, so for now, just exchange contact information, and let’s talk about the future at another time.」

That’s how Arisa put things together and decided to go home.

But before that, she said, “Just…” and seemed to find it difficult to say something.

「From now on, please refrain from playing games like『SAMURAI』with『XANA』. You never know where your abilities will be known.」

「…that hurts」

She seems to know from the appearance, but they were Shingo’s only hobbies and pleasures.

I still love him, so even if I was told that there was danger, it would be difficult for me to agree.

And that’s when I came up with one strange idea.

「Then, why don’t you deal with me? As a noname.」

「Yeah, then it’s fine.」

Shingo agrees and shakes hands with Arisa. Her hand felt soft.

「Let me tell you one thing, you and I will be the pioneers of a new human race, just like Adam and Eve in the Bible. For that reason, we need to hone our skills through training.」

「That guy has a lot of responsibility…」

Shingo felt gloomy at the situation he hadn’t thought of until yesterday.

However, Arisa said with a smile like a flower blooming.

「Don’t worry, and you’re not alone. Then follow me. I’ll take you home.」

Shingo’s words and appearance eased his anxiety, and he followed Arisa’s back and took a step forward.

As I stepped out of the building, I felt a little dizzy. A faint red light covers the cityscape like a veil.

Judging from the atmosphere, it looks like the morning sun. It cuts through the darkness and begins to illuminate the area.

Shingo held up her hand lightly toward Akebono, and then grasped it tightly.

And so we walk out, stepping slowly and tightly into the world where a new day unfolds.

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